January 31, 2014

Book Promo [#14] Here Lies Love Cover Reveal!

Well, hello there!
No, Stitch, go away! You're not our guest today... Unless you've written some books? No? OK, then.
Welcoming Dan Thompson with this cover reveal of his latest novel...
You may have heard about some of his books before here. Since, he has also written The Black Petal, a YA you may also be interested in, also set to be released in 2014.
Talking about The Black Petal, that's his Facebook page...
Dan at: Facebook  | Twitter Amazon Goodreads danthompsonauthor.com/  S

So, you interested in seeing the gorgeous cover, with a stunning ginger on the front... That would be enough for me XD But looking into the background & I love that scenery... What do you think? Stunning, or what?

Created by Ravven
 RELEASED April 2014!

Series: ý  
Here Lies Love is a dark novel, with dystopia & psychological drama elements, crossing over Young Adult & New Adult, so older teens be prepared...

WHEN she is sold by her father, Abbey discovers that nightmares can occur when you’re awake. Trapped inside a wooden cage, Abbey is forced to listen to the horrors and atrocities above; time ticking down until it is her turn. But Abbey isn’t prepared to become a victim; she will escape.

Although, what Abbey isn’t prepared for, is how harsh and unfair the world can be. With the sun turning its back on humanity long ago, life gives no opportunity. The only thing Abbey can do is learn to survive. To exist. And that means stealing any opportunity that comes her way. Haunted by the unpleasant memories bestowed upon her only nurtures Abbey’s paranoia, until she realises that to truly live in the world, she must confront the person who was responsible for her misfortune – her father.

Here Lies Love is a tale of actuality, of facing up to the fact that love comes in many guises. Can Abbey find the one glimmer of hope or will she be overcome with the darkness of revenge? 

Sound intriguing? Here's a snippet:
                                                        ~Here Lies Love

About The Author: Dan Thompson

Dan lives in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire (England) with his young daughter and his shabby dog, Skye.

A lover of YA and fantasy fiction, you can often find him writing on his blog, writing book reviews and connecting online with other writer-type people and interviewing authors. Dan grew up reading Enid Blyton's The Famous Five series, secretly coming up with his own inventive adventures, and R.L Stine's The Goosebump series, before turning to the works of Philip Pullman, Eoin Colfer and Marcus Sedgwick and slipping away into alternate realities. He also loves a good Historical Thriller too.

Lastly, Here Lies Love also has a naming competition, do you have a good idea for a guy's name? Perhaps even your own name, if it isn't in books enough...? Head there, Dan's blog, for your chance to name one of the characters in his Here Lies Love :)

It was lovely to have Dan pop by! And the fact we're some of the first to see the cover...

Let's just get the red carpet... :P


January 28, 2014

Reviewing... [53] Storm & Stone

Dear Kieran Storm,
I claimed you before a certain Stone did... Just sayin'. You're miiiinnneee.
Thanks for your consideration,
Please get rid of her.

(Warning: Will probably say lots of things I'm not really supposed to in this review but this book unleashed a monster... she did like the book so don't worry!)

Reviewing... [53]

Source: Lovely publishers ~ thanks Charlotte specifically *hugs* It's almost as if you knew Kieran Storm was a KING.
Publisher: OUP *mwah Oxford* (shouldn't say that... bro might be watching~ no Cambridge University Press, riiiight?) 
Author: Joss Stirling
Recommended for: Anyone that knows how to kill Raven ~ you'd have to be uber talented. OK, *sigh*, all people who wouldn't kill me cos they know what the book boyfriend is.

