January 28, 2013

Crazy Book Buying Obsessions Tag

Do I have one...? I don't think so:

1) Do you have an obsession with buying books?
Nope. Nah-no-nu. I always know what is a reasonable amount to buy and I’ll pick up bargins now & again but I really don’t have an obsession. I do 'buy' free e-books a lot for my kindle, but only ones that aren't free to advertise for the rest of the series.

2) When, where and how often do you buy your books? Do you go with anyone else or just by yourself?
Very little, perhaps works out 2 ebooks and a physical book a month or so (since I've been e-booky at least- see my 'Stars' in quarterly updates if you'd like to see an explanation) . But it changes... And I shall have to buy more ebooks for copies that I don’t need in hardcover or paperback as I don’t have much room for new books. I like to buy books from Waterstones/Amazon/The Works (though I often don't find books on my wishlist from there).

3) What kind of things attract you to books when browsing them? Is there a specific genre of books you automatically go and look at?
If I know the library doesn’t have it or it’s cheap enough for it not to matter that I’m buying a book I could read for free then I’ll pick it up. I like YA, mostly.

4) Do you prefer to buy new, used or a mixture of both?
I’ve seen on the breaking your spines tag comments on broken spines & I have to say... I have a habit of buying books that look as good as new. Perhaps they haven’t been read, I think this every time I buy books from betterworldbooksltd on amazon. Well, I think library books are at worst are read in their room, not the bathroom.

5) How much are you willing to spend on books each month?
Well I get a ton of Amazon vouchers or Waterstones vouchers and I tend not to splash out much beyond using these- I probably spend about a fiver.

6)Have you ever gone on any 'book-buying bans'?

Not really. I’d probably come off it & buy more books that I would’ve- I don’t buy regularly just in bundles. I do buy a fair number of kindle books but I have the balance which I have to spend (I get vouchers as I don’t have a credit card).

7) How long does it take you to get around to reading to recently bought books?
Depends. Currently I own 62 books I haven’t read or intend on re-reading just on my British bookcase. I might read like half of that this year as I know the library can’t keep me away.

8) Do you prefer to buy a lot of shorter, cheaper books or just a few longer, more expensive ones?
Sometimes I feel cheated buying expensive books with few pages but if I want it more than a bigger one I just have to tell myself that. I think some books shouldn’t cost as much- but then some are bargains! (Especially kindle books).

9) Anything else to say about these awesome obsessions?
Go to a library, mate. Also read books you own but libraries are cool. I go on dozens of trips to the library throughout the year.

~Feel free to do this tag~

January 25, 2013

Reviewing... [6] A Little Birdie Told Me

Getting into the hang of reading e-books...

Reviewing... [6]

Author: Victoria BestSource: Purchased for kindleRating: Recommended for: 11-16, people who want quick, insightful reads

Apparently flicking through a book is important. You can see the author's structure. Yeah, that really works on a kindle! *cheeky laugh*
But if the first sentence was anything to go by, I'd empathize with things that were happening. Have you ever began a book and slipped straight into the scene?

One of the first flocks of birds flew up, their beautiful feathers shining in the early autumn sun. They glided gracefully in a ‘V’ like formation, slowly and gently moving their delicate wings. I stood watching them for a few minutes, unable to look away. (Kindle Locations 53-54)

There was something serene about that- a beginning I could be content with. But believe me there were some bits I wasn't content with. I don't mean in the novel exactly, I mean the times when I'd be reading it and a parent would walk in a tell me the time like that was a good enough reason for my reading to end.

The night before last I had actually cried about where I'd had to leave the novel (I don't think I'd have cried in a normal situation :P).

The author had made it so clear and understandable and there was a handful of characters all who were like teenagers you could expect to see walking down the street, with the exact same demeanor, perception and skills. For a debut, at 15, Victoria writes contemporary well. The inner-workings of the families and the school are pretty good but the school's popularity ladder (I think that's what I mean to say) wasn't completely sound- it was close. It's just a book that doesn't seen sensational but is still an eye-opener for the simple fact that the issues haven't appeared in most teen fiction... It's normally not seen as an issue to be popular or to spread gossip. And its not seen as an issue for a guy to stand up for what he believes in & so on. In the background there was little issues and then the focus was on deeper things.

