February 28, 2013

Reviewing... [10] Blast From The Past

Firstly, happy birthday leaplings!
Secondly, I honestly can't believe it took me two weeks. A rate of 21 pages a day makes me feel really bad... :'( Perhaps I should tell a leapling joke to cheer this review up.

OK... You know the punchline but...
How does an 8 and a half year old have someone 20 years younger than them at the same time?
Ask someone that.

Reviewing [10]

((Perhaps more like 2.75))

Author: Ben Elton
Source: From a non-reader :P
Recommended for: Political people, those who also do political stuff in school (LIKE ME!)

I know this book will age but it depends from what perspective - I would describe the style as stream of consciousnesses and to be honest, it didn't all appeal in 'bulk'. Unlike Polly with fertilizer I don't really get things in bulk (*cough* kindle books *cough*)
Less of that might have meant it would be timeless... I didn't understand it all but did find some of the situations reminded me of times when things weren't so far off...
It didn't mean that it was hilarious. I was expecting slightly different substance- politics is quite big and the history is what won't age particularly well.
So mix: learning that politics is a yo-yo, physiological elements, passion (clean enough), realistic dialogue; you have my reading experience! It's not exactly what I'm used to & the comical layer was pretty thin. Despite all these (I'm amazed I managed to put my finger on them all- or did I?) it was a great reading experience because I love those unconventional books that teach you something... There were twists and it wouldn't describe any of it as 'fluffy' just because it all seemed to add to the book well (especially the subplot). It did come together

...picked up in the end. Well, there's no justice in using 'picked up' over LEAPT up. It just was a great resolution to this pretty good standalone read (even though I still don't know which character I 'support' or if I even do at all).

February 25, 2013

3 Things [3]: Series I Need To Continue

...because once started I don't believe you should 'give up' (unless it's a really extreme circumstance... Like probably 'Fifty Shades of Grey'.

There is a lovely series I've started... I read Artichoke Hearts and hopefully will continue this series by Sita Brahmachari. Especially as Mira's adventures continue, this time in India! I am looking forward to getting my hands on Jasmine Skies!

Just as soon as...

Endless is the first book in the Cresent series by Matt Bone- after winning this ebook in a giveaway I had to read it, and currently am. 3 weeks in and the majority through I do need to continue this book, and hopefully soon the series! I'm glad to hear there isn't going to be a big cliffhanger according to the publisher- even if it could work as a stand-alone it doesn't mean I'll stop at Book 1! 

It might seem odd that a third book in the Bridget Jones diary is coming out a decade after the 1st and 2nd.... But hey, that's life. I've read Bridget Jones' Diary and am looking forward to continuing the Bridget Jones series.  The Edge of Reason was unusually cheap on Amazon, 99p- because, I assume, of the soon-to-be-release of the sequel to that- so I got it! Now you know why this is a series I want to continue! Cos I own it :D


Thanks for being patient and sorry for the repetitive mention of series (haha, yes- not only am I supporting Jack's Tethers Trilogy but more Indie authors in a giveaway below- check it out, it begins today... if it's not live yet come back later!). I do love stand-alones too but because I flit through them so quickly it's over in a flash (doesn't mean some of the books in the giveaway aren't standalones, check them out for yourself!). Obviously reading a few books to continue a series deserves more mention as I already know these characters & I want to continue their journey with them.
Feel free to buy me to finish Endless so I can get on with either of the other titles mentioned today, or last week!
Keep Calm & Support Indie Authors with bookish love,
Amy Bookworm

February 22, 2013

Book Promo: Tethers

Hello bloggers!
Before I get into talking about Tethers, tomorrow is my 10-week anniversary, and I now have a twitter. Some people have been really nice & followed that or this blog actually- 50 of you! How did I rope in 5 a week of you with only 2 posts a week? I don’t know one little bit!
Without further ado...

Series: ☑ 
(I'll be mentioning more about series on the blog soon!)

