November 28, 2013

Reviewing... [47] Reaper's Rhythm

Reviewing... [47]

Source: Recieved for review...
Author: Clare Davidson
Recommended for: ...better to say who it's not recommended for. It tells you more. Like, not young children or... yup, that's all I've got.

This book is essentially about Kim, and her family, dealing with elder sister Charley's death... Kim isn't there to grieve like her family, or get irritated because suicide is selfish (he knows who I'm talking to here :P) she is literally on her own little murder mystery. When a girl wants to find out what happened to her sister, and is sure it wasn't suicide, you wouldn't expect it to unravel to Reaper's Rhythm. Actually, a saga: The Hidden Series. You can expect to relate to Kim, no matter what age you are; it's not about age. I think her Mum's reaction is, and even Chris' is. But I think some of the reactions of grief are not likely to happen just to teenage girls (this means Kim's, Amy's & other peers of Kim and her deceased sister, Charley). Obviously, they are ones I can imagine (and totally would not want to experience...) best but you will relate to other characters too, besides Kim. You may not ever react like that yourself, or hopefully be in a situation as stressful & upsetting, but you will.
(to be precise, this).
Kim just has what lots of people have: Faith in family and… curiosity. Why shouldn't she investigate? Sure, it's going to be sad & it can even beg the question regarding revenge.
 I expected it to be about justice but this series is going to be so much more. It's sensational- there is a mix of themes & I'm not sure which ones I need to cover. You do need to know that they all fit, there's space for all of them, as they develop & mature, forming lovely diverse, dynamic characters & reactions suitable for them. At least in my opinion, I recognize all this "crafting" & would happily read more about this family, and even the other characters (OK! Especially Matthew) as Davidson has really made them jump out from the age. If I was basing on the ending, you wouldn't expect sequels!
In series, it's hard to get the right ending. For the first book(s), where cliffhangers are common place & also to the last book where you have to try & wrap up the book, all the last books & tie all the strings together. Quite a lot of authors leave loose ends in a few of their books! But I loved the ending of Reaper's Rhythm a lot; I liked the whole thing but it was the ending that settled it for me. It was just: WOW. If I was just basing on the ending, 5 stars. But, I've got to be honest. I wouldn't tire of that ending, had I read it a dozen times. I could read it over & over. It's tempting to just leave it at that, if I rated books when I'd just finished them I'd honestly be basing it mainly on the ending (the part that can make or break you).
However, even though there was a lot of tension & lots of drama- highs and lows- there were even some fabulous paranormal aspects I hadn't seen coming at all... *spoiler* (you know I mentioned that Matthew guy- if not, look up & then get the blurb up, well...) The paranormal aspect is kind of, in short, angels. In long, Kim is confused too & I have proof: In the list of insane things, flying with an invisible not-angel is probably quite low down (loc 2134 of RR). I said it was a spoiler FYI *spoiler* Reaper's Rhythm it isn't quite worth 5 stars. There were only tiny bits when I wasn't 100% satisfied, or I didn't enjoy it as much. Overall, it's mainly the beginning. It was a little bit of a slow burner & I wasn't that interested in Matthew or Kevin or a certain horrible character *cough* Tee *cough* A... Bitch (quite a common word in this book, but if you don't mind it half a dozen times over 200+ pages then that's OK!)

I ended up liking them (well no, I didn't like Tia... she did seem mean-spirited from page 1, or whichever page she was introduced!) I guess. So, why should you read this?

Cos, overall it was...
(according to Amy Bookworm, and that's still pretty amazing, trust me).

You will especially like it if (goes with recommended for):
* Books which end up having quite a fast pace but take a while to go there don't bother you, or you like them (some like that build up, I know).
* You like serious issues being touched upon (ones that mean this book really is a teen read & a bit gritty at that :D)
* You are good at turning pages fast.
* You need more book boyfriends. Be warned: you can't actually have him as a book boyfriend... You'll find out, if you read it (not that you actually date them).
* You devour series like they're going to go out of fashion (slim chance of that, dude).

November 26, 2013

3 Things: Opinions on Recent Awesomeness.

As you no doubt now (for one, you're here & probably share some interests with me... lots of our interests are epic if so!), awesomeness is all  around us. But... what's November bought for me?

