June 27, 2013

Book Detective: Love Triangles (with a review)!

Firstly can I apologize that this is my first blog post this week? I actually have some drafted but I'd confused myself... I was supposed to post twice this week for the Indie Self-Published Author Event & think I still will! So stick around & enjoy this post...

The Book Detective by Divergent Gryffindor
The Book Detective is a meme put together to recommend the books we recently found out about from the blogs we follow or Goodreads which come under a specific category.
This week we're discussing recent finds/reads which have a love triangle!
Well, it's...

What have I found...?

I was just taking an online stroll and passed an author's door which is fimilar to me. That house, in the middle of the street, has nice smells of books, pringles & the sound of Geeky TV, Joey Graceffa's 'Anna Sun' cover... This isn't about the household as it's on  the Holmes street you find a love triangle.
Peter Karlsson, Simon Harper and Lizzie Holmes...

May I please point out the reason I'm about to write a mini review in a book detective? I found this before most other people & then was like, "YOU DIDN'T TELL US!" And then I read it. It had a love triangle in it. Well, of sorts.

I finished this book in a day which isn't just because it's absolutely at least 99% felicitous (love triangle or not) for me. It's really short. Probably the shortest book to have a love triangle in ever that is, it's got 77 pages & every single one of them engrossed me. It will take you about 2 hours to read and if you're a book vacuum, even less.
I always marvel at it but when short stories or novellas have amazing characters I'm just like, 'SCORE!' The voice of Lizzie is memorable and honest but somehow there's a thin layer of mystery in the tale woven in with comedy. I relate to Lizzie even though her experiences are very different. I pity her at points and understand her responses. I think this is a tale which is sweet and the story doesn't feel rushed. One week can change everything and I just want more... Surely, there isn't only one week that causes change?
The Holmes were a family with a Dad who is better than their Mum, a sister who is selfish and totally cruel. I just want to take her brains, rearrange them & put them back. I'd rather have two walking stomaches than one and a grouchy, kindness-lacking sister. I loved how Peter had to come and understand the family and then I appreciated much of the deep insight that occurred as a result. He also came to understand England & this stands out to me in UKYA. Peter is from Sweden and he's turned up on their doorstep and he finds a place which is English and proud. Lizzie has a sense of place and I loved the setting as no, it's not a part of England I'm familiar with. It's so much better to read about another place and feel characters connection to the place than just peeping at Google Earth now & again to compare one place to another.

How many times should I read this in my lifetime? Or rather, does 100 times sound OTT?

It wasn't all about the place or the character, it had some quotes which made me want to start blubbing they were so gorgeous. Can I have Peter (is it weird to have book boyfriends with a name pronounced the same), Lizzie? I'm assuming you want Simon. He has SWAG. And yes, the 'S' stands for stars, obviously. *melts again* ‘Being amongst rough lives and confusion does not make you less, it only makes your beauty shine out more clearly.’ (Location 1187).
All the scenes seemed to be written brilliantly but eeek... The scene that quote comes from.  This love triangle is mainly for juxtaposition, I reckon. I'm OK with that because... well, I just am.

May I point out that this book is free. I've always had a feeling Sharon is insane. WHY is this book a freebie? It's worth more than I ever thought a novella could be. I'd pay more for this than I would for most whole books. I mean, seriously... It's at least worth the price of a coffee.
Especially if a follow-up occurs... Well, I know how I fix this:

Hello Sharon (or other reader which will feel no obligation to do anything).

So, I want to know which books had love triangles which you really, really liked... Even if it wasn't because of the love triangle!
Share with me below, please :D
Given 4.5 (compromised as it's a short- not quite 5.)

June 22, 2013

Stacking The Shelves: The Indie Edition

This is the indie edition as I think most of what I've downloaded recently has been indie... Having said that I've never actual participated in...

This week I have stacked my shelves (not very physically).
I know the little Pushing the Limits novella isn't indie...
You were all talking about the series so I'll
sample the book & devour the novella soon....
(definitely wasn't preparation for the indie month, eh?)

Even so, this haul is mainly about the books that were... Some you've seen (though the middle is for a blog tour):

Also a Runners paperback (photo to follow of the only book that wasn't an ecopy :P).

I downloaded this one first instead...
Don't ask.
Some you haven't (yet) seen but you will now...

What are you hauling (of interest)? I say interest because the
only library books were for an assignment. You don't wanna see :P

This is part of the...

I'm only saying as it may not seem like it. More on some of these books to follow in June (and some in July)!
Feel free to subscribe.

June 20, 2013

Book Promo [#11] (and Giveaway): Character Interview for Marchwood Vampires series

Today I have some characters from the Marchwood Vampire Series with us at Amy Bookworm... They are here to stay! *looks around* OK, maybe not... They want another novel written about them. Book 3 in the series shall be coming soon but for now please give a warm welcome to...