Review is based on a uncorrected proof~ please take this muchly into your considerate brain <3

I would totally believe you if you said you were really just an uber talented teenage girl, Stirling. Your books scream: THIS IS FOR THE Teenage Girl Appreciation Society (which I tried, and it doesn't look right in caps. Screaming imagined). And, I do know. I've read Joss Stirling's books before <3 2012 mainly was my Joss-Stirling-Trilogy-Fangirling. I knew I'd like it as her writing style keeps me coming back for more, firstly, and her ideas are unique so even if this isn't another Benedict Brother novel I have stuff to leap about & look forward to.
Now, Finding Sky aside, I'm reading this. OK, these ideas in her latest, 'Storm & Stone' have been twisted so they're not completely like anything an author has ever done. It's different, entails more mystery, slightly less romance (not as obvious romance) even though there's a boy just as worthy of our appreciation society as lots of YA boys, and all of Stirling's. We are chicks that appreciate boys who are amazingly clever (oh, to follow previous ramblings, that other top University relates more than that. Kieran did all the maths questions from their page. Yep, Cambridge University). He's amazing. Just clever? I mean, what girl could say adding such good looks to the equation makes it so much better than any old X? Don't lie.
Drama was always going to happen at the school, but it seems Kieran managed to let the lid of... well, this. Let me explain.
Boarding schools, or actually any school apart from state, are under-done I believe. There is something magical about this school environment but not many authors are up to it so they go for plain &... Jane (not literally, feeling uncreative). I remember, from like Year 4, Twins at St Clare's. Both boarding schools. So different, but just sayin'. Don't compare a YA to a kid's book XD I'm not; but as they're the only ones I can think of?
I personally am a state-attender (its suitable for me & I was too chicken to do the entrance exams & try for scholarships) but neither siblings are. Neither board at their school but still... I know their experience is different. I know the fact some people board at their schools brings in something different! You’ll love it as it features a whole lot of british... while having a multicultural feel (my school’s lacking that too) in addition. Raven’s just one American ;) It’s a whole mix of different ethnicies & cultures all crammed in together... Most rich. Something’s just waiting to happen (it’s a book too. Duh). A lid has been put on their differences sooooo... *BANG*

Had to. Plus, book under-ginger. That's unique too... Ooooooo.
Seriously. Gingers are cool.
Drama is obviously there. Action... As soon as publishers say, 'Ready to write? And... action', Joss takes it seriously & pours action over so many pages. You can't be in doubt that stuff moves on, so much is added to this book.

The hilarious thing is... Kieran being in Raven's class <3  Kieran didn't pick Dance. Ohhhh no. But he's in it... It's deep & you know something's... peculiar... from the start of that. I can't really compare them to chalk & cheese, storm & stone sounds better... Sentiment's the same. They seem that way but as you hear from their two perspectives (which is always awesome, hearing the story from both characters with their opinions & separate knowledge, you get the idea) you start to realize how they attract, whether opposites or seemingly not so opposite...
Not everybody at the school suspects either new boys, they like them. Or they seem to think Kieran's buddy is off the hook, at least. Joe is adored and while I can admit, he's cute & got brains too he's still too non-Kieran-like (there's only one Kieran though... don't think about having more). On the basis, Kieran & Raven are getting "friendly", Kieran's not so... desirable, any more. Can they change his opinions? Hooooww?
Kieran saves Joe's ass a lot which is quite funny as normally it'd seem like Joe's the macho type so it would be the reverse but Kieran has to actually have initiative and kick butts for Joe. Joe's weakness is he tries to please more people in the school & he wants to keep up his 'fitting in' appearance. There are things I am definitely not telling you now, but their relationship is a really interesting part. I mean, it's not Storm & Stone (unnnlleeeesss, no... that's not going to be the title of the next book). I will say, Kieran overthinks stuff & would have seemed like a total loser if Joe wasn't there to cushion his fall. Kieran wouldn't have been with Raven if it wasn't for Joe. As secondary characters go, he's a must-have. Where can we buy Joe's? We know he's not taken (since when does that stop fangirls really though).

Lastly, I devoured every page (I didn't really have time to think 'Oooh, this is going to happen' but I know... well, you'll see), Storm & Stone. Every element of them. Every...
This gif is doing more than you think. It is expressing shock, surprise and... darn it.

