October 30, 2013

Character Interview... From Runners, Eli & Sky!

Today I have some more guests with me... As usual, I might be creeping them out... To start with. Something like presentation for Halloween tomorrow (I jest!)
First promotion for Runners
(before I knew about the blog tour here

Something I particularly enjoyed within Runners, a story I rated 4* back in July, was the characters. I asked you readers, “When you take a chance on Runners let me know if there’s one you particularly took a shine too. Was it Elijah with his dynamic qualities? Rosa, cunning, but still with her regrets. Seemingly distant Xavier or his brother who likes being on the same page? Sky with her visions or the plainer easy-going younger boys, Rowan &/ Jimmy?” I thought you would love them & I wanted to know who you will come to believe & invest your reader love in. Love of characters is a powerful thing...
And I found something amazing on the Amazon reviews (you can get Runners on Amazon UK here BTW or view reviews there), here are some quotes from reviews by fellow authors... They both mention the characters & I don’t think just males love the male characters but it’s good to think Runners appeals to boys as well. The boys aren’t crushable, that’s one thing. But you will love them in a different way, trust me.

“...you're right there with Elijah and the other Runners as they deal with the torrent of problems that come their way.” - Jack Croxall
“There is something for everyone here with engrossing scenes of escape, as well as intelligent progression of how a quirky bunch of teenagers can stumble upon danger at every turn.” - Dan Thompson

So, guests from Sharon Sant's novel Runners (Elijah & Sky- you'll find out more about them):
Amy: Don’t you think you have some secrets to share? Not that I want you to spill them yet otherwise there would be nothing to, well, anticipate… *smiles*
*...awkward silence as the innocent souls faces remain blank... Finding it hard to tell what's what & knowing not all of the audience will even know who's who the interviewer poses the next question*
Amy: For the readers, tell us your name (or nickname) and where you call home in... 20 words or less.
Sky: My name is Sky and this is Elijah *points* we live in Hampshire, England, about 100 years from your time now.
*Amy ticks off words on fingers and realizes she explained for both of them in 20 words and puts her thumbs up*
Elijah: Yeah, that 100 years bit’s kinda complicated.
*Audience, including Amy, raises their eyebrow*
Sky: As we have to live on the run, hiding from the authorities, our whole lives are one big secret. Except for my friends who run with me; they get to see me as I am,and I never hide anything from them. Elijah isn’t quite the same as that, though. I get the feeling that he does keep things from us all but I guess we have to trust him… *looks at Elijah*
Elijah: I don’t keep stuff from you, honest… But sometimes secrets are necessary to survive; I’ve learned that the hard way.
Amy: *thinking she knows where to go now that "learning" has been mentioned... Are you inspired by teachers or are they a possible slap? If you have been inspired by one (or two!) which one has inspired you the most…why?
Sky: We haven’t had much to do with teachers. I haven’t been to school in ages, probably about 2 years.
Elijah: I’ve ditched school too. After my dad died it was either go on the run or go into a work camp. You don’t get many teachers in either of those places.
Amy: *wonders if that's all there is to it, surely that can't have been such a bad question?*  Teachers won't be dreamy enough for you! Nor school. You can do without. But love? Describe your dream girl/boy. Have you caught them? If not, where would you expect to meet them? Do you like ‘bad’ boys, or girls, Eli?
Sky: Gosh, this is a big question *looks at Elijah shiftily* I know who my dream boy is but I don’t know if I’ve caught him yet. I don’t really like bad boys, but the boy I do like, well… I’m not even sure if he’s good or bad yet… We’re about as opposite as you can get too, but they say that opposites attract.
Elijah: There’s this girl called Rosa in our gang who is really hot. But she doesn’t really think much of me. It’s a shame, I think we’re quite like each other, in many ways.
Sky: *looks at Elijah* you fancy Rosa? You never said.
Elijah: Everyone fancies Rosa.

Amy: Do you believe in love at first sight? *hopes Sky doesn't think she's addressing Eli's feelings for Rosa*
Sky: *looks at Elijah again, blushing this time* I’m not sure. I don’t really know what love is supposed to feel like yet. But I think maybe it’s possible. I believe in knowing someone you could fall in love with the first time you see them.
Elijah: I don’t believe in love. I don’t see much of it in this world around me. People who are supposed to love you only let you down.

Amy: Are you at all like Sharon Sant? Which one is more Sant-esque?
Sky: I don’t think I’m like her at all. Perhaps I’m a bit timid and sometimes she is, but I’m braver than Sharon is generally, although it’s a quiet sort of bravery.
Elijah: I’m only like the bit of Sharon when she gets all angsty and throws tantrums. And I know I mess up a lot, I think she does too.
Sky: So which one of us is most Sant-esque?
Elijah: *shrugs*
Sky: You, Elijah, I think.

Amy: Pick one character trait and one physical feature you would love to get rid of/ alter. Why?
Sky: I think I’d like to be less of a doormat. I don’t know about a physical feature. It would be nice to get enough food to put a bit of weight on, so I didn’t look quite so stick-like, if you know what I mean.
Elijah: My dad always said that my quick temper would get me into trouble, so I suppose I wish that I could calm down a bit. As for physical features, I’m with Sky, it’d be nice to bulk out a bit.

Don't you agree they're amazing characters? If this still hasn't made you want to read Sharon's dystopia, Runners, lemme tell you... It's another thing you can tell from my review, I really liked the book as a whole. Yes, today is part of the blog tour (I’m not just jabbering on about a book for no reason today!) promoting Runners so hopefully you've become interested in Runners & will read it. Once again, if you would like, I have reviewed Runners & you can check out the review.
I’ll tell you again: I rated it... 

I only mentioned where UK Amazon readers could buy it from, here’s the full selection: Available through Immanion Press (publishers), The Book DepositoryBarnes & NobleAmazon US (UK linked above) & ebook formats will be avaliable from ecopy retailers (hopefully at those links).
Think you're a lucky sort? Maybe try and win it! The Runners giveaway on this tour is 3 x paperback copies of RUNNERS and here you go... Hop through the hoops, bunnies!
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Good luck! :D

October 02, 2013

It's Wednesday, What...? (WWW)

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It may not be a Monday morning, it may be Wednesday but still...
We just answer the following three (3) questions…

What are you currently reading?

I reserved AT so it came back | I am buddy reading TSM.

What did you recently finish reading?

All 4*/5* reads... Surprising, I know (or not) :P

• What do you think you’ll read next?

Both review requests (after a HP non-review request, of course, I need to get to these!)

Read any of them? Had some good reads you think I might like? Let me know! I think I need to delve back into more paranormal-things soon, all this contemporary! The adventures are fun but too many humans (I love the wizards even though they aren't that different!) :P
Have a great day!
I'm sorry that I haven't been blogging as much as well, school has been busier than I thought & I've joined a  new club which is actually quite time consuming- my others already ate up a fair bit of time so, oh dear!
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