Mira has a foot in many social groups and I surmised that she's not as different from me as I assumed she would be (from her past, that is, which does remain, definitely, a contrast). I have opportunities to spread things which should be confidential (well, actually not on members of the opposite sex- but definitely other girls!) But I didn't only empathize with her- in some scenes I was all for Mira, and others all for Liam. Some it was easiest to relate to Danielle or Sam.

January 23, 2013

3 Things: Series I Need To Begin

... because I like series that are all wrapped up!
Thirteen Treasures- Michelle Harrison

#1: --->
Once I had Unrest I realized that I already owned books by her... This series. And they were unread, and probably have been on my shelves for months! So these are definitely part of a series I need to begin.

#2: Winter Trilogy - Ruth Warburton --->
Released this month, the last book is already joining other books in its series on people's shelves. But not mine. I don't own them & am excited to get them from the library soon! I'm sure the library will want the whole series. Won't they?        

#3: The Shapeshifters Set – Ali Sparkes
I am willing to splash out on some more books though- and physical books this time! Recently I've been splashing out on kindle books & I decided, as people have a tendency to ask what you are giving up for lent when Pancake day is closer than January 1st, for lent I would try & cut down on that so I can get some real books! I obviously, as witnessed by those watching my Stars count go up (Stars as in a compromise to a 'book buying ban' as explained in Quarterly Updates) am trying not to add to the unread books on my shelves too much! It's going pretty well actually so I am probably going to get the first three books (the series begins with Finding the Fox). 
I've seen an offer where I can get these for £5 so with some more reading I'll hopefully send off to get these in... March? Maybe later with Malorie Blackman month & much more scheduled soon(ish)!


So that's the end to '3 things'. It just so happens that makes 9 books- who said my to-read list was short? Believe me there are plenty of books in series I really want to read... It's just many haven't been completed & I figure if I'm going to begin some more series I might as well be able to enjoy at least 3 books (hopefully more, I'm sure you'll see in time that more Ali Sparkes books get shelved!)
Let me know in the comments if you've read or want to read these books! Which series would you recommend first?
Bookish love,
Amy Bookworm

January 21, 2013

Reviewing... [5] Seeking Crystal

(no, I don't know what means, but I think it means I loved it- and Xav).

Reviewing... [5]

Seeking Crystal is written by Julia Golding. NO, it is. She wrote the Benedicts series under one of her pen names, Joss Stirling, and had set Finding Sky in America, a road trip actually to America inspired her. I was quite surprised she was a UK author when I found out (after read Finding Sky but before Stealing Phoenix).Source: LibraryRecommended for: Everyone who likes thrills in books (I mean the action kind, ugh- I made this novel sound dirty). 

I hate to think of Crystal's voice being created by Julia, but I'm going to have to. Crystal's voice is full of zest and stark. She is the sister of Diamond Brooks who beats Crystal in popularity, prettiness, grades and appreciation from the Brooks family. Or so Crystal thinks. It certainly seems that way when Diamond's wedding to Trace, one of the Benedict brothers, draws nearer and Crystal has to stand on her own two feet. Feeling like she's playing at being adult but knowing that Diamond isn't hers makes Crystal feel like she better act older.
This series has been described as 'dark romances' but it didn't really seem that way in this book. In some ways it's a self-discovery.

I liked almost all of it- apart from the constant references to Twilight and such. I don't hate Twilight but I do dislike the hype- and putting it in this book? Not good in my opinion. It didn't fit with Crystal who seemed more the type to think Twilight was anti-feminist...

"With kisses like that, I wish this was the Universe where you were my soulfinder.”
What so the people that would make a great couple are only such in one Universe? Perhaps opposites don't attract... in all Universes! Androcles... Want a Cupcake? You better.
Beauty doesn't want you... Or does she? (I'm so confusing and awkward aren't I?)
“...I want you to be as happy as I am." "
Trust me, that wouldn't be the case if I found myself shackled to Xav Benedict by a quirk of fate.”