Amy Bookworm (@Amy_Bookworm)rated this book:

January 25, 2014

Character Interview: Josh (minus ferrets & friends)

An interview with Josh* from 'Half My Facebook Friends Are Ferrets', published by Curious Fox.

*somebody of Jackie's imagination...
Thanks Jackie for being here, as Josh (his minder et al) & allowing me a chat. I hope the Dead Duck pub didn't mind my trial day... I know it wasn't productive 'in their way' :P I got to know lots about Josh though, and you will too...
You'll see:
Amy: Hey Josh! *walks into Dead Duck* I'm new here, on a trial day... Name's Amy, Amy Bookworm. *looks around, confused* Is there actually a steady stream of washing up here? Seems quite deserted! Perhaps we'll have a chance to talk properly, eh? *gets out notebook to write notes*
A small, awkward pause later Amy decides it's time for the interro- uhh, interview.
Amy: For anybody who doesn't know, tell us a little about yourself!
Josh: Hey Amy welcome to the Workhouse! I’m Josh, AKA Josh the Destroyer, except that that’s in my other life as a death metal guitar guru. Here they just call me Josh or Shrimpy or, um, Sh*tface...
Anyway, when I’m not here slaving away up to my elbows in soap suds and grease I’m generally playing with my ferret, Ozzy or listenin’ to kick ass metal.

Amy: (Oi! Audience of this short interview film! We don't have music, grease or ferrets in common, nothing actually yet...) I wouldn't exactly call you a 'shit'face. *mumbles* That's a bit mean, and extreme. I mean, you're not exactly... well, it doesn't resemble *mumble ends* shit! *swiftly moves on and hopes he ignores me, or didn't hear* Umm, so... Which friend of yours, out of Peter, Davey & Ollie do you consider yourself closest to & how did you meet?
Josh: Hmm, tough one that, since they’re all basically annoyin’ knobheads. Maybe Peter as I’ve known him the longest – his mum and mine were at antenatal classes together.
There again, Peter is probably the most annoyin’, so maybe Ollie. Although Ollie does nag me to do his homework for him which gets on my nerves...
I guess on balance Davey is the least annoying. Plus he has the best stuff.
Oh and I first spoke to him in a PE lesson at secondary school. He was hiding behind the wooden horse thing.

Amy: Peculiar mates, but... *waves hand in air dismissively before she can say something she'd regret* I know you've thought ahead to 16, but what about 26? What do you see yourself doing then?
Josh: Good question and an easy one! I will be heading up my own death metal band somewhere cool like Finland or Vegas. I will be universally revered as the best guitarist since Hendrix. *Crosses fingers and prays!*

They like Josh's diary...
I will also have a rescue sanctuary for unwanted or mentally unstable ferrets called The Ferret Asylum and someone to cook my meals, do all the washing up etc.

Amy: *nods* Fair enough. What subject do you think you'll get your best GCSE grade in? Which is your favourite?
Josh: Well it should be music but we have to study all this crap music like Baroque, jazz and RnB *shudders* so I guess it’d have to be maths... Although I do completely despise maths

Amy: Uhh... Maths, you think it's that bad? *wonders who is the drama Queen now* If you could have only one of your five senses, which would you keep and why? (to audience: Can I take much more of this? Just... :P)
Josh: Hearing. Life wouldn’t be worth living without the auditory wonders of metal. Though eating is also good. Is eating a sense?

Quick Fire:
{Roleplay idea}: Would you rather be stranded on a beach with your arch nemesis or all by yourself?
Or, maybe... dogs XD
J: As my arch nemesis is Lydia I think it’s clear I’d rather be by myself, unless it turned into a Hunger Games scenario and I could hunt her down... but no, she’d probably kill me first
Hogwarts House? Slytherin
Fave Season? Smoked parprika, oh sorry thought you said seasoning. Winter
Best word to describe you? Awesome (ish)
Cats or dogs? Ferrets! 
Guilty pleasure? My Chemical Romance. DO NOT tell anyone – please!
Your best chat-up line? (XD) You’re so hot you must get terrible BO
If you had to say one thing for us all to remember you by, what would it be? Keep metal dudes

(Nope, I think we're going to remember you by your chat-up line, not metal love. I know I don't think all his list is possible? Girlfriend? Josh? Nooo, I don't see it, from a girl's perspective. If I had been a potential, he'd have totally messed it up even with his sweet or funny moments, still... Sorry Josh, boyfriend material just isn't one thing you are, for me! XD)

Au reviour! Tschüss! 
(any goodbye other than English from me).
Hei sitten (that's finish, apparently).