Amazon Coins
Lucky kindle owners get 400 coins... that's £4. But just to spend on apps. OK, I use apps, so it's not totally useless but I actually don't use that many paid apps, anything really that uses cash... If I have money on me my first priority is food (esp chocolate or popcorn... something equally nice) and then also books. Not apps! Not even the... pretty awesome app I actually did buy November 6th & have made amazing progress on... Got District 11 & all! Oh, haven't you guessed? The Hunger Games Adventures. Didn't spend a penny on that. There are apps I've been tempted but it ends up being expensive. When they allow you to spend amazon coins on ebooks you can let me know about the 400 coin credit I have, eh? So yeah, that's my cent's worth.

...The actually Hunger Games movies around much, as well?
Well, now you mention it I did watch Catching Fire!
Along with about a million other people I watched it the week of release. Yes, it was at the weekend not Thursday. I couldn't, cos of school... basically though it doesn't matter! I watched it & I loved it. Yes, I did cry. District 11 was shown & you know with everything that happened (you better have read the book, if not... spoilers are here for YOU) it was just... Rue. Bird song. '12 sign. DO I NEED TO SAY MORE? Cos if I do you are heartless. I'm joking... but I really did cry so I'm glad Rita has sympathy. So does Gee. And Sophie. Lots of other people, probably strangers, also teared up. Ash was just sitting there next to me crying too so... GOT IT?
Overall, it wasn't just sad. I cried more than laughed but I did both (what? Haymitch is a funny bunny! And seeing people spill their popcorns at a bit where there were apes... 'nuff said). It was so close to the books, there wasn't anything as different as there had been in the first (I believe). But I had, at points, been sure something different would happen. It's a truly amazing movie which keeps to the book but for a moment makes you think that it might not... That there's a difference, more action & certain people may die or this will happen... You won't be disappointed though. Unless you expected there to be no blood or gore... My Dad thought for a 12A it was graphic but I just found that funny... It was supposed to be realistic. It was supposed to be wonderful. WOW. JUST WOW. AND EEEK. WOWEEEK (to be precise).
I could say more but I've tweeted more... I've jabbered on & on... all in the name of "fangirl". Yup, no regrets.
BTW I saw an awesome article on Suzanne Collins, do you want to see it? If you can excuse the fact it refers to the District's as towns (understatement my dear... America is bigger than 13 towns :L) then it's a pretty good article. I hope you find it worth a read. The Independent Article in question (no, there wasn't a question. All statements.)

Doctor Who
This amazing thing that came to my screens on a Saturday night, as it has so many times over the years... But this one is special (especially for a life-long, or rather since it came back long, fan): 50th anniversary, you know. YOU CAN'T NOT. Or did you stay under a rock for about a year?
So, what did I think...? Oh, what to say first! I thought it was confusing, although it brought back several Doctor's & even mentioned 13th (who Matt hasn't turned into yet)... I'm glad I watched the minisode though, otherwise it would've been more mind-boggling! So, if you haven't watched minisode & don't want to hear possible spoilers about this episode, avoid this bit of the post & the internet in general.... I apologize!
The way they managed it, in an explosive mix of well... actual explosions, cleverness, Clara's wisdom & random bits from past episodes. We hadn't picked up on the significance of half those things, I bet! Like the sonic screwdriver... Did you see that coming? Did you see how it linked with 12th, Matt, saying he'd had 400 years to think about it... So, was it the Doctor's 50th we were celebrating? We're reminded it's more than 50, it's more than 500... The Doctor's done bad things & we still know of him as 'The Doctor', not anything else. Trenzalore or Gallifrey... Where will they be in the 50th? I didn't get the idea of... well, them being locked & hidden away. So what will there world be like? Like the painting at the end? Or like we saw, images of hope & happiness? Either way, perhaps we won't encounter Daleks anymore...
Finally, my Mum was like, "THAT'S MY DOCTOR!" when the curator came on.
I was seriously confused but I was happy... We know it's significant for them & there are Doctor's who forget, Doctor's who regret. there's the hero, the warrior, the doctor. All in one. It's actually gonna be 13-1 soon! Can't wait for Xmas now! That episode is going to be just so... wonderful. Can they make it a tad more easy to understand though please? And can we see all the regeneration? And... oh wait, I'll just shut up & wait. OK? :P