<--- Don't look at the blurb and think this. It's really worth reading and you'll enjoy it. Or should.

My verdict is it's a really, really good installment that you'll love as much as the rest of the books. Read them in the order you can get them in. They work as stand-alones and are extremely gripping.

Another verdict is this... People say that spoilers don't get posted online in series and its really hard to remember what happened in the other books but to be honest look at quotes & such. Even look at the blurbs. That's gonna kill you, we already know, after reading one, what the whole series will be about but I really hope Golding doesn't get fed up of writing the same storyline with different events because it's the events that keep it moving (not love completely.) Of course Trace & Diamonds, and the others, love is very strong and holds it together. Also y'know Crystal may add an interesting element to the future books and hold them together. Her development is strong and interesting!

Small print is for those that have read other books. OK?
If you've read the other books in the series you may see I'm treading on eggshells- but I think that doing so is important- when I started it I'd done something rare for me. I'd not re-read the previous books in the series because to me I already knew how it was going to end... With soulfinders. And I remembered the characters and I couldn't do that. But then after this book I've realized that, as I said before, sometimes the events in the books are what matters. Not exactly the final verdict as in life there isn't a final verdict. And I don't think people can spoil books like this for you- I already knew what was going to happen and I got knocked off my feet. It's just like people can't spoil life for you (in this context). They may tell you to do something for your future but its the journey that surprises you even if you know the outcome.

January 19, 2013

Reviewing... [4] The Spiral Horizon

If you haven't read previous books DON'T read this (you can read the bottom box to see my rating/recommendations & basics with no spoilers but this may spoil books 1-5 a little).

Reviewing... [4]

Author: Benjamin J. MyersSource: Christmas gift.Recommended for: 13+ (not any specifics but if you like books that border genres & it has drawn you in: READ IT! It's perfect.)

I didn't cry after reading this. I wasn't sure if I would- I've come to the end of an emotional journey. Highs, lows. Smiles, sadness. I didn't cry because I felt numb. Somewhere between happiness and being distraught. Unable to fathom everything I've read but aware that I loved it and shall continue to love the characters. Box especially, for unknown reasons. I felt like perhaps the feeling a person meditating strives for.

I am writing this about 4 hours later and I feel really sad the series has ended now- I’m not numb because I know it was a good ending even if it didn’t feel quite like a resolution. Not the sort of resolution or good ending I’m used to I suppose. Let’s just say- the war has ended.
You know if you’ve read the books, or a book, so far, you’ll know there’s more than one war... There’s a lot of fighting and Chess and all the characters, of which many have been introduced in the Six books (what is that called?) & I have to say goodbye to them all, are part of it.
The lines haven’t really blurred as much as they do in this book. The bad? Or the good? It’s a question I have to keep asking myself. I think it’s quite clear in some of the characters, like Box, Anna and the GTBD, Jake.
GTBD stands for Gun Toting Biker Dwarf. Isn’t that a cool creation...? Uhh... Not the only one! The whole partly-fictional world, as I’ve said before, is really fine and full. The dystopian world is even more vivid and to be truthful I am shocked by how it went from all that drama to something much more realistic... I always knew it wasn’t set too far in the future but it the situation doesn’t seem like it’s in different from anything in the world now by the end...
There are tons of morals woven in and the book is very nerve wracking (if you didn’t get that from the GIF, it was one of being numb- but also one of being stunned).

I definitely didn't get what I expected, and not necessarily what I'd wanted, but...

January 16, 2013

The Liebster Award

Here is where I was nominated! I thank you both for nominating me... It's a bit strange so early on (to me). The Read-a-holic and Once Upon A Book

I've got two sets of questions...

1. Favorite Literary Location and why?
Most are set in our world... I suppose that's OK. I wouldn't want to live in a Dystopian.
2. What is your favorite character from a book, and why?
Currently Box from The Bad Tuesdays, I'm with him in a 6th book... So he's overtaken Peeta (it's not true the only reason I like him is because of Josh!) I don't know why I love him so much, I suppose it happened in the 5th book... Read it & I won't spoil it :D
3. What book that is coming out this year are you looking forward to and why?
It already came out this year. On the 3rd. The Lost Girl, but I suppose if not... Mind Games.
4. What is your favorite author?
All I can say is... I don't know. Perhaps Joss Stirling.
5. Your favorite book cover?

