March 24, 2014

I'm In Germany! ...A Hiatus Announcement

Hello friends, readers (hopefully you’re both... if not make it that way XD)!
As you read this I’m in Germany, on an exchange so I’m not blogging with you this week. This is just a quick post I wrote so you know- for once- about my blogging break. This one is planned & probably the best type (and could even be a bit productive, wouldn’t you be amazed!)

I won’t stay in Germany, I promise. Not even if the chocolate’s better than books (now, what?). Not even if I love it enough to forfeit school. NOPE.
I wouldn’t be allowed.
So, I’m hoping to be on hiatus for a bit when I get back at the weekend (you should see me tweet at that point though!), until the second week of my Easter holidays, so all in all three weeks. This helps me to enjoy Germany & then my holiday. I will need to catch up on school work that I miss; I want to fit in some reading & blogging also but it would be best if any I get done is extra & can be scheduled in my opinion. *fingers crossed* some posts get scheduled or you’ll have me on the 14th sitting there at like half 8 trying to write a post before Australia goes to sleep ;)
So, no, I’m not just having a break- like I have before- due to blogging slumps. Those I always feel bad about but this one... do you feel bad about it? I feel a little bad, but not in the way where it’s out of panic. I feel bad as I know I’ll miss you... even though lots of you read my blog sporadically, don’t lie :P Hehe, only joking.
Anyway, back to the Twitter point, tweeting you when I’m back in England will be super important. You want me to have some sanity left, don’t you?
I think as bloggers we all take blogging breaks, it's a need & sometimes a want... right? What’s your view? Do you agree?

There are some posts I hope to post during the hiatus:
April Releases
A Post About Germany & Catching Up (probably be a bit like a recap with other things I missed in the blogosphere but then found when I returned, have photos & maybe thoughts on TV I caught up on :P)

Would you like that latter post if I did it? Both of these will be in April- if people want them- so... return in April why don't cha?

Love you all,
Non-MIA Amy Bookworm :D

March 21, 2014

*Feeding My Kindle* For A Long Time *Friday* [3 stages book haul]

My kindle is the second one- Kindle Fire FTW (no offence obviously,
 it's about the books not the e-reader!)
These books have taken me about half a year to accumulate, oops. That's the first stage to this book haul (or any, books are something to accumulate. Also, readers like to be fed them -have I pointed that out? It's the kindle's fault that I've so many there, not mine!)
I haven’t done a book haul which has included ebooks in it for quite a while it seems. Well, I’ve been building my kindle collection although there was absolutely no reason to do so. Oops. I am not including ones which I’ve already reviewed as, you need to see them again why?
To be quite truthful, it’s a miracle you’re seeing this AT ALL. I’m not the best at adding kindle books to Goodreads & I believe I’m not eligible for the intergration (as it’s SO exclusive at the moment, normal kindle users in the UK thank you, Amazon!)
I know this is probably less than 50 books (oh, you know, not a lot... I'm just guessing so if it is... *winks*) but... I tend to not read many ebooks, unless they're review copies, in a series I want to keep reading on kindle or short stories. Problem, right there. So, how many of these have I read but NOT reviewed?

Apparently one... it was a short story.
But the second stage to this book haul is to list all the books (so I won't review yet, for your inquiring minds (which will probably then go & hunt down a few). Recent ones are at the top, if that helps.

March 18, 2014

Reviewing... [60] The Disappeared

The Wilderness, the sequel to this, came out on Thursday so... if you see it in the bookshelves, you may want to grab it & this one. What did I think of The Disappeared?

Reviewing... [60]

Source: Won as part of last year's British Book Challenge.
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Author: C.J. Harper
Recommended For: Those who want a YA series which is easy to read, doesn't end in cliffhangers but is still compelling.

...don't we all want a book like that?
Well, the concept's kooky... Seriously, when I read that there were teachers in cages I was a bit sceptical and surprised. Sure, it's a dystopia and anything can happen but it doesn't mean anything should. I know this isn't that far on the insane spectrum but it's still strange. But, it makes sense now to some extent. It's the literal teachers being detached from the students. So detached in fact that, cages aside, they allow fights to happen after dinner (that's when they don't care), they punish the children with electric shocks, they don't even give the students the most basic necessities... But, what could you expect? These are the kids who don't have futures, or the very least, or so the system says. Everyone has some future, but is trapped to quite an extreme extent in that 'future'.
It's really a horrifying idea, and is like an Orwellian concept suitable for pre-teens, mostly. I wouldn't give it to primary school kids but stock the high school library shelves with this. It's a great read, really dark and recognizably has that British streak- or what we like to think is mainly from Brit's pens- of grit, satire, lack of comfortableness and a layer of being plain, and yet... almost out of this world. That's what happens when it's dystopia.