Madison Greene, age 16
Alexandre Chevalier, age 18, born 1863

RELEASED May 2011!
Series: ☑
What would you like to know? Perhaps I should tell you there's a trailer for this promising YA here! Go watch and then add it to your...


Also books by Shalini are available at Amazon (UK linked above), also in print & the ebook is accessible at Smashwords.
A paranormal romance that spans the centuries from modern England to 19th century Paris and ancient Cappadocia.
Madison Greene is in foster care until one day she inherits a fortune, she inherits a house, she inherits a cellar full of danger.
Alexandre Chevalier lives in 19th century Paris. On an archaeological expedition, he discovers a lost underground city where his life changes forever.
Their lives entwine, but this is only the beginning...


Find more info at http://www.shaliniboland.co.uk/

Would you like to see my welcome & then an indulgent interview?

Amy: Welcome, wonderful guests *smiles* Please have a seat. *gestures at seats* I am so pleased you were willing to come, even though deep dark secrets may be spilt... like beans! In case you didn’t know, I don’t have any beans to spill; my hope is that you’ll consent to being honest & giving us some gossip. You see, we may say we spread UKYA but... well, you’ll see. You will see!
Maddy: Hi Amy, good to meet you. Yeah, we’ll give you some gossip, won’t we, Alex?
*Amy grins, thinking it couldn’t possibly be a bigger grin if she tried to stretch her lips*
Alex: Good evening, Amy. *kisses her hand and gives a short bow*

Amy *with lips stretching into a genuine smile; they are exceeding her expectations and proving her wrong (her lips, that is... but she didn’t expect Alex to be like this either, swoon much?)*: For the readers, tell us your name (or nickname) & where you call home in 20 words or less.
Maddy: I’m Madison. My mates call me Maddy. I grew up with my brother in London, but I live in Gloucestershire now.
Alex: My name is Alexandre Chevalier.
Maddy: *Rolls eyes* Alex. People call you Alex. You can’t expect the poor girl to say your whole name every time she talks to you.
Alex: Very well, you may call me Alex. But I have not yet answered the question in full. I am from Paris in my beloved country of France and alas I have not seen my home in many years.

Amy: Thanks, Alex. Are either of you inspired by “teachers”? Which one has inspired you the most... Why?
Maddy: I hate teachers. They’re all a bunch of . . .
Alex: . . . What Madison is trying to say is that she hasn’t had very good experiences with teachers.
Maddy: You think? *Grins*
Alex: And I find I have to agree with her. My time at college was extremely dull.

Amy: Aww! That sucks. So, moving on . . . if teachers aren’t dreamy enough for you, describe your dream girl/boy. Have you found them? If not, where would you expect to meet them? *coughs* I know that one of you may have yo-
Maddy: Can’t really give you that information. Not without major spoilers.
Amy: But you promised me gossip.
Maddy: I’ll tell you later, off the record. *winks*
Alex: I find that question to be a little too personal. However, I can tell you that I didn’t meet my love in the most conventional of circumstances.

Amy: In-ter-esting. Which state of mind are you normally in and do people “read” you like an open book when you feel this way? Would you go somewhere different if you felt like this?
Maddy: I used to be terminally angry, but I’ve calmed down quite a bit since my life took a turn for the weird. Things are more complicated now, but strangely I’m much happier.
Alex: No one can read me. Except for maybe … my love.

Amy: *eyes twinkle with mischief* (to Maddy) Do you like “bad boys” (as in not just the villain... the one who may just have skewy intentions)?
Maddy: I . . .
Alex: . . . Do not answer that question, Madison.
Maddy: Lighten up, Alex. We’re doing an interview.
Alex: *narrows eyes*
Maddy: There’s only one ‘boy’ I like, and he’s the most bass ass boy you’re gonna find. Pretty sure he’s met his match too.

Amy: If the bookish gods took a preference to you and told you to inject the other interviewee into a different fictional world where would you plop them?
Maddy: Erm … What?
Alex: I would put Madison into my previous world of 19th century Paris. She would certainly enjoy herself and she would most likely cause a scandal. But then, I am no stranger to scandal . . .
Maddy: Ooh, Alex, I’d love to go to Paris. Okay, I get the question now: I think it would be a laugh to put Alex into the world of Austin Powers. Alex, you’d either love it or hate it, but I can’t work out which. And now I can’t stop laughing.
Alex: I think you are mocking me, mademoiselle.
*Amy giggles* He gave you Paris and... *puts on straight face* well, that was a lovely choice Alex! I’d love to go to Paris. I’ll be sure to visit you two there... *thinks of the book*

Amy: *stops thinking of the book’s prospects and pulls self together to think back to the other fictional worlds aforementioned* Would you rather be in the world you picked for them or the world they actually live in now?
Alex: I would stay where I am. I do not know this Austin Powers, but I do know Madison’s sense of humour.
Maddy: Don’t know what you mean, Alex. But I agree, I’d stay where I am.