In the wake of a cold Victorian winter, Karl Scheffer and Esther Emerson discover an anonymous journal filled with strange passages and bizarre scribblings. The journal soon draws them into a covert and sinister conspiracy, a conspiracy centred around an otherworldly artefact with the power to change everything … Karl and Esther have spent almost every day of their thirteen years in the quiet market town of Shraye. Stifled by their rural surroundings and frustrated by their unfulfilled ambitions, they find the allure of the journal’s mysterious pages impossible to ignore. The book seems to be beckoning them away from Shraye, away from their homes and towards the coast where an unsolved disappearance has set in motion a dark chain of events. The voyage the teenagers soon find themselves undertaking is one of desperate importance and true peril; it will change the way they see the world, and each other, forever.

~Tethers by Jack Croxall

About The Author:
Born in High Wycombe, Jack Croxall now lives in rural Nottinghamshire with his chocolate Labrador, Archie. He has a degree in Environmental Science from the University of Nottingham and currently toils away as a science writer in between working on his books. He is currently working on the next book in the Tethers Trilogy...
...We wish him luck with finding a title for Book 2. You can find him on Twitter here as well as goodreads (as above). 
Hopefully we'll see more of Jack around...

I'm sure we'll see author interviews (you can see an insight into the life of an author in an interview on his website here, for example) & many glowing reviews... Probably here even very soon (despite trying to have a schedule we know what I'm like... *cough* been messing around with blogger & deleted a post *cough*)
How do I do that? Easy. You can change the date you release a post & in the end I ended up deleting this pointless update post instead of editing... Oh well XD Updates aren't important unless they are accompanied by something else... Like this is!
I promise you- this post isn't going anywhere... Even if one did which means technically now it isn't always 2 posts a week.

February 17, 2013

Reviewing... [9] Challenging Zed

People...! I’m late to read Challenging Zed, and review it too. Late for both- what is the world coming to? But it has given me a chance to reflect on quite how ludicrous it is that I write titles on my posts even when there is already one. You are looking at the wrong post if you want to see quite how blatantly idiotic I have been in the past with my blogging. Now, before I end this confession, I want to check that you all like my spoiler-free review of Seeking Crystal. You did? YOU DID? Yeah; I did do the previously mentioned stupid thing there. You want proof? Here you go!

Reviewing [9]

Author: Seeking Crystal is written by Julia Golding. NO, it is. She wrote the Benedicts series under one of her pen names, Joss Stirling.

Source: FREE on Kindle.

Recommended for: Everyone. Ever.

Rating: 4.5 (compromised cos this is a short story)

In that review I did avoid mentioning a very big thing. But this book would even introduce you to the concept. So do I think it’s a good book to start with? (Especially as I was like... Start with Seeking Crystal, it’s got my favourite brother so far in it- Uriel being my other, who I sort of have claims to. I had claims to him until the last page, OK?) Yes. I wasn’t fangirling for Zed but now...

 photo disbelief.gif

Yes, he is not what he seemed. Oh. My. Interested. Sugarcubes (sorry for that reference. I wish I could say this book contained sugarcubes, but it still has a whole lot of sweet.)
What sweet moments you ask? Well, I suppose I can tell you the gist. You get to see insight into little Benedict brothers. Yves was still more clever than his adult brothers when he was 10. Not only do I love Zed more... But Yves too.
The characterization was already better than most brands of chocolate (I haven't given up on the Valentines theme- I mean c'mon, this book came out on Valentines!) but now it is like nutella on pancakes (proving Pancake Day is just as important than February 14th).
Not only do we see the future years before Sky moved from England & had the exact same reaction to Zed as Rachel Berry (seen above, duh) but we see scenes, through Zed's eyes (sort of- it actually wasn't in first person), before.
Unfortunately we didn't get to see the vast series of events as in Finding Sky but I suppose had it been a lot longer it wouldn't have been as poignant for it's difference.

I loved it.

February 15, 2013

3 things [2]: Valentines, eh?