March 15, 2014

Entertainworm: Bookish TMI tag

Recently, I was tagged to answer many, many questions which were created by Amber, booktuber and blogger (here!) and passed on to me- as a form of... torture?- by Orli @ Blame My Bookshelf. What actually reminded me that I needed to blog this on Monday was watching Jim Chapman's too much information... I know it's different (this is the bookish one) so I just need to clarify that but whatever... happy reading millions of things about me.

How old are you?
It takes hands and feet... don't have enough fingers. I'm obviously not ten (I hope it's obvious!)

What books are you reading?
Well, it's not been a good week, if I'm honest... I continued being relaxed with Delirium and as of right now you'll see... I haven't read the other books I set out to read. Fail. But you know, I'll be relaxed in Germany with reading so will this month go to plan? At the moment though, I have 2 English CA's, only one of which I knew about then.

What are you wearing?
School uniform and a fluffy jumper over the top (it has spots & stuff). PRO.

Hehe, if this stands for one true pairing... FitzSimmons (Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has returned but as of writing I'm waiting to see the new episode 'The Magical Place' after 3 months of no SHIELD)... or if you want books... No, that would be too, too much information. Why do I have more than one?

March 13, 2014

Entertainworm presents... Cat Thursday: Selfies & Close-Ups

Caleb would like to say... I'M BACK! Cats are for life, not just for Thursday's, BTW. But really... there''s more books than cats (at least in my life).

 Thanks for hosting Michelle @ The True Book Addict! Join us by posting a favorite LOL cat pic you may have come across, famous cat art or even share with us pics of your own beloved cat(s). 
The last 'Cat Thursday', I was welcomed by cat lovers (meme participants) far & near... Thank you all so much for that <3 Love yoooooouuuuuuu! We both do, Caleb is clarifying.
Oh, but wait, is Caleb really that keen?

 photo calebfeb201417_zps93b7e258.jpg
*peers under blanket* Do you want to come out? If not people will start thinking you're weird...

March 10, 2014

Reviewing... [59] Young, Gifted & Dead.

I think this’ll be a bit of a book where I recall also how I read. How for a large proportion I was sat on a long train, needing the out-of-order toilet. Even if the toilet hadn’t been would I necessarily have been able to tear myself away? St Jude’s sinks it’s claws into you, with its deceit & mysterious airs, which extent well beyond murder.
Intrigued? (Not about the toilet!)

Reviewing... [59]

Source: One of the Christmas presents I helpfully got myself for family to give ;)
Publisher: Macmillan
Author: Lucy Carver
Genre Recommendations: People who like to overlook how weird a cover may look... I mean, the more I looked at it. I'll always love the affect in the glasses though ;)

Also, it's a hidden gem so I recommend it for that reason. It doesn't have hype... it needs reviews, sure as anything.

I definitely don’t regret buying this (cos that’s essentially what happened). The beautiful thing was that although the school is elite we feel like it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be & lots of the students don’t want it to be like that. Boarding schools work both ways- it’s up to the author. Do they want the children to act like the sun shines out their backside cos of their parents occupation? They’re still upper class but... not totally spoilt. I feel like here they have the intelligence to know better & Alyssa thinks she’s an outsider but... no. Blurb, no. Alyssa doesn’t feel elite but she’s fantastic & I love this book for how we pick up on her thoughts in such a lovely and true-to-life way. She fits in & doesn’t really let it cross her mind. She’s OK if she has to walk around school on her own! She’ll do it in style. Girl got a sense of humour, brownie points for the witty, abrasive attitude (it’s not OTT though, we still like her). Can you tell that I think I’m acquiring a fictional BFF? XD

March 07, 2014

Character Interview: Rachel Riley (off to University!)

Today we have the blog tour for the new Joanna Nadin book, avaliable from OUP. Today for this recent release's blog tour we have a character interview with Rachel. You may know her from previous books but either way, let's get to know this chick! I'm so glad to get to meet her & be part of the blog tour. Thank you!

Hello Rachel! You have a diary so... you’re probably not scared to share secrets. But one-on-one *to camera: obviously no eavesdroppers*, with me, why don’t you tell us something nobody knows about you (at least not without reading your 7th diary!)