Amy: *handing out coffee (to put them in the mood of a... well, more of a coffee house but... nevermind)* If you could have a dinner party with 5 fictional characters who would they be? At that dinner party who would you Kiss, Marry, Avoid or... SLAP!
Maddy: That’s a hard question. *thinks for a minute* Okay, right, I’d pick any of Jane Austin’s heroines, give them a slap and then avoid them. Jonathan Livingston Seagull (I know, he’s a bird, but it’s my dinner party). Phoebe from Friends, Captain Jack Sparrow – a definite snog – and I’d marry Edward Cullen (ha ha).
Alex: *glares at Maddy and Amy* This interview is entirely too personal.
Maddy: Come on, Alex. It’s just a bit of fun.
Alex: Who is this ‘Edward Cullen’?
Maddy: Don’t worry, Alex. He doesn’t measure up to you. *winks*
Amy: *under her breath* Guess Alex doesn’t sparkle then... *smiles and listens to Alex’s answer*
Alex: Very well. For my dinner party I would invite those funny men . . . Laurel and Hardy,
Maddy: They’re not fictional.
Alex: This is my dinner party and I’d like Laurel and Hardy to be there. Indiana Jones, Scarlett Johansson and . . . Jeremy Clarkson
Maddy: *snorts coffee out nose* Going for a bit of tongue action with Jeremy?
Alex: *smirks* Yes, Madison. How did you know?

Amy: To be entirely honest, I have no clue which one would be the better choice! I’m sure Shalini will get you invited to some dinner parties soon! Maybe even here... But back to her, are you at all like Shalini Boland? ... Which one is more Bolandesque?
Maddy: I’m nothing like her. She’s in her forties, married with kids and I bet she likes shopping at Marks and Spencer’s. She hasn’t got a clue what it’s like to be sixteen years old.
Alex: I’m sure she is a nice person. We don’t know her that well.
*Amy smiles* I’m sure you’re just jealous... Surely you want kids & to shop at Marks & Spencers? As for being 40... Well *looks at Alex and then coughs & decides to ask the last question*

Amy: That’s almost a wrap... It’s been great. Any last words?
Maddy: It’s been really good to meet you, Amy. Thanks.
Alex: Yes, thank you, Amy. And a sincere word of warning to you and to your readers – Be careful when you are out after darkness falls. There is more beyond your door than you would ever wish to know.
*Amy shudders* I think I might see where this is going but I don’t want to take this anywhere now... Not today. Maybe we’ll see you again, I loved meeting you both too... Goodbye! *smiles and turns to audience*

Amy: That was a fantastic interview... It was great meeting the characters from one of Shalini Boland’s wonderful... worlds *looks at characters* Yes, worlds. *sub titles read: novels* I was glad to have them here *hairs on neck stand on end and Amy wonders if they are looking at her neck and she signals for the camera crew to end the live show*

OK, maybe this wasn't a live show ;) But it was just as fun & it was my first character interview & third interview EVER. Did you think 'YAY' or 'NAY'? Before you make up your mind may I point out there IS a giveaway. And you have a chance of winning (probably big as my giveaways have had previously 100-200 entries each). How many entries will you get?

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If sharing (not via Twitter) in other social networks then please contact me to let me know & I'll decide if it counts. Also if you do multiple in one day.

Thanks (: Even if you don't do that entry (as there are plenty of options)...

June 17, 2013

Book Blogger Confessions (#8): BEA/ALA thoughts (I've never been)!

Book Blogger Confessions is a meme that posts the 1st Monday of every month, where book bloggers "confess" and vent about blogging/bookish topics. If you haven't guessed the idea is to answer a question & you can share, vent and offer solutions. Ranting if the question demands it works & you'd really enjoy it if you did participate as there's a ton of respect between each other, even more than normal. We understand they are your solutions & if they work? Great. If the question isn't a hunky dory one? We're asked to:
Keep it respectful - no bashing authors or other bloggers!

Hosted by For What It's Worth and Midnyte Reader
(Grab their button and include it in your post with a link to the feature co-hosts)
So, if you want to participate here's the meme question for June 17th (and following that, once again I've really ranted this week). You can participate any day in this following fortnight just answer to let us know this regarding BEA/ALA:

Have you ever been before? If you've been before, share your experiences; both pro & con. If you haven't gone before, do you participate in online events like Armchair BEA? Do you hope to go one day? Do you feel too intimidated to go? Are you jealous of the big book hauls and tweets during the events?