May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favour {english spelling, yano) or... if not, may the Doctor always come for you! May your mind implode with this awesomeness...
If not, do you want more like this? I could mention SHIELD? And other recent things I haven't seen/thought about mentioning yet? Any ideas? Anything you want to hear my opinion on? YOU LET ME KNOW, PEEPS! I've really enjoyed writing this post. I hope you enjoyed reading it...
Thanks (:

Amy Bookworm ~ come again soon! xx

November 22, 2013

Reviewing... [46] Flip

Reviewing... [46]

Source: Purchased :P
Author: Martyn Bedford
Recommended for: Physic evacuees (so that's like, all of us, right?) or people who aren't quite as unique... Either goes.

I've never read books or watched films about body switches. Yeah, they exist, but this was actually totally new to me & I really enjoyed 'Flip'. Alex and Philip, the body switchers (I suppose), never met but they had a connection, no- it's not hobbies, it's not a girl, or any personality traits. Chalk & cheese may as well just swap bodies... 
Obviously, Alex doesn't like being in a different body, he doesn't like showering in that body, he doesn't like dealing with another guy's life & mainly family. So, he panics. How can he contact his family and friends? Gosh, if only they knew he was Alex inside there. Alex becomes a look actor, he's like a lie generator and he is totally different to how he used to be... 
At some points, I was really wondering how it would unfold, at some points I was sure we'd hear from Philip's consciousness or something & others I was like, "It's just not going to happen. This book isn't going to end well" & ya-da-ya-da. It truly confused me & I can tell you, waking up in somebody else's body is totally not a picnic. I do not want to do that, not that it's possible...

I know Alex may have felt confused and all but at some points I thought we discovered things too randomly. For example, "Alex" gets dropped from the Rugby Team but we only find this out ages after he must've been kicked. He tries to reinvent himself & isn't that thoughtful to what a mess he is making of a life, a family & much more. *spoiler* Seriously, if you thought another guy was going to have to return to his life when/if you switch back, why would you actually leave him a catastrophe? *spoiler ended*
Luckily, although this book has a fair amount of suspense, it's not all suspense- it wouldn't allow you to think deeper about the book and the characters if it was non-stop action. There was action but you do get thinking space & for this novel, I appreciate that. The moral side of things means this is much more than just a "paranormal" novel. 
Overall, I enjoyed Flip. It was fun, engaging & confusing (if you were judging by the book's- UK- cover you'd probably guess that. The way you can SO easily hold it upside down if you aren't 100% concentrating is just so irritating. I did it about a million times; in English several of my classmates picked it up & were getting confused also! I was like, "not just me then...") 

Cover aside (even if Flip is similar to the cover we still won't rate it based on the cover, that's too judgey!):

Amy Bookworm (@Amy_Bookworm) rated this book: 

Do you think you'll read it? Have you read/watched anything with body switches (and do they sound similar? I hope not! If so, I'm just inexperienced :L)

November 19, 2013

Autumn Book Tag (cos... NOVEMBER!)

Am I eventually going to do a vlog? You probably think I am but no. I love the BookTube world for the ones who are brave enough (and clearly less ugly than me, lol) to vlog!
I know tags are like the YouTube feature-thing (too infrequent to be a meme, some meme's are both vlogger & blogger) but tough... I'm doing one as a normal post.
The Autumn Book Tag has popped up on YouTube, it was created by the super awesome Dani On Books I believe? Anyway, it looks awesome to discuss some things to do with Autumn and BOOKS.

What is your favorite thing about autumn?
Hmm. I like most seasons but Autumn's kinda like easing us into Winter, there's still plants & lots of leaves to stomp round in noisily. It's basically like a gentle Winter where there is nice weather too. I like that. Kinda odd thing to say so how about I add tights, warm PJs & cuddly dressing gown, woolly dresses and leggings and probably... hoodies. I'm a total chav, there ;)

What book reminds you of school?
The ones at school? Probably Harry Potter books. If you discuss books at school, that or classics are likely to come up. Classics are so school but Harry Potter actually does remind me of school. All the Hogwarts & everything, it's literally just what I thought of first.