Hope you enjoyed this! Thanks again J :)
~Amy Bookworm

January 23, 2014

Reviewing... [52] Harry Potter Series got some 5*'s (mini-reviews)

Amy Bookworm rated HP3-5:
I wrote this & rated them in 2013. Whoop.

5*'s? Or some 5.5*'s. Or some, knock-all-the-books-off-the-shelves. Actually, the Harry Potter books live on the brother's shelves so it would be wrong to say that. No, they didn't really mess up my shelves but I was engrossed & I prioritized review copies only in the posting of those reviews first. I read these ages ago & reviewed 3 which I'm posting here. It was some personal achievement that I could review them, after thousands. I just wanted to.
You may care to hear my opinions as I kinda fangirled & you guys love to fangtirl & discuss books. Why don't we discuss eternal HP love, assuming you have some? Just say whatever you want to say or show me GIFs. GIFs *eyes light up*
Can you get a GIF for that? Let's seeeee...

No seriously, according to google images, this is eyes lighting up. NO, it's blinking.
Exaggerated blinking where her eyelids really do go up & then... BAM. Down.
Conclusion: You can't. But people actually make blinking GIFs. To teach people how to blink.
It’s kinda harder than I predicted to review Harry Potter. Or at least, the whole series. What hasn’t been said? With any luck, what I’m about to say. These books are above reviews. Sure, reviews made a difference to them sometime. Probably. For the first few books. But surely, a lot of people have read them & don’t review? Yet, I was gonna be different. Hence why, for the first two, I thought outside the box. For a long time. I spent more time than was sensible thinking how I could write posts there’s a chance people would want to read. What did I come up with? Some nice posts.
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone & Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets ... See what I do for J.K. Rowling? Jokes, it's not for her. It may have lasted more time if she'd read them, don't ya think? IT LASTED TWO BOOKS.
Review was stretched. For no good reason. I just wanted to share my opinion & I was hoping people would listen. I’ve hit a dead end.
Almost all I want to say is: "MORE HARRY! I read some Harry Potter. I watched some Harry Potter. I love it. They’re amazing books. People should read them. Soon. Not like I did. But at least I did... eventually". I can turn such thoughts into mini-reviews (I hope).
So yeah, I decided, less creatively, to just discuss & go crazy and NOT bother with those posts I don't even think anyone read.

So here goes...
Which one was better of...?

BTW, do you prefer the old UK covers or the US covers? I'm not sure entirely, somehow we had the US kindle/audiobook editions so the cover was different to the paper books we had (some hardcover, some paperback FYI). But those ^^ are the original UK editions & I dunno... I feel like posting those ones. A tiny part of me prefers their realism. The US? Some part of me doesn't although they automatically pop up on the GR.

Back to books.
Reviewing... [52]
3,4&5. I think Prisoner Of Azkaban is the best, out of the first four.
Compared to 1&2 as well. They have the BEST Defence Against The Dark Arts teacher in this book. C’mon, who doesn’t love a werewolf who knows his stuff in a not particularly geeky way? He’s nice too! Lupin is just awesome!
The generosity with chocolate really helps. He’s a new character. Unlike, just about everyone else. Harry... Well, he blows up certain people. I wonder what Hermione would have said if he'd have targeted Crookshanks? Anyway, he didn’t get in that much trouble! I have no doubt if he had targeted that (not so innocent) cat, however...
This book puts a little more weight on friendship & personally, I find I'm invested in several people's story, not just Harry's. For starters, I was dying to know how Hermione was managing such a stuffed timetable! But typical her... I also got to know & feel for Neville even more now... Harry is just so damn lucky. And Ron, he’s not as lucky really... He’s still loveable & gets away with almost as much as the scarred buddy of his.
This was the better than the first two as drama wasn't entirely left to the end in the same extreme! I found it crazily hooking... also, Dementor swag! :D Enough said about Book 3 now, right?