I haven’t been yet, but hopefully I’ll experience one in the UK someday, and I did participate in one Anti-BEA event- the #bookishparty! It wasn’t a readathon but I did need lots of coffee! If you were part of it you’ll know why! So, that answers part of the above doesn’t it? I’m not jealous of the tweets during the events & truth be told, I’m more intimidated by the heap of readathons that happen during it! It scares me & I’m still attending, and am busy, at school so I only have time for a few hour-long bookish party! Not readathons & unfortunately not the conferences either or many real life bookish events. It sucks and sometimes travel might be the bigger issue but I keep my head high & look at the...

They should depress me more than they do. So many bloggers get jealous but WHY, WHY, WHY? OK, I admit, it’s not that terrible to get jealous but I struggle when I get jealous so I try not to as much as possible. When I do get jealous it’s awful- I get annoyed. But often I’m jealous if I think they’re doing something wrong. Basically, if book bloggers are really greedy I’ll go... scream. Or something. Most of the time it’s not a blogger gloating. It’s their way of publicizing books, telling you what’s coming up & maybe if they’re ARC’s you’ll think of requesting them. You now have an opportunity- will you make the best of it or the worst?
Well, I want to know your opinions but for me if I get jealous to the point I’m annoyed I will stop looking & I think people should do that. Some times are better for looking at hauls & some hauls are easier to look at. One person might love a blogger’s hauls, another may not (but please if you’re this person don’t put the blogger off, there truly are lots who probably do like the haul).
If I’m honest, I don’t post my hauls a lot because I know they’re not impressive. Maybe that’s wrong & one day it’ll flip? I don’t expect it to though; I wouldn’t ask bloggers with impressive hauls to stop posting them. Hauls are great.

I might’ve said that but now I must confess- bloggers should get a nice haul from BEA. They’ve paid for travel to go & are going to do a favour (hopefully). But you see, that’s down to them reading them. It is stupid, I’m sorry but it is, to get boxes & boxes. Or multiple copies for giveaways. That is so rude! What if a blogger there couldn’t get a copy? They’ve made the effort & your readers that haven’t? We don’t deserve those books. We might have good intentions but they don’t seem quite as good as BEA-attenders who may now be missing out. I’ve seen that & I will interpret it as greediness, not goodwill. Host your own giveaway if you feel bad for us non-goers. Don’t take those books. It’ll probably cost a pretty penny in shipping/postage whereas we’d really appreciate an ebook giveaway (especially those who aren’t in the US) & I personally would more.


Bet you're glad I only rant once a month! To be fair my last proper rant like this was more than you'd expect ago... I was actually looking at some of my old posts & things have changed, like since The Sidebar Rant (on the 18th of March). Of course, you know I now use Feedly (which I've only had minor issues with really recently but now I'm fixated with it). I've also installed in my sidebar the link to feedburner which works for ANY feeds (the second feedly button doesn't link specifically to feedly). Not only that but there's a contact feature & it does work as I received a message via it. I don't care if you don't have an official reason for using it if you ever feel like dropping me some lines which won't fit in a tweet then feel free to use that not GR message. I'm open to either, of course.
I've also found my bloglovin' page & although I don't have an account I was glad I'd found it & saw 24 people were following me! It means a lot to know that although these don't all equate to my GFC followers lots of you have still stuck around & email subscribers are some of my favourite!
Basically what I'm trying to say is, if you are following by GFC & you'd like to see my content please follow via other method! I'll happily follow back other book bloggers too and not just the "Blogger" kind either. If you have an RSS option you can expect me to follow back & hopefully exchange some comments with you.
I've met so many great bloggers via this meme so HOORAY!

Anyway, do you agree or are your thoughts a good contrast?

June 15, 2013

Book Promo [#10]: Trinity (and Interview with Clare Davidson)

Guys, this is the second author interview I’ve had @ Amy Bookworm. Today’s it an indie UKYA author & that’s fabulous!
So, can you please give a big welcome to Clare Davidson? *nods* I know you can!

I’ll just quickly tell you the first interview question:

For the readers, what’s your name & where do you call home?
The easy bit: Hi, my name is Clare Davidson.
The not so easy bit: I’m from the UK, but I’m honestly not sure where I’d call home. I was born in Northampton and spent some time in Birmingham, before moving over half way across the world to live in Malaysia for four and a half years. After that, I lived in Leeds until I left home for university. Then I ended up in Lancaster and never left… until this summer, when I will be leaving and heading back to Leeds. So where do you think I should call home?

Where do you think Clare calls home? To contact her, find out more about her books & or just generally connect you can visit her @ her: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads | New releases mailing list

Sorry for that brief pause- firstly in the "official" interview,
True or False?