What is one of your favorite autumn-related book covers?
One of? So I have to consider all of the autumn-related ones I like? Basically, though, the only autumn-related covers I can think of all just remind me of Autumn cos they have trees on. Like, the wolves of Mercy Falls books, some hardback editions of Cate Tiernan's books, even Unearthly, Dead Beautiful, Sweetly, Falling and then the rest it's just the colour scheme? Such as of Firespell, The Truth About Celia Frost, Iron Witch (OK, that's kinda an exception and my edition of Perks Of Being A Wallflower (red cover & orange spine).
I'm going to go with, just cos it also strikes me AS an Autumn book & my cover of it is just the best... This is one of my most treasured books so I'm biased.

What is your favorite horror or Halloween story?
I can't think of many. I only really know Uncle Montague's Tales Of Terrors. There's some others ones than I recall that might be part of that but whose titles I don't recall. I really remember one about a cat lady who turned children who strayed near her into cats & that's why she had so many cats... Then people started to realize her cats all had human eyes & basically, she's a witch.
(Only more than a fortnight after Halloween, LOL!)

What are some of your favorite horror films?
I can't think of any, sorry! I've seen some horrible films but normally they leave me... I know The Wickerman (I think it's called?) still really traumatizes me. I watched it once but unfortunately I remember it like I've watched it a million times. It's a disgusting film so far from favourite. But I'd class it as horrifying... LOL.

What is a book release you're looking forward to this autumn?
Well, it's almost the end of Autumn... I know that I was looking forward to, earlier in November, Tinder (the review copy I've now read, so thanks Indigo) & also- I still haven't read November release- The Naturals. I think that means I've covered it :L

What is a film release you're looking forward to this autumn?
I'm also looking forward to Doctor Who (50th anniversary episode) almost exactly the same amount. There's only a day difference so I'm literally going to be SO happy...

What are three books you want to read this autumn?
I might re-read Iron Witch & pick up the sequels if I get chance. I've been meaning to finish the Harry Potter series (I've only read & watched the first four... I'll finish the series this year though. Honest). There are obviously others things (one mentioned in a previous question) that I want to read but I won't be able to finish both of those series still in November! Maybe I should mention a fab Christmassy read? North Pole Reform School I am looking forward to for the chilly, dark December XD

November 15, 2013

Reviewing... [45] She Is Not Invisible

Reviewing... [45]
Recommended for: Literally anyone who likes YA books which easily discuss a more mature topic (it still seems very YA though!)
Author: Marcus Sedgwick
Source: Received for review cos of some fiercely epic publicists! 

Just a book that is so thought-provoking and mature that it becomes "loveable". I'm not using that term condescendingly & I'm sure Laureth would understand if I called her that, or sweet. There are many words that describe this young woman who is brave, visually impaired & who has one of the strong personalities we would all love to have but which only come from experience. We discover that, of course, she's victim to some prejudice. It's becoming a more common form in fiction & this stance- on how people like Laureth might try and hide their "blindness" as they know they'll be judged- is amazing & unique. Books about discrimination or intolerance of any form often are really eye-opening. Pun, noted? (Sorry! It was appropriate for this book...)
Don't be like that. You got the joke (sorry, I didn't laugh either but... still!) and you'll get this book. You don't have to have been blind to get it. Marcus Sedgwick wasn't blind. It took research but it's explained well. This latest novel (by Marcus Sedgwick, not of all the books EVER) isn't the most startling... but it's a 1-in-all-the-books-EVER. All those elements... just GAH. Perfect: many elements of a fantastic novel which most people will recommend make up this novel. I'm one of them, shouting: READ IT. UNDERSTAND IT. LOVE IT. Why should you read this? 
There's a quirk to 'She Is Not Invisible' that I can't quite put my fingers on. It may be the characters, I've already mentioned Laureth but I appreciated the cast. From Benjamin to the equally strange young person who inspired Laureth on her hunt for her father. It all started with a notebook. It seems really unbelievable but it's an important book which is part of a much more important, now published by Indigo (which you should now go and read), book about... coincidence. How the things tied in, Sedgwick is literally a genius (and I can believe he struggled, like Peak did, with writing about certain things!). This book just ends up tying up all the loose ends but somehow, it still left with me things to think about.
There's Benjamin (and Stan, I suppose). An endearing kid who is literally Laureth's "eyes". In some ways, he looks after her but also she has to look after him. It's strange being in New York for anyone but these two? How they actually manage to spend time NOT walking around like a headless chicken is interesting. They do have a sense of place though & a mission... A mission which means you don't just stand their gobsmacked. They don't have the option to just get back on the next plane to England (they could, but obviously they don't! Duh!) There's plenty to think about just in that...
So, I know, SINI is of great interest to many readers, I'm sure. 
It's thoughtful. That's the thing about this book. I won't lie, it's not the most intense book. Books don't need to be action-packed; they can still have some punches. There's an adventure which is hard and has to be done by young people. Alone. They're saving an adult and this will engage many. The family relationship is interesting, from the first chapter. Mrs Peak, what a poor mother! I tell you, if someone suggested I do that to either of my parents I'd think they were insane. But it works for them.
How, especially, can they do it when Laureth, the oldest, is blind & essentially relying on her brother who she's almost kidnapped? Technology keeps breaking & it's intense as they got lost. At some points it's almost like they're not going to achieve what they set out to do. How can they?
I'm pleased with the revelations; there was real character & story development in good measures. Perfect (pretend I haven't said that already, it's just the word I think suits it).
(OK, I kinda lied, but I don't know why)