Yesterday was Valentines (says my timezone).
Yes... my timezone can speak. And along with me the GMT timezone has book pet peeves.

Well... Today I'll just be listing 3 book (relationship related) pet PEEVES which bug me. You'll get the gist...

Love. Is. At. First. Sight?
I don't tend to do the book-chucked-across-the-room drama queen act but instalove... Hey, annoying book-ruining (not just because it now has to be checked for bruises after my fit) thing. It is often accompanied by lots of romance which makes your stomach turn inside out (or at least mine). For example, instead of going to solve the issue he bites her... An ear nibbling, perfect boyfriend with greek god looks... Basically they are encouraging people to love for looks. That, to me, is what love is at first sight.

Vampires trying not to bite their love.
This is the parallel opposite. Oh, extremes. He's perfect, just in another way... His determination not to bite her- isn't it so valiant? I can say that this, single-handed, is what has soured my taste in Paranormal books. The other things are probably more contemporary (but can be in paranormal too) but this is just something which puts me off entering those vampire-teeming worlds. Why would I want a vampire when I could have a shapeshifer, a savant or a werewolf?

Mary-Sue love (and other such things)...
Because it isn't bad enough that this character is probably flawless, or whiny, or a miracle worker but they also have not one, probably not two but THREE (or more) people after them. At least two guys and often a friend (who is supposed to be straight but apparently is no longer) or another guy (because y'know Mike Newton was a necessary character). Perhaps it is just a love triangle, but what is so desirable about such characters? Nada.
Of course there are Marty Sam/Gary Sue's but they don't appear as much. There are characters which don't fit the description but still seem to get lots of admirers and that is as annoying as having to listen to a moan-a-page protagonist.

February 12, 2013

Reviewing... [8] What's Up With Jody Barton?

Not exactly a Valentines read (despite the cover)
The cover doesn't really stand for what it is about-  nil girlishness save the cover. It is artistic. That's true. But it's not light-hearted.

Reviewing [8]

Author: Hayley LongSource: Purchased signed-copy (YESSSS!)Recommended for: fans of Perks of Being A Wallflower

Absolutely incredible.
I have to say there was at least one twist and at first I thought that in this book the word ‘gay’ was just being thrown about. Lots of words were just thrown about- peng, dibbling (which I haven’t heard as much as I have read it here) etc. A lot of very british phrases and words but also a lot that I would say are more Americanized but do add to the realism of the story. Some were thrown about more clearly than others.
This is a book that probably will differ in its meaning to people. I think that it poignantly evoked my emotion as it was a lot deeper than I was expecting. I wasn’t expecting a full-on chick-lit as Hayley Long just doesn’t do that, but this knocks off the contemporary label too.
Image from book.
It’s the uncommon formatting. The pictures.
For example (this picture comes shortly after the event & when I’ve realized something that wasn’t known & this was an appropriate reaction- that’s like the GIF of the review) --->

With all of the above there is no way even a less confident YA/teen reader could not pick this up. It’s more than a diary... Imagine a song you’ll never get tired of- it might be Light My Fire (which was the only 20th century thing I understood- hey, I’m a 90’s child...) that’s Jody’s voice. It was easy to connect to.

I don’t mean this ‘insensitively’ but Jody went through a lot & I like how the things mentioned were a mix of antagonists that didn’t seem so bad at first, that were a bunch of people & that were also emotions or family issues. There is insight into Jody’s emotions, other character emotions & lots, LOTS of good stuff. The twins were great characters and their Mum was such a nice touch.

Why I am recommending it to fans of Perks

The novel reminded me, only slightly as the family units were very different, of Perks (which I read not watched). They both have twists and loveable, realistic characters.
There is a deeper reason- if you haven’t read this or Perks don’t read the below-
The scene where Patrick kissed Charlie ran through my head when Jody got the punch. Such different experiences but I think that’s what made it sweet. They were both told through voices that communicated so excellently & I daren’t compare the two voices- they’d clash if they were in the same book but if Charlie, Patrick, Jody & that horrible character- Liam- were in the same room I’d love to see what would happen. Also Jolene & Sam... imagine them together. Yes... I’ll shut up now.