You use your real name. True.
You've had to do research for at least one of your novels. True.
You tend to write fast-paced novels. Both true and false. I think books need to be fast paced, but have moments of calm.
Your characters end up leading the novel to places you hadn't predicted... True. Don’t everyone’s characters?
You don't leave negative reviews. For books, that’s true. I’ve blogged about why I don’t leave negative reviews at length here (as we said, that's a good way to connect!)
Your books are closer to sad than funny. True, but there are always lighter moments.
Knitting is better than stitching. True. I love knitting. I can crochet and spin as well. I can also sew, but I prefer knitting.
Cats are better than dogs. So true!
Pink is better than black. False, but only because my 4 year old daughter insists on dressing head to toe and pink and her bedroom is bright pink. Pink overload!
Timelords are better than Werewolves. Every time!

Ooh, only one proper false! Win to the teenager (especially as I found another cat person, anyone else snap to that?)

Is there anything you'd like to say to your teenage self- would you mention being a published author? Would they expect your home to be where it is (I’d say the UK for that BTW!)?
I would definitely tell my teenage self that I had the guts to put my writing out there. I was very shy and introverted and, although I joked along with my classmates who said I’d never make it as a writer, their comments knocked my confidence A LOT. I think my past self would be pleased that all those hours spent writing longhand and dreaming up new worlds and characters would someday mean something to readers.
When I was looking at going to university, I was convinced I’d move back home as soon as I’d finished, rather than fourteen years later!

Is there an issue/topic you would like to see more of in YA? Why?
Now that’s a tough question. There are some very brave books in YA, which already cover serious issues and topics, such as suicide, rape, abuse, grief and racism. I suppose if anything it would be good to see books looking at cyber bullying or even grooming, as these are both problems relevant to modern teens. I’m sure they both have been covered in YA fiction, just not in books I’ve encountered yet.

Real life worlds, fictional film/TV worlds or bookish ones?
Real life. I write, read and watch film/TV to escape, but ultimately I wouldn’t want to live in any of those worlds. I’m happy in the real world with my husband, daughter and friends. Does that sound really cheesy?
Do you have any book trailers for your books? If not, describe your book in 10 words or less instead!
I have a book trailed for Trinity, which you can find here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0OfIk4jfZY) and I’ll be making one for Reaper’s Rhythm shortly.

Awesome. Do you think these help the reader to understand the world and book?
I think book trailers are useful for providing a visual interpretation of a book/world. They can be good for hooking readers in enough to read a sample or buy the book.

If you could only do one hobby for a day, what would it be?
Erm… writing? Or maybe knitting if I wanted a relaxing day!

What are some of your books on your TBR and which are the ones you’re most looking forward to? Also pick your side: sad books or funny books?
I like books which have both funny and sad moments. I don’t tend to read all out comedies and books which never have moments of relief can be a little depressing to slog through. I guess I just cheated there!

As for my TBR list…
I have an eARC of ‘One’ by Leigh Ann Kopans
‘Blood Roses’, by Jason T Graves
‘Sky Song’, by Sharon Sant
‘Stars in Her Eyes’, by Clare Marshall
‘Nightingale’, by David Farland
‘A Monster Calls’, by Patrick Ness

There’s more… but those are on the first page of my Kindle! I’m looking forward to reading them all for different reasons. Yes, I cheated a second time!

Reaper’s Rhythm is set to be released this summer… Can you tell us a little about this upcoming book?
Reaper’s Rhythm is a young adult urban fantasy, with a large dash of mystery. It’s set in modern day England, very loosely in the area I currently live (and I do mean loosely). Here’s the blurb:
Devastated and unable to accept her sister, Charley’s sudden death, Kim sets out to prove it was murder. Not an easy task when everyone is convinced it was suicide. Crippled by an unnatural amnesia regarding her sister’s death, Kim starts to investigate, but at every turn, she comes up against the unexplainable. As she starts to doubt her own sanity, she realises her investigation is putting her and those around her in danger.
The only person who seems to know anything is Matthew, an elusive stranger who would rather vanish than talk. Kim needs to convince Matthew to help her, if she’s going to find out what happened to Charley and protect her family. 
~Reapers Rhythm

We're not just here to promote the upcoming novel by Clare, and as much as I love interviewing her (it was fantastic to do that) we're moving on...

RELEASED July 2012!
Series: ý  
Clare Davidson's debut novel. It is an epic fantasy, targeted at young adult readers, with strong crossover appeal into the adult market.


Also Available at Amazon (UK linked above), Smashwords, Sony, iTunes & Barnes and Nobles

KIANA longs to walk through a forest and feel grass between her toes. But she is the living embodiment of a goddess and has enemies who wish to murder her. Her death will curse the whole of Gettryne. Locked away for protection, she dreams of freedom.

