About Me & My Reviews (Policy)

Who I am (in 140 words- not characters):
Amy. Tweeter. #TheBookworm. Retweets. Pay it Forward!
Small Creative Writer. Not Small Mind. Cliffhanger hater. Laughs lots. Memory taker. Nature’s keeper. Activist(ish). Procrastinates.
Likes knowing. But doesn’t tell. Tells thinks as they are (or as I think they are). Chasing Cars. Whovian. Ambivert. Ambidextrous. Not ambi-religion. Christian. British. Changer. But not a shapeshifter. Always ginger. Cat person.
Love Art. Actions? Words of affirmation. I’m happy. Life Is An Emotional Thing, like me! Philematophic. Half-glass. Realism. Coffee guzzler. Gets hiccups loads. Hate brokenness. Bad liar. Eyebrow raiser.
Likes getting back up after I’ve fallen, and knowing that no one can bring me down. Quite likes (speed)walking. Like Reading (honest!). Team Peeta. Loves Box. DofE participant. Archer.
Had Library Work Experience. Minor though. Has ghosts of NaNoWriMo past.
I might get offered &... and lots of &

For Authors:
Endorsed by nobody but happy to post mini-reviews, reviews with teasers, ratings on different aspects or just a... review. Plain Jane. I suppose that's usual, and I suppose it's normal for reviews to take a month or so (quite often less, but on average if I’m stacking it on a TBR pile or something...) Reviews aren’t instantaneous. I don’t review books I don’t receive unless I already own it. I am not responsible for postal service hiccups or even e-books not arriving (I’ve never had an issue but we can discuss this much further in). Also having said this if I already own books in the series or that specific book & there are any other books you desire to send it's quite nice :P
I do like trilogies. I like series too. HOWEVER I will not read books that aren’t ‘first’ in series UNLESS I’ve read previous books in the series. I will happily review multiple books in a series as long as the first book is part of this, and I will prioritize them by the order they go in (obviously). If you’re unsure about this one drop me a message.

If I do not email you back, sorry. I may just be getting to it, it may not be appropriate for me or I am thinking about it. I will not purposefully ignore them for no good reason.

This is open to change.

Reviews: Although I love all YA, I'm currently trying to cut down on accepting requests as I have a lot of books on my TBR, over 50 that I own. So really, I don't need more. BUT in exceptional circumstances (or even that I've reviewed for you before, author or publisher, or its in a series I've read) I will happily accept. Feel free to drop me an email inquiring but if I don't accept & I say it's due to time, it is. It's another personal; just fussy at the moment! Use the contact form if you're still interested in receiving an honest review. Remember to include the link to Goodreads & the synopsis.
Book Format
Ebook formats PDF (anything), mobi. (ditto) or ePub (for poetry/short stories) only. I do accept audio books. I only accept texts under 100 pages in an electronic format.

Book Promos: I'm more likely to accept that but only if it's a YA & if I have a spare slot. It may take a while for me to fit it in on my blog, but my hope is within a month your book promo can be posted. Just let me know, it's best if you send me anything I could include in it + a link to Goodreads so I can pick and choose, formatting the post to my personal specifications. I don't agree with just copying & pasting as any blogger can find that anywhere. If you need it instantly you CAN tweet me. But not to do with reviews, only send me (publicly is cool, can RT) tweets regarding book promotion please. Either link the goodreads or Amazon in that tweet please.

Quick critique: As in: I tell you my opinion of your short story, poem or a little bit of a book- ie. the synopsis (or Page 99 or a quick teaser). I'm sometimes open to do this, but please use the contact form as well. This will take a little communication as I decide which is best to critique. Send me the link to the Amazon page please so I can look at the sampler, which may be exactly what I use.

Being a british author doesn't guarantee you any of the above, even if your book is suitable for teens... I may say 'no' but don't take offence as I may still add it to my #TBR and read it later, it depends on the book!

NO THANKS (for any of the above):
Is it/does it include...?
 Content advisable for 16+
 Erotica (obviously too vulgar for me to want to read, no offence intended).

* Ask yourself... If this was a movie would it be an 18+ (or is it already pegged an 18)? If so, don't ask me to review it.

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