I have to review the next two as well.

Book 4 was just... amazing, as well. I don’t think anybody could mark it with the flaws I’ve thought applied to Book 1 & 2. Drama was seen throughout. Fantastic character development and a lot more... Voldermort. I think he’s stopped caring about Harry’s education. Once again, though, Harry & exams don’t happen. Why can’t normal children get to skip them, too? Obviously, Hogwarts’ students are supposed to be getting on with other competitors & students from other schools. There’s the French lot whose headmistress seems big-boned... maybe even bigger than Hagrid! And there’s also the bad-seeming lot who would probably join Voldermort the first chance they got. Apart from the fact there Headmaster is such a traitor & almost everyone hates him. Yeah, Durmstrang aren’t the most likeable... Ask Hermione though and...
Once again, poor Ron, anyway. I’m seriously in love with him (but not like he’s a book boyfriend, I just love all the characters... especially my lovely Hufflepuffs, like Cedric... I literally. Nope, not gonna even go there. But I promise you, you’ll root for him too. He’s less perfect than Harry but that makes him *whispers* better.), and the story. I hate some of the events but I don’t think it can be changed. The book wouldn’t be as powerful, either. I’ve started to really be enchanted by Rowling’s writing. It’s like the best prose. Or one of them. I know in some ways it's simple & not the most YA-suitable (not normal) but it grabs you with its detail &... its event.
I think Lupin could possibly (but won’t, curses!) be invited back. If I become headmistress he’s back on the staff. Whether the Malfoy madder-than-mad-eye Crew kick up a fuss or not. Draco would be better at Durmstrang, anyway. I somehow hate his family even more. I’ve always hated them a lot. I mean, what’s there deal with the Weasley’s? They’re a MUCH BETTER family.
There’s so much adventure in this epic sequel to 3 other Harry Potter books ;) Now, get your butterbeer brewing & sit down with the books. NOW. Pick them up. Read them. Adore them. Fangirling also recommended is what I say ;) *hint* Tissues, too? *sobs dramatically*

BUT I must...
tell you about...
what I think about...

Before I start, can I just mention how Books 1-4 were a lot easier to lug around that the largest of the lot... Order Of The Phoenix.

 I already loved Phoenixes, I mean I’m not entirely sure I’d trade Caleb for one but can’t I have a mythical pet and a cat? I mean, c’mon. What wouldn’t be to like with that? Fine. If you won’t allow me that, put a bumper size pack of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans AND all the chocolate frogs in with Fawkes’ arrival package. *regretfully hands over Caleb* I still think he’s a better cat than Crookshanks, so maybe Hermione wants him? *sobs again* BTW, you’ll be sobbing if you continue reading & don’t expect spoilers. I’ve already mentioned heaps of stuff. It should be common knowledge but well... Let me off. It’s HARRY FRICKIN’ POTTER which I eventually read.

Do I need to tell you how deep my love for Harry Potter has now become? I mean, now adventure is like year round. The things that Harry experiences, it’s a mixed cauldron. If he had to make a potion with his life, it would look so good even Snape couldn’t complain.
WHO IS A DEATHEATER. Yeah, even Snape who is- kind of. He eats death... Nope, still don't understand that name. It wouldn't be my choice but what would I call them? Dementors is a much cooler word. In this book, we can call him that. And traitor. Let me not really like him now. Why be a double agent? Some people think he's the BEST. Snape, your favourite character? You must really hate Harry. Their arguments, ALL the time. I get a little bad of that but that's all...
These characters are some of the most developed, dynamic characters to hit the pages EVER. I suppose there’s not many 7-book series. I’m loving seeing them grow up & the books change. Really, lots of authors have kinda, probably, learnt from J.K. Rowling & if not she’s the one who did it first. A YA book which was a hit with interesting, changing characters who are really tangible (well, almost that realistic. There is the wizarding bit...). It really makes me have some kind of reverend awe to these books & who wouldn’t respect J.K. Rowling? 90% of people probably love Harry Potter & its one of the only books where I have no qualms in saying: it deserves the hype. So I shall leave it there, if I may. It deserves it.