Her wish comes true in the worst possible way, when her home and defenders are destroyed.

Along with an inexperienced guard and a hunted outcast, Kiana flees the ravages of battle to search for a solution to the madness that has gripped Gettryne for a thousand years. Pursued by the vicious and unrelenting Wolves, their journey will take them far beyond their limits, to a secret that will shake the world.

June 13, 2013

3 Things (#8): Flaming Books

Judged a book by its cover EVER?

I'm participated in a feature where you answer questions regarding books- I'm answering with book covers, not books as I dislike more book covers & it doesn't really reflect on the book. Some of these book covers are actually on fab books, others... Well, it's still the book cover I dislike :P
I've only actually read 5 of these books & they probably average 3 stars between them so proof it's dislike of covers.

Feature hosted by Rita @ Weaving Pages
(if you're not a book blogger, you can answer them in comments)
1. The end of the world is near, and you are packing a survival bag. Your only means of warmth is fire, and to start one, you have to use a book. Which do you choose?

My brain's seeing red, so chuck 'em is searing red heat.

I think the cover of Careless just doesn't appeal to me like the novel did because it looks crumpled. You "scrumple" up stuff to chuck it in a fire so this was my first thought...
Then I saw the middle novel's cover. Oh, yeah... Virgin. Purity. Character must be white & blonde. So imaginative. It's the combination that bugs me... Not only that but look, flawless face. Pearls... Beheading that close up isn't clever, chins, necks & busts don't really appeal to me.
And that hideous cover for a children's book- I own the one with a fractionally better cover. That cover, what even...? It's not fabulous, seems really evil & is extreme even in that genre! I wouldn't subject kids to that cover, fire... Yeah, maybe.

2. You have been walking for miles without shoes, and your feet are bleeding. In order to make shoes, you have to cut up your hardback book that you carry with you. What book do you carry?

I might need the padding this time but mainly the cover isn't to my tastes!
Looking For Alaska because sure, it's unique but seriously, smoke? If I'd seen this cover I wouldn't have read it. I may not have liked the book but y'know, the cover is distasteful in my opinion as well!
Fifty Shades Of Grey's covers apparently became "standard". Stupid. I'd give this book away, not just the cover (I needed one exception, didn't I?) I know I wouldn't like it & I'm not an adult, so... Trolls, have this book (even though I don't own it, I'll send the ebook straight to the Troll ereader if they give me the e-address ;) I'm not even posting the GR link to that one.
ReEarth was quite good. Might've been typos and the like but I can look past that- I just wish the cover had a better design that intrigued me or gave some inclination to the web on Rhea. I can just imagine... But let's not, this is the cover & I'm not that impressed ;)

3. As you cross a bridge, a troll appears from under a bridge and demands that you give him a book. Which one do you give away?

As the covers which don't fit the book I really think I should give away...
OK, Sugar Rush is an LGBT, not a chick-flick. Misleading, much? If the cover fitted the book, it'd be OK.
Girl, Aloud led me astray too. It's a lot more serious than that cover tells you...
It says on Invincible Summer's synopsis it's 'not your typical beach read'. It looks like it, it looks like a murder or something has happened... What? That could easily be a corpse in a crime scene according to my first impressions. Why do I want to look at a girl's figure with writing on her orange stomach and around her bum? Umm... let's think about this. If it doesn't say, crime scene it's implying something else...

4. After winning a gruesome fight, you have badly hurt your arm and you desperately need something to bandage it. Your only option is a book, which one do you use?

The book covers I'd use which have "issues".
These are the bunch which seem OK at first...
The Medusa Conspiracy has pretty font but that girl? She does look stuck on, not like part of the cover. There's too much going on & she's just looking past us as if she's fed up of us, readers. "Too many readers have looked at me today, I'm just going to add bored..." She's too close to having "duck lips" for my liking... She glares at me if I turn the cover anticlockwise about... 70 degrees?
That Anne Of Green Gables cover has been publicly displayed as a joke. I'd like to concur. It's not that hard to find ginger's to model as Anne, so why settle for a fake blonde? I'd pose for it and I wouldn't insist on wearing clothing like I normally do if the book was set over a hundred years ago in the past... Simple. I believe this edition isn't up as it went out of print or something...  I'd be sorry but it deserves it.
There are lovely covers for my last book cover today... But this one? Too many colours clashing & hurting my head. I've never seen anything like that... I don't wish to see anything like it again, either. Thank goodness it's only a kindle edition I own! :P 

...Those the book covers which should be erased... Physically cut & stick if necessary.
Maybe don't... Bad advice.
I'm sorry for all unhelpful contributions- oops!
Amy Bookworm x

June 10, 2013

Reviewing... [30] ReEarth

I read the first few pages and decided I had no idea what terraforming was. That seems, well is, like a bit of an after thought now XD

Reviewing... [30]

Author: Adam HowellSource: Giveaway prize (lucky, lucky ducky)Recommended for: Those who understand Howell's thoughts... Maybe dystopian writers or those fluent in the Scify type. 