Am only divulging as know for a fact that Mum is not on interwebnet due to protective helmet issues but the Mysterious Missing Digestive of 2011 (which ran for several days including full on-tape interviews) was NOT Dad it was me.

Off to a great start... Now, you can return to the familiar get-to-know-you, nickname, hobbies, where you live, BFFs... Come on! Give it to us! *getting psyched*

I still don’t have a nickname despite trying several times to instil Ray Riley into consciousness of friends, potential lovers, idiot brothers etc. I don’t have hobbies either. Hobbies are for furry-pant wearing, ghost-hustling children like James. I have only my pursuit of literature, poetry and art. Which is not a hobby, it is life itself. Only am thwarted in said pursuit by living in Saffron Walden where the most exciting thing to happen in last twelve months was when they temporarily installed a mini roundabout at the bottom of the High Street. Thank God for Jack, Scarlet and Sad Ed and their left-wing leanings, sex therapist parents, and general fascination with untimely death.

What star sign are you? Not that I know much about them but it’s something I like to ask... *mystical music*

March 05, 2014

Entertainworm: WoW or WWW? (March new releases edition)

Both Wednesday meme's are featured today. I just couldn't pick so decided on this! Enjoy!...

WWW Wednesday's is hosted by Should Be Reading.
We just answer the following three (3) questions…

What are you currently reading?
Well, I've read a bit of a Lauren Oliver's Delirium- but it's a re-read & with re-reads I can be quite relaxed about whether I'm actually reading them or not ;)

What did you recently finish reading?

Young, Gifted and Dead (St Jude's Academy, #1) (3.5*) | Teardrop (Teardrop, #1) (4*) | Half My Facebook Friends Are Ferrets (4*)- reviewed | Sweetly (4.5*) |
Leopold Blue (3.5*) & The Disappeared (4.5*). 

March 03, 2014

Reviewing... [58] Half My Facebook Friends Are Ferrets

It didn't actually make me want to get my Facebook account back. Should it'd have done? Nooo, there's not THAT many ferrets on Facebook. Half of Josh's FB friends isn't telling us a lot anyway. Are there more cats on FB?
Check out my interview with Josh here. Cats or dogs? What do you think?

Reviewing... [58]

Source: Received for honest review... they had no idea.
Publisher: Curious Fox
Author: J.A Buckle
Recommended For: I think lots of people will like this. But you've probably realised how little male protagonists are in YA?

Hmm... J.A. Buckle. Is it me or might you assume, if you didn't know, a male author is writing a novel from a male POV? Well, it's a female but still- hold that thought. I believe she can write from a male perspective. I'm still as much a girl as ever but, somehow... I feel like I've been let into this secret about guys. *gasp* It's not impossible to understand guys? I obviously cannot say if it's accurate for most boys but I found I could totally believe it. Obviously, boys, you still need to read it. But girls, we don't know, even as readers where the best books suck us in and make us feel like we're there, having these thoughts. You don't get to be inside a guy's head like you do in Facebook Ferrets very often... With wit, honesty and twisted charm, we're opened up to the world of much more than Ferrets.

March 01, 2014

Amy Bookworm's 2014 so far...

Spring has now apparently started! So, we must think about what I did in Winter (but not last year)... England's Winter that is, not to confuse Ozzie's or whoever else...

But there was no snow... NO SNOW.
Readingwise, let's just head straight into the deep end (but we can sit on a floating lounger if you like, so we can actually sit there reading!)... February was actual a better month. I don't know why but it being such a small month makes me want to read just as much in less time. So I did. Also, it was half term & I read 3 other mini-books during that which I didn't post on GR... they're old ladybird souvenir's which between them are only 150 pages XD Aside from those...
12 books so far this year. 7 were UKYA (I said I'd be more relaxed this year). I can't pick a favourite...
In March and after I want to read more ebooks. I read 3 this month, which is awful. But overall, I'm not 100% sure what I'll read next. More on that to follow...

I started the year with End Of Year Book Survey ~ Completion, then we met (again) Caleb (Cat Thursday), I interviewed Josh (FB ferrets), revealed two awesome covers- Here Lies Love and Blackout (TOE #2) in the space of about two weeks. I ranted (about commenting, professionalism and stuff). I introduced you to another book: Gethyon (sci-fi snack, not Fi snack)

Looking for something?...


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