Leaning towards that --->

6. Do you like to write stories? If so, what genre are they? If not, why not?
No. I can't... It just... I don't work. I don't do it on my own. I roleplay.
7. What is your favorite place to read and why?
Depends if I'm on my kindle (or kindle for computer) or with a book... I'm not saying that to be awkward...  I like to read abroad but more often that not read on my bed, in class, propped up against random walls in the house...
8. What do you love most about book-blogging?
Reviewing for Challenges. Awful I know...
9. Are most of your books bought, from the library, borrowed, or won from giveaways?
It's either bought or from the library... I have a lot of both. I borrow ebooks from the library too, so really I don't know!
10. What makes you love a book?
Probably as long as it doesn't contain something vulgar, cliche or flat I will at least like it. It's a mix of many things to make me love it.

What's a book you decided to read by judging it's cover?
Candor. I read the blurb too. I always read the blurb too.
Jelly or Jam?
Jelam. Yeah. Made that one up...
If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?
What's one sentence you use to define yourself?
I'm a beautifully average-looking girl with a beautifully weird personality.
Do you play an instrument?
I used to play the piano...
If you have one, what is your guilty obsession? 
Chewing gum. I'm not allowed it with my brace but... I still do.
Your favorite childhood show? 
Do you prefer cursive or print, with pen or pencil? 
Cursive. Pen.
Do you sing along while listening to music whether it's out loud, ear buds, or in your head?
Favorite fruit?
What was the first thought to pop into your head after reading my questions?
Does she mean 'jelly & jam' in the US sense or the British?

1. I don't let my to-read list ever be bigger than my read list.
2. Ich spreche Deutsch.
3. Because of No. 2 I find it quite amazing the Liebster Award (which mean 'dearest') originated from Germany- the person does remain anon as is often the case with chain-letter style awards.
4. I cannot handle spicy food. Even a little bit spicy.
5. I tend to act like a social butterfly in school but out of school I'm like any other book-loving, Youtube-obsessed teenager.
6. My hand-eye coordination is horrific.
7. I am allergic to oreos, or something in them... I'm not sure which. I've eaten one in my whole lifetime. I have no desire to experience the swollen tongue again.
8. I'm not a writer but I've written songs before. They are easier to write than novels. As much as I would like to write something big, I never do.
9. I'm a Christian and although there are like 300 people in my school year I can count the Christians that I know of on my fingers.
10. Most of my RL friends do love Art too & we spend most lunchtimes in the Art rooms (tis' more fun than library & you're allowed music!) but one of my friends showed me an image by Pablo Picasso & didn't have any clue who the artist was... It was such an obvious still life of his I was like... O.o
11. Although I've said I'm 5"4, I look more like 5"5 as I wear high heels. Even to school. I don't really care.

For The People I've Nominated:

Please do the below~
1. Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog and link back to the blogger who presented this award to you;
 2. Answer the 11 questions from the nominator, list 11 random facts about yourself and create 11 questions for your nominees;
 3. Present the Liebster Blog Award to 11 blogs of 200 followers or less who you feel deserve to be noticed and leave a comment on their blog letting them know they have been chosen.
4. Copy and Paste the blog award on your blog.


1.     Do you like this colour font?
2.     What foreign languages do you speak?
3.     Favourite type of music?
4.     What is your favourite book with a movie adaptation? And why?
5.     Do you enter book giveaways? If so, how many have you won?
6.     Do you ever smell books? If not, is it because you prefer digital books?
7.    Hardcover or paperback?
8.     A book you didn’t finish...?
9.     How do you order your bookshelves/bookcase(s)?
10.  Favourite short story/novella?
11.  Do you count these in your books read total?