As I mentioned above at first I had to sort of look up some words (one big word) as I'm not as clued in to sci-fi as I might wish. For example, the one that isn't really on a large scale... It's more just part of a dystopian world (in this case, other planet & not as dystopian as you'd think). So, after a shaky sci-fi start (as clarification shaky starts aren't normally my think & I wouldn't have carried on if it was the book, not me) I got over the fact it didn't genre-cross as much as I'd first predicted! Still, intrusive web reminds me of *cough* umm... this *points finger and clears throat* something!
It still followed the premise effectively, strongly & well. Doesn't a world where the net manipulates lives and all their elements sound... dystopia? Interesting? Why yes, partly at least one of the above (and uh-huh, I know you can go & get the synopsis yourself but I'm opinionated).
It was executed well (it's not all about following a premise you know) & I did like the realistic elements of it. The mystery was going back proper "old school", OK... not really old school, at all, just basic Rhea! The characters were pretty much reacting like they were on big brother...

The net is watching you... 
Or maybe just as if they were in one of Earth's corporations ideas of an utopia? I think that's likely. Now, I'm going to say something just a little odd. I hated how the characters were developing, the world was building, the formatting was remaining so flawed. The punchline: It would all end up leading them to a strange ending which I didn't like. I don't mean it turned all,

That'd have left me more satisfied than this book is getting credit for. How can a book be, I'd essentially say, wrecked in the last two chapters? Both the last two were rushed, underdeveloped & believe me, if I'd flicked not to the 99th page (as I do) & to the last few pages I wouldn't have given it a chance. No words describe the negative impact of that on the novel. It means I'm conflicted about the book...
I can conclude the weak ending is the worst element of ReEarth- it was a great novel aside from that. There are alternate endings. I know because I was imagining them. If you want to make sense of this book read most of it & then decide on your own ending :P It's just like those books where the whole point is to make the decisions & produce one of many alternate endings.
Except with slightly more typos. I'm willing to say it's formatting as they were all pretty much punctuation errors. It's not about what I'm willing to say though, it's about the fact there are errors (and not just one or two) which proves that not all Indie's are exemplary. It's no negative reflection on any author it's just worth noting for the self-published month that team work can always help ;)

But even so, Amy Bookworm rated this book:

June 08, 2013

Book Promo [#9] Giveaway for Runners (INT)

Today I need to tell you about a book which is really exciting... That might not be all but well, you'll see.

That trailer advertises Runners succinctly, but here's further details so you're not left wondering...

RELEASED... this week (7th/8th)!
Series: ý  

View all my reviews (because I really meant to review it for publication date*)!

Sharon Sant's debut novel, Runners is a futuristic novel with subtle dystopia which young adult readers who are looking beyond the Hunger Games will be compelled by.

Also available through Immanion Press (publishers), The Book DepositoryBarnes & NobleAmazon US (UK linked above) & ebook formats will be avaliable from ecopy retailers soon.
ELIJAH is nothing special. He’s just a skinny kid doing his best to stay one step ahead of starvation and the people who would have him locked away in a labour camp – just another Runner. But what he stumbles upon in a forest in Hampshire shows him that the harsh world he knows will become an even more sinister place, unless he can stop it. As past and present and parallel dimensions collide, freedom becomes the last thing on his mind as he is suddenly faced with a battle to save his world from extinction. But before Elijah can find the courage to be the hero the world needs, he must banish his own demons and learn to trust his friends. And all the while, the sinister figure of Maxwell Braithwaite looms, his path inextricably bound to Elijah’s by a long dead physicist, and hell bent on stopping Elijah, whatever the cost.

| Information supplied from Sharon's site (Sharon is 3/4 indie published so far hence why she's here today during the Indie month, lol) |

~Runners by Sharon Sant

Today it's not all talk of a book, if you want Runners all you need to do is jump through some hoops, which may include some free entries as I assume some of you are following this blog by now ;) You might not be of course in which case you know what to do to make me smile...
*Especially since I wasn't able to review it (I'm not even three quarters through), only host this giveaway. It's because I've been so busy, school work (I even got PE homework this week!), rehearsals & it goes on. I just feel so... annoyed. But as long as you guys don't mind? :L

Have a great weekend & good luck in the giveaway!

