Rating Scale

My rating is out of sticky notes (but they are stars & half stars- no exceptions).

‘Ghost Post-It’ (otherwise known as ‘Unstarred’):
Referred to above, it will look like I haven't rated it on Goodreads but actually- that’s only because I haven’t desired to give it a whole star (I prefer not to call this rating 'half star' but it's my equivalent). There are certain boys, girls cannot abide, right? Books too. I really didn’t like this. I probably DNF’d it and there weren’t elements I enjoyed.

1* sticky note 
The sticky note isn't sticky... Even if there's not much distinguish between this and ghost post-it, it's just as pointless (unsticky notes :P)... 1 star might have let down my expectations a bit less (but it's still not my 'type'). I don't have many books I pick up & then don't finish but I have a few. Simply, I didn't like it, didn’t think there were many good points, I may/may not have finished it but regardless, there weren’t elements I enjoyed particularly.

2* sticky note
 Often a near-miss, but it’s readable; I continued it as aspects were good and I enjoyed bits) but I didn't particularly enjoy it. I don't rate 2 stars often but I basically mean, I’m not recommending it as it’s ‘meh’.

Functional Sticky Note (otherwise known as just past the satisfactory line)

Little above satisfactory, this shows it's just about OK, is still similar to 2*, likely w/ an element I did particularly like but overall this book has not met my expectations.

3* Just Being Sticky-Picky
It probably won't have let me down, I liked a fair proportion it. (If there’s a sequel, I’m likely to pass it up). I called it 'sticky-picky' as it's an OK pick, and in typical fashion, you may use post-it's and find there are more good points you noticed but still some bad ones have been taken note of & I can't ignore dislikes...

's are also quite common as anything less than halfway is with less of the good bits. 3* has enough good bits & this? It’s done that bit more than meeting my expectations. With this rating, you can take it for granted that it is still a genre I would read again & I may consider reading the sequel, but I do have to think twice as there were negative elements & sequels are funny things...! (I don't call this being picky if you ask me but feel free to agree this is probably still quite picky or I'd have given it a 4*/5* :P)

4* Sticky Note-Worthy
4 stars?! It got almost five. Yes, it had more than just good bits (it’s not wise to call them just ‘good’); I did just really like it. Unfortunately it missed out on 5 as it doesn't have a kick to make it one of those stunning books. Like 5* does. You know those covers which are epic but you look closer & there's a tiny flaw, one which just stops your mind from being blown and you know, although it's a brilliant book. a little thing has stopped it reaching its full potential. 

4½ Not A Picky-Sticky
Even books with this rating are stunning: I’ll be in awe of the author but for some reason, it’s not quite a favourite. In other words, not quite a ‘No. 1’. I would certainly recommend it & lend it to those I know (if I own it).

5* Heap Of Post-Its
No, Goodreads- 5* doesn’t just mean it was amazing! These sticky notes, stars or whatever, mean: 'move over books that I last obsessed over'. Oh, and, can I get it gold-bound on Amazon? Obsessed, seriously. Scrawl quotes on post-it's & say... how could this be BETTER? 5* ratings mean: where do I promote this book so everybody wants to read it? There are few books like this, I'm sure. Not on Goodreads but if there was a half-star option everybody would know: 5*'s should be rare.

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