Claire @ whnbstihwsoft
Jane @ theperksofbeingabookworm
Daniela @ yabookseasons
The BookWorm @ dragongirl28 (or the other way round)...
Summer @ missfictional
Jessica @ read my breath away
Little M @ wesatdown
M @ wesatdown
Sophie's pages
Calamity Creates
The Book World Of Anne

I'm going to try & reach you all by some method or another~ 

January 12, 2013

Reviewing... [3] A Crystal Horseman

Yes. I did forget something...
To post the review of book 1-4 in the Twisted Symmetry series. But I don't cry over spilt milk. I don't shed tears just because some of my 2012 books that were probably actually part of my Top 12 (if I had such a thing) got missed out from my reviewing on the blog. I'm accepting I have procrastinated and probably did remember just got a little lazy.

Reviewing... [3]

Author: Benjamin J. MyersSource: Christmas gift.Recommended for: 12+ (including adults *cough* like my Mum)

I'll recap a little as I know this may not make sense.
There are siblings. Siblings that get on, siblings that fight... And siblings that have been split up. In this book they are called Chess, Splinter and Box.
Want to know more?
I'll just tell you a little bit about Box.
If you go here you’ll see the author described Box as a fighter, among other things. The ‘courage of a street rat will be pitted against the vast forces of the Twisted Symmetry’.
And that my friend describes with little spoilers this series.

Like the other books this just follows on nicely & neatly, the adventure in this World is about... say, 7ft tall. Yeah, high. I do love how despite being amazingly exciting it also is building up the world- little things like 'Jander' which I now use in my RPs which you aren't allowed to swear in. Curse in dog tongue? Go for it.

Although I have been empathizing in the other books with the situations I sort of came to a point where I was like... WhAAAAAAt? Nooo... What have they done to... (you'll see which character yourself if you read this book *cough* series).
The twists were unexpected and when I tend to see it in a big picture as well as a smaller one it's beautiful like a mosaic. Because it's more beautiful than this puzzle.
And at some points I find out why things happened & they aren't as upsetting as I thought. I don't need to say much more than I was still like that --->

It is clearly woven, the thread is anything but transparent. I ended up thoroughly surprised but I loved how Ethel and the rest of The Committee, save Anna perhaps, took a backseat until it really reached the climax. What do you do when you have so much information, power, transport but one thing holds you back...?
I really hope unity continues to get stronger and the series continues to challenge my mind. I suppose we know this is how Sci-Fi's are now. Different. Amazing.

January 07, 2013

Reviewing... [2]: The Dark Side Of The Night

2-in-1 Blog Post

Today I have a mini-review of The Dark Side of Night, but also I’m telling you about something the Kindle, Fire at least, does. If you enable text-to-speech and press play you can listen to an audio version. This isn’t a narrator reading it, instead it is part of the machine- this makes me realize how we interpret punctuation with pauses etc. There’s definitely a difference between reading in your head/out loud, and then add an inhuman voice reading! For example semi-colons and commas have such big gaps (varying depending on what speed you are listening to.) Certain sentences had me reading them after to understand it: She leapt over a fallen trunk in one jump and landed without even the slightest of breeze; fallen leaves, that covered the floor like strips of burnt curled paper, didn’t even stir as she passed. (Kindle Locations 825-826).

But at least there were few run-ons with only commas dotted here and there. Full-stop breaks are less annoying than the former.
I think somewhere in between 1x and 1.5x would be efficient with the punctuation ‘glitch’. Still would save perhaps some time but also being comfortable. I didn’t just listen to, I probably listened to less than a half. I normally didn’t do anything else, I did read along.
It could be a slower type of reading as instead of being motivated to read you’re sort of motivated to listen. Highlighting is something I would suggest when listening just so it doesn’t interrupt the flow. My flow was interrupted as I would pause, re-read, follow on to next page, begin listening.

Anyway, enough with that opinionated gossip on the Kindle.

Reviewing... [2]

Author: Amanda DaySource: Purchased for kindle.Recommended for: Paranormal readers in short (or, the long version, those people who like books that end on an air of a mystery- no cliffhangers- and those who like new styles in Paranormal YA fiction.

I’m not going to hold back talking about the characters.
There’s Oscar and Cyan.