NOW: your turn.
Does Harry Potter not deserve discussion? Look into my eyes... Looking into them? Yes, they're telling you to... 3-2-1. COMMENT! :D

January 21, 2014

Teaser Tuesday ~ Twist added (lots of books :P)

Why is there a twist? Good question.

No, it's not cats. Though you see them here some Thursdays (like the last one). I just like cats...
(Disclaimer: not my cat, google images said this base cat image was labelled for reuse with modifications).
Oh. Wait :P (she said like it was a total accident, obviously not me just being tricky)... Have I explained Teaser Tuesday game's aim (for those of you who don't know)?
...Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading. Anyone can play along! It can let people know what you're reading, generally...
You get a book, open to a random page and you must share two (2) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page, while being CAREFUL not to include spoilers (make sure that what you share doesn’t give too much away! You don’t want to ruin the book for others!)

Hopefully I won't spoil these books for myself while I do this experiment... :P I'm doing it for the book I'm reading at the time of writing which also ties into the twist...
With thanks to Hawwa for being a host for this:

'Doorstep Delights'is hosted by Hawwa  @ itwaslovelyreadingyou
Thanks also girl for only eating your own books. Much appreciated :P
I decided although this is like a month haul & only 4 books (only fiction) it was cool to do now... I always get ebooks & rarely show ebook hauls as do you know you can have lots & it doesn't involve hauling any more than this kindle which is light & all, but can still carry lots of books.
author: Lucy Carver
Ugh. Rant over. Giving teasers is different for ebooks too...

The one I'm actually reading is Young, Gifted & Dead which is a book with a lot of mystery, as she has a photographic memory it's a bit repetitive so I'm not actually spoiling anything by giving you:
'What you told me earlier about the  pathologist's follow-up report is what's keeping me awake'.
'And anyway he didn't want to know. "Why should he?" Lily asked.'
Both are parts of dialogue on page 92, which is incidentally close to page 99 (love those) & give reference to other things which still have some mystery to me- slightly less pages in- but will be even more mysterious to you.
I got this book for Christmas from the lovely brother (though I got it & he paid for it XD) What do you think of Lucy Carver's YG&D passage? :P

The first to arrive is actually a sampler but as it's released this month & I'm hoping to get the real book soon (maybe by time this posts I will?) I thought I'd mention...
Curious Fox's (thanks!)
author: J.A. Buckle
Jackie the tweep

This may have involved a teensy tiny bit of trying to get kind of late on in the sampler so it's more accurate picture of a 200ish-page book. Page 43:
1) "If I don't get a girlfriend soon (number one on the list) I may have to resort to drastic measures like surgery (me) or hypnosis (them)."
2) "He needs my graphical skills on Photoshop so he can get a flattering picture for Facebook."
Hmm... That's all I'll say :P With a little giggle there too, possibly.
As you can guess, it mentions ferrets & Facebook. It wouldn't be called 'Half My Facebook Friends Are Ferrets' for nothing, you know.
These quotes are from the sampler, please take this into consideration.

author: Rosie Rowell
Thanks Hot Key Books... you were
my first piece of post in '14!