Amy Bookworm (@Amy_Bookworm) rated this book: 
You will find out if you read it. I really think you should :D

November 06, 2013

Baaack to school... (again).

I had a post drafted about being back to school early September. Never published it*, by accident. Other posts went by & I scheduled one in September for October. 2nd. How long ago was that? Well, October wasn't really a blogging month. I think one or two days I managed something but never was it to write a whole post which I then could schedule so...
I wasn't here in October. That probably hadn't escaped your notice. A grand total of 0 posts... Ain't it... crap?
I'm still blogging (hopefully). It's a bit much to basically have a whole month off impromptu but honestly, it wasn't a hiatus. It may have involved a German exchange but I still had homework, things to catch up on & literally October passed by in a blur. I didn't have time to sit back & blog. And in most cases, tweet.
I need to make it up to you, and myself! Several reviews have yet to be written. Basically, during October half term (also 1/3 November cos this school year is weird, or my school is!) I read. Big surprise but actually, October was a rubbish month. I read some. But like, 3 books? Which I then preceded to NOT review. Like a busy, bumbling idiot. I don't count that as a bookwormy total but it meant less reviews stacked up. Anyway, the point is...
I've now realized I have to stop panicking when I'm so busy and will, attempt to at least one day a week, still blog a bit. One post if that's all I can do. 
That's a third of the September and previous average. But as I said, I haven't STOPPED blogging. Just am unable to do the same quantity. We may have to talk hiatus' again at some point cos I know this is a busy year. I just have to last 2 more months. Can I do this?
Yes I can. I'm good at rambling. As you've seen if you've got to this point.
Well done, readers. You've put up with my near-pointless post.
*until I really modified it & used the ideas/some of the books & produced the last post!

To make it up to you, here's what I've read & need to review...
(with two meme's, it may not be a Monday morning, it may be Wednesday but still... I'm telling you these things & linking up to:)

This meme is also similar to the:

Grand total.... 5!

What now?...
I'm currently reading Flip by Martyn Bedford (you know, from the UEA post?) and don't really know the rest, yet. 
So... whatever (there's 3 W's!)

Goodbye... for now!

November 02, 2013

Baaack to school {book list}...

What should you read now you're back to school? ;)

My recommendations for September publications...

(Start with Red Rock by Kate Kelly,, which I've read & pick up Or any of the Geek Girl books- Book 2 published 26th Sept I believe? Also try: Amber by Julie Sykes, The Elites by Natasha Ngan, The Memory Game by Sharon Sant & seriously, why haven't you bought Geek Girl (#1 or #2) by Holly Smale yet? GO, GO, GO!)

And then for October...
(More suggestions! I really enjoyed She Is Not Invisible & Water is the much awaited-sequel to Fire which I really enjoyed so I hope you'll pick Heather James' Book 1 & Book 2 up now! I've heard a bit about No Angel, do you think I should read it? Anyway, that's October for you! :D

Looking for something?...


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