“Are you… are you an angel?” Oscar felt stupid as he said it, but he didn’t know what else to think. She snorted softly and backed away. “You couldn’t be more wrong...” (Kindle Locations 630-633).

So, Cyan isn’t an angel. She’s a contrast to the boy-next-door. Next to monsters. The synopsis should tell you this much about Oscar and Cyan. Both have an interest in yellow-eyed definitely not human creatures. But is there more than that? More to that?

He settled his eyes over her shoulder so he could see her face without looking directly at her eyes.
“What are you?”
She shrugged. “Different.” (Kindle Locations 618-622). 
I eventually did get used to the elements of Cyan’s past and present. The fact there are dynamics in her soul, and her eyes. Her eyes. What do I say?
I do want to mention that it is just such a Mary-Sue characteristic to have unusual eyes, or eyes that have changed. Obviously I was picturing an Anti-Sue so to have her described in much the same ‘outsider but superior’ way that a fair number of YA females are, not all, was quite a set-back. Obviously being atypical to her race does make her different. There are just shadows of things I’d like to see explanations for why she has to have them when she’s be much more of an anti-Sue without them. That’s just me.
Completely me. What do I want? A fallen angel...
Hmm XD

Whereas Oscar really isn’t that peculiar, he’s not the jock-next-door, just the boy. The boy who likes free running.

I'd rate the characters 4.5/5 (that basically means I haven't got my dream cast members for the characters as the baddies are as rotten to the core as they get & the characters just aren't quite my favourites.)

The impact on 'reader':
Basically, the build-up, the middle & the finale slab analysis.
Build-ups are sometimes more dynamic, but they don't start quite with such a telling baddie. It seemed like action only would be provided so another chapter could be for thoughts and flashbacks. I appreciate the character details but when its from two-point perspectives I like to see how they react, and feel like I'm seeing through their eyes- not like I'm in their head. My head starts giving me a weird commentary and it doesn't flow as well. Again, this may just be me. So although all this sort of fitted it was like there was a few jigsaw puzzles for the different sections & whatnot but pieces were missing and some left over. You tried to spot them in the other sections and some pieces fit in others, but when you step back you realize there are still holes. Maybe I'm being harsh on it... But I thought it was a stand-alone? Perhaps it shall have a companion novel with another of *cough*... This is a semi-spoiler. Caleb's creations.
Y'know, I'd read that to understand more. Maybe see Cyan & Oscar some more. Whatever. I can see why it wouldn't be a triology or whatever but a companion novel my friend :D COMPANION NOVEL!
Basically though, it wasn't as engrossing as I'd hoped.

January 03, 2013


Because I'm a super girl, duh. Or maybe because I'm doing the 'Women Challenge' as well (third challenge).
What is that you ask? Is it something where you have to read books by female authors? Why, yes! Not exclusively. I may end up only reading books that I count towards the British Book Challenge, but I'm definitely not only reading books by female authors. What a crazy idea. I am NOT sexist.
Poor British Men would be left out- and there's some pretty awesome ones to list, but this post isn't about men. It's about the females who I'd like to read books by for this. I tell you its a lot easier to distinguish if an author is female, rather than British.
These are some female British authors my friends. You may not care about their nationality, but I do.
Joss Stirling | Caroline Greeen | Malorie Blackman | Michelle Harrison | Lil' Chase | Amanda Day | Sangu Mandanna (whose publishers released The Lost Girl in America first, which yes, was the publishers idea).

How many books am I reading?
Anywhere between 11-15. Maybe 16+ (that'd make me Wonder Woman). I'll see, I don't know if we have to write reviews or if I can do podcasts. Maybe I can :P But y'know, that's why I'm playing safe (even though it crosses over with goodreads- of 52 books- and the British Book Challenge (12-50).

Do you want to be a BABY GIRL? Read 1-5 books written by a woman author. Or 6-10 to have GIRL POWER? Or maybe SUPER GIRL seems like the ideal superwoman name, in which case aim for 11-15. Of course 16+ would actually make you WONDER WOMAN.

Do I make it to Super Girl? See all my posts here!
Total books read: 1

Good luck all (:

Looking for something?...


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