So just like you wouldn't read Perks because it is Valentines, don't read this because it's soon to be February 14th soon. Ah, it's only a date change isn't it? Why read something with a perfect boy or relationship? Nah, soppy stuff... Pfft. We're too cool to read a book with a guy that we want to marry in just because it's Valentines- aren't we?
I know you'll love this book. So pick it up and like I did... GUSH ABOUT IT!

Got it?

<--- That was part of my reaction to some of the book...

Now you may have a happy Valentines. With...
this book. Or your other half (if you're me, other half would be a book character). Let me know in the comments what your Valentines will involve- a book boyfriend? Enjoying the commercial day with Valentines Day cards arriving at your door (or in your locker if you're a high schooler)? Eating love heart sweets while crying (because... friends have the habit of being a bit 'abandoning' on this love-filled day)?

(Is this post really as long as I think it is?)

February 01, 2013

Reviewing... [7] When God Was A Rabbit

Stealing From My Mother...

Reviewing... [7]

Author: Sarah WinmanSource: (as above) lent. Recommended for: book clubs
This review is in two halves, because the book was in two sections. Part 1 doesn't contain spoilers, but Part 2 does a little.

Part 1~
Did you know it's fun to pretend to walk on glass? More fun than actually walking on glass. Also, that it's considered blasphemy to call a rabbit God- but that's a big burden to a schoolgirl.
But blasphemy aside, it isn't anything to do with religion. The title comes from the name that Elly's brother choose for her first pet.
She is a real British girl and I think, I'm a 90's girl not a 60's, it's because society was very different. But apparently not too different as they accept homosexuality and as with everything, Elly accepts. The childhood events are explored in Part 1 & I preferred her voice in Part 1, as it was more poignant. It wouldn't make the book complete for that voice to grow up, but in many ways she is wiser than her years.
Having said that I loved Elly, and much of her family, Nancy wasn't completely realistic. She appeared fake, bit like her occupation. Evident as it is that Nancy was a role-model who did impact Elly + Joe's life I still found Nancy...

<-- Emotions for Nancy.

Elly is a wallflower who has begun to bloom by the end...

Part 2 (spoilers hidden- if you think this does contain spoilers please let me know 
& I'll hide certain sections too!)

And the reason they didn't turn out how I expected? Because I know a lot happened to Elly- but did she have to turn out so high maintenance...? I thought she'd be a little less watchful but still sound realistic. I honestly though the guessing would end- that was a way for a child to write. For Elly to explore events and not explain them in that raw way.
It continued in Part 2. So transition... Kind of incomplete.
I think the fact that it didn't transform Elly into some kind of uberly amazing adult was probably what I should have been expecting. But I hadn't because Jenny Penny and Elly did explore religion and then now her life hasn't really grown to be any bigger or important than a flea. 

It just didn't grab me and I'm not meaning to be harsh but there were also points when she'd do something pointless (my goodreads contains this spoiler- it is tagged)
Joe was supposed to bring us a major 'climax', but I thought he became less important. I could just feel Charlie inching in to replace Joe. In fact, I preferred Charlie; I really didn't like Joe by the end. Charm, kindness and control that Joe had was lost- which was good as it met Elly wasn't obsessed with him like she had been when he'd be the interesting older brother of her childhood. Elly came to give up on him looking after her, and then her after him and it all came to be rather flat... And Charlie came to be quite a lot like Joe had been in Part 1. 

I wouldn't recommend it to myself (to re-read) but enjoyed most of it so you can take this as a nay or a yay depending on your tastes. I liked Part 1 immensely for being so different to other Coming-Of-Age stories, but I disliked Part 2 (see above when you've read Part 1). I obviously read most YA's so it was different and seemed to have more unprecedented drama. Do take in account age too- it's possible when I am an age it is more suited for I will re-read it.

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