Next up, although I have the proof (which I won this month) I made sure I could be using quotes from the real 'Leopold Blue' book as it's now published. Basically, yes, I like this as it's sounds awesome but also educational. In fact, Humanities & English have both covered Apartheid & that, plus racism, is something I feel strongly about. The fact this is a modern book set in a historical setting adds something to it, makes it refreshing (I assume) & different to other texts dealing with these issues. I can't wait to read it... Proof wise, I managed to open up at page 48 buuutt here's the official sentences;
'Its racing heartbeat pulsed into my carefully closed hand and up my arm'. From Leopold Blue (Kindle Locations 702-703).
' ‘What's the matter with you?’ asked Elmarie halfway through Afrikaans. ' (Kindle Location 712).

I received Teardrop from Chrissie, once my co-blogger over at the blog @OnceUponASeries, she can still be found there sometimes, when she's reading her Adult etc. I enjoyed, when there was YA featured there, having some input but now I'm sitting here, lonely, but not...
author: Lauren Kate.
Thanks all :)
I'm with books & Teardrop is from her so we can both review it <3 RHCP gets original credit for sending this our way! Thanks for that Chrissie! *mwah*
Page 23 has been picked~ it's also in the kindle sample (huh, coincidence, or not). I wasn't taking risks, I had a feeling spoilers could be... found. Later.
'She thought of it often when she was in a situation she needed to get out of.' (Teardrop Trilogy Book 1) (Kindle Location 304). 
“... 'She said the rest of the family engages in ‘eggshell walking’ around you, that you’re ‘reclusive and impatient’ with your half siblings.” ' (Teardrop Trilogy Book 1) (Kindle Locations 309-310).

Maybe you like these quotations too?

That's the end of teasing you with books I've received recently. Which ones are your favourites & would you be interested in, perhaps, some Page 99 Tests? :P Take your vote now of which one I should read & which I should do a page 99 test on, if you so like. Just leave a comment below & then... happy reading all! If you've read any of them, I could look at your reviews (hopefully) also.
~Amy Bookworm

January 18, 2014

Reviewing... [51] Water

Sorry, all, this is such an overdue review. It's of a book that deserves better so without further ado. ENTER:

(a pretty cover, I lied ~ an interruption, but it IS so pretty & you don't need me to tell you that...).

Reviewing... [51]

Source: Recieved for review <3

Author: Heather James

Recommended for: People who've read Fire, I guess? It seems logical that if you've read the first book & the cliffhanger didn't totally destroy you then umm... yeah, Water's here NOW! :)

