September 26, 2013

Not Pretty Enough

Page 99 Test (for reference Not Pretty Enough here, my fourth Page 99 Test). 
I assume you saw that post & know about my verdict on the 99th page of this book...

Reviewing... [44]Author: Jaimie Admans (as I've remembered to you, we are buds*) Source: Review copy for tour*
*does not affect my opinions.

Recommended for: Not Pretty Enough is a contemporary YA comedy suitable for ages 13+

So, yes... Jaimie returns again! You know Jaimie... Just a recap of the bare bones of one Welsh author who has written another stunning YA! :
Jaimie is a 28-year-old English-sounding Welsh girl with an awkward-to-spell name. She lives in South Wales and enjoys writing, gardening, drinking tea and watching horror movies. She hates spiders and cheese & onion crisps. She has been writing for years but has never before plucked up the courage to tell people. Afterlife Academy is her third novel and she hopes you enjoy it. There are plenty more on the way!
What was my verdict from page 99 before?   
A light dusting of humour there, some good character introduction and things to read the book for the whole picture. Oh and, Chessie, sometimes a hot guy needs his ego crushing. Atta girl.
I asked you... "What do you think? Has it intrigued? Caused a LOL perchance? Primark or Prada?"

And after?
I still need to read about a quarter more of the book (around 50 pages!)
There is a real sense of character development, most definitely. Obviously, Chessie was a klutz then & her mistakes continue, going from bad to worse- sometimes her mistakes are forgiveable. Her Mum isn't a total dragon just not a money-making machine, I understand the Primark thing now. Chessie, being the teen chick she is, obviously loves a range of stores- H&M when she has the money! Snap! Chessie hasn't turned from slight idiot to genius but really, that'd be taking the fun out of the story. I loved the humour; it had me in fits of REAL laughter at certain points. Thank goodness I don't take my kindle to English lessons (a curse for a reader that we can't sometimes) or I would have half the dignity I used to...
I’m glad at least it made her a bit more extroverted. Let the girl out of wallflower kingdom & make her into one of those girls you actually cannot fail to notice!
She doesn't do enough to annoy Lloyd on purpose... He deserves the annoyance, but not all the attention. Sure, he turns out to be slightly above average so her taste isn’t entirely skewed- he likes campaigning for a certain charity you’ll find out about- yet is genuinely not a guy I’d obsess over that much. I can’t imagine him equalling book boyfriend material; he’s more like the boys I know, or a mix of them. Lloyd is, plainly put, tall, rich, a bit up himself and has very little in common with Chessie. Why does she like him despite all his flaws I won’t go into?
She just decided to get him to notice her. When that’s just achieved- and the antics all played out (thankfully not involving streaking- the blurb didn’t let you in all that)- she’s still not happy; in fact it’s fair to say, “talk about obsessed!”. It's a laughing matter and a frustrating matter. Can't she just accept that people like her friends Ewan & Debs are right? There's nothing special about Lloyd.
Well, it wouldn’t have been half as funny if she’d played hard to get so maybe I get it. Somewhere, it makes sense. I know it happens in real life. I know this has been written about as a whole text of hyperbole, romance (*cough* attempts at it which Chessie really should not recommend *cough*) & laughter! It is ideal for many teenage girls... Forget teenage, I think anybody with a smidgen of girliness would love this. You end up forgetting that actually she’s too ridiculous, she is making bad decisions and start putting yourself in her shoes (that’s the main thing so I can’t really complain). They aren’t the worse decisions but I’m glad I’ve never had to go through such, utter humiliation! I’d die with red cheeks. Well, he knows who he is. Not sure they’re the best ways to be remembered, it all amounts to something along the lines of “Crazy stalker girl”. Will it work out in the end? How many times can Chessie brush herself off after a disaster only to mess up in another way?
Maybe I should have been a bit more awkward in Year 9? Too late. I didn’t want to be an awkward fourteen year old? Do I have to be an awkward anything-teen? You may not understand how she can just laugh at herself so often in good fun but I hope you’ll still find her as likeable as I did :P
I hope you enjoy Admans writing- it always get the point across & I admire how she can write such funny stuff. I hope Chessie continues to be a joy to write and continues to develop to more mature measures for Book 2.
(Remember, I do say this while still reading! Awkward way to review I know, but I bet the book will still be EPIC).

Not Pretty Enough is awaiting a rating but you will notice I'm still saying I'm enjoying it & the blog tour is giving away Not Pretty Enough... Enter if you like:
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Amy Bookworm x

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Eeee! Thank you so much, Amy! I hope the rest of the book doesn't disappoint you too much! You're awesome for doing this post though!

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