June 05, 2013

Reviewing... [29] Fire (Elements of Power #1)

..."Sure, let's point out all my faults: my skin is too tanned, my hair too dark, my eyes too blue," and I'm turning into a purple freak I added silently. (Kindle Ed Loc 1154).
I haven't gone mad, just realized I'd belong a little in the Helian Realm. If I was wearing brown contact lenses- I've got green eyes & non-coloured contacts- and got tan, not freckled. It's because people tell me frequently my hair's on fire. I'd rather my hands be on fire tbh... I wouldn't say that to helian's though... Wouldn't say this to anyone but maybe Jazz?

Reviewing... [29]

Source: Recieved for review

Author: Heather James

Recommended for: People who can handle cliffhangers and when 'Water' is published (maybe Air, I don't know how Water will end) well, everyone!

As you can see above, part of my reviewer charm is I won't say "go read it straight away" if you shouldn't. It's one of those very decent books which just could've been 5* if it wasn't so short & mean to me! If a book has a cliffhanger in blame the book. It's the character's fault. They just wanted to develop & meet more people... They also didn't want  the world to build without them.
...Of course, one would assume there isn't any more world-building that needs to be done for the Hellian (Fire) realm or the Arcan (air) realm but the other two? Let's just say, I cannot wait for the sequel for just that reason. I've never read a book where the world-building has such a positive impact on the book. It seemed to help the book move along... 

Hi characters! I'm the reader *grins*
Please, all authors reading this, think of me, Amy (not Charlie)
waving to your characters as they enter, mentally.

I think it helped 'Fire' also that Heather wasn't too scared to introduce many characters... In many cases, it was introducing.

One of the other reasons I am dying to read 'Water' is because there appeared to be three sets of characters in Fire: there were the main characters (two, out of the trio, of whom had their POV enlisted to help the reader understand Fire), then characters which I can't just call "secondary". They weren't. We were shown that they are going to be important & we better watch out for them. I'm definitely watching out for Cinear, hellian bad boy. Hellian would normally imply that but... well, he can't be average. If that's average then take the above wave as a goodbye. Over my shoulder. While I am running away fast. Speed.
Then there's obviously characters who are a lot less important than him. They are the proper side characters. They are all still cool but the type which don't factor into the relationships. A bit like how the tributes which fell at the Cornucopia in the Hunger Games don't really factor into the equation. Or anything mathematical, like a love triangle, or literalistic.
Talking of the Hunger Games, I might be a teeny bit more pleased with the girl who would come out alive if the realms were to have a Hunger Games. At least against the others she would. Or does she have weaknesses which others would take advantage of? That includes the other protagonist, Jasmine.
We didn't get to see the whole dynamic of the love triangle because only the girls narrate. It's quite hard to root for one girl over another. Yes, girls are fighting for a boy & it's way more interesting than the usual configuration of that device. The dynamic isn't comparable to a lot... You could say the way they pair up to a Hunger Games trio is like: Jazz is Peeta, Roxy is Gale & Brae is Katniss (well, maybe more... Glimmer?)
You'd sort of being sarcastic if you said that, though (all impressed, yes?) Impressed by the bottom line, that is... The characters are unique.

That's not really the bottom line of this whole essay review.
It sounds funny but I knew then how the story arc would go (or most of it)... It was developing quite fast for the first novel in the series (but it is a fairly short book which is sad) but I knew that it be likely a cliffhanger would come & leave me wanting more... I loved the mix of world building, character development & major action. It was fabulous & the book felt so alive, I was a bit like...

        I never saw that climax coming... YAY! DARN.
Especially at the end. Why did the book have to end there? Was it because we'd suddenly glimpsed the one issue we hadn't seen coming? Well, yeah... We all know that's the perfect way to end a series because it leaves us wanting more. I was addicted before then, believe me though...
I might've guessed some of the things during the book but I was already dying to see where it went & ignoring the things I normally wouldn't be excited about... until I realized I was excited about them. I had predicted them but it was just executed & subtlety altered brilliantly. The way that was all so seemingly perfectly done was mind blowing.
MIND-BLOWING. That's the bottom line (officially the ones below aren't, they're umm... the bottom zig zags).

Amy Bookworm (@Amy_Bookworm) rated Fire:
Now, you think that's the end, don't you?
I end it at that, normally. Sometimes with a twitter status link up, other times...? Well, other times I have to clarify something else I said regarding a book on Twitter. It's still this series I'm on about well. Well, I've been leaping around saying I need Water & Air. The books, specifically, for my mental health ;)
It goes Fire, Water & Air. TADA.
Come visit the series here. Then wait for Water at least because you're going to want the next book aren't you? Well, you could actually just download Fire onto your e-reader now & make sure it's obvious to you a sequel is following. I preferably like the shelf "sequel to follow" XD
Amazon | Barnes and Noble
You'll want to read it if you have... a bookworm trait, of course (I know it's not just me, don't lie).

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