Well, I'm a little gutted that the story didn't really move on much from the last book. I mean, we're close geographically to where we were left in 'Fire'. This book had a lot of action, sure but just because stuff happened… It's like we're told, as characters are doing stuff overall the story moves on. The action is like a cover, and its quite good to read, but I was just like… wait, it just ends there? It's clearly not enough to get us all the way from A to B. Besides this rather sizely issue…
Nooo, I'm not going to rant because what happened is, it was an easy read which I enjoyed it's just like you when you take a eat and...
The 'Water' aftertaste.
That's the bad thing. When you finish reading, and although it takes a while, you suddenly cannot deny that irritation & it takes you a long time to decide how to approach your feelings. You realize the book did good things but the critism has to be mentioned: you noticed how after all the 'Ooh!' moments, you're at a less-Ooh-y ending which the book shouldn't have. It should have a better ending as that's the only let-down in sight & it gives bad press. I understand James probably left it so we've clearly felt pathos for both girls at endings in the series. /perhaps spoiler begins In Book 3 (Air, I think?), will we end up feeling sorry for Brae? Actually, I can see that. Oops. Hence why I marked it as a spoiler.  /end of that.
Some people are mainly fussy that they want to feel emotion & like to empathize with characters. Although it's like a bit of a swing (possibly more than 2-way), you still do in all the 'Elements of Power'. I've gone through the 'Pity Jasmine' phase & think I'm now with Roxy. I've mainly been Team Roxy for actually quite a bit now & despite her "changes" I'll still root for her. DATE BRAE! DATE BRAE *cheerleader* I <3 Fire...
It was quite a roundabout way to get to that point, that ending. I know:
a) Layers of the world are an awesome addition.
It may sound funny, as it's a fantasy, but it was one of the most realistic things. It was made realistic as both girls explored one realm for the majority of their book. Although the plot laid on this foundation was shaky, it's not a reflection on the world built. I totally believed the imagery. I fell in love with this world, I was engaged by this enhanced world which you are sucked into. With history, with love, with so many elements to ponder & wander... :P
I feel like both girls really changed by their travels, which brings me to...
b) At least we have character development. Another great, must-have.
I still think both girls have elements to love & hate, though I'm like 67% Roxy. Jasmine came to have more 'life' in her, she took time to become like that. Before, I genuinely believed she wasn't that independent. There was a hint her 'discovery' in Fire would change her but it was better than I'd anticipated.
Although I'm not sure how much I'm going to get a grip on all this messiness (which I can't go into without totally being guilt-tripped). I feel like Roxy's developed mostly well, but some parts make her seem flat. We know she hasn't just been sitting there, moping, but you could be fooled & think some part of Jasmine' brain (the weak, horrible bits that meant I never really rooted for her) has been transplanted into Roxy's. Roxy, ugh I ship her with the love interest. But I'm starting to realize how dynamic this love triangle is. Plus, there's something to confuse it. It's someone I hate...
c) Your hatred doesn't swing as dramatically as your pity.
I think Cinear is the only character who I hate with a passion. More passion. Like, I could totally give him a mouthful... it would be painful. How can he do what he does? The first part of this book with him & Roxy... my heart. What a seriously horrible dude, ugh. And Roxy's Mother likes him? OK, I'm not going to spend another review complaining about that idiotface. But one more thing of the relationship between Roxy & him- isn't Roxy a human? To you? Helians have feelings too. They are not as go-with-the-flow! I love how helians have, deep down, a sense of normality. Of having flaws, in politics, in lives. In this book, literally all realms- besides Arcan- have drama going on. I wouldn't hate Jasmine or Brae (though they do selfish things), but Cinear. Can I just end it here, saying:

The plusses do outweigh the negatives & I'm totally not dropping this series cos although the standard hasn't been 100% maintained there's still hope; I want to know what happens to my buddies from an alternate Universe. I will be hoping to read the next book. It's the finale of the series so one things for sure: It cannot end anywhere near the same place. Unless there's a wedding on that beach, then geographically... Ha, technicalities but I'd be so for that.
I wonder if we'll see more of Roxy playing with Fire? She's the main person I like to see playing with fire & is less "perfect" compared to Jasmine. You're not exactly lead, using the same techniques, to like Roxy so if you like her... You like her on your own accord. Your own human decency... it's more than in tact. And if it makes you feel good, you're more like me ;)
Now, let's join together to think about Tristan's action (Oh, wait, you need to read it first?), what Sephan-life is like, Air & more...
What will we see next? Did you like how Water tied in? Not just the 'going across it to get back to Arcan land'?

Noooow, the real end is near :P
Amy Bookworm (@Amy_Bookworm)rated this book:

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy reading things more interesting than this blog post, this (or the Fire) actual book for example. Nonetheless, may the books be ever in your favour!
~Amy Bookworm x ~

January 16, 2014

Entertainworm presents... Cat Thursday: Christmas Edition

{If you have trouble seeing this with my layout I can only recommend using this, or a RSS with black text on white. I hope this only affects the minority, personally I know it varies with each pair of eyes! Don't worry, if you care to comment, that is black on white. Just a heads up for visual purposes. Don't bother if you weren't bothered already & just keep reading here~}

Caleb strikes again... He's treating you like his mice ;) Hope you don't mind! It is a Thursday so that (can & shall once in a blue moon) mean...

I totally admire Michelle @ The True Book Addict, she's created a meme for the love of cats... Thanks for hosting Michelle! Join us by posting a favorite LOL cat pic you may have come across, famous cat art or even share with us pics of your own beloved cat(s). 
For me, it's often when my cat temporarily becomes my co-blogger. We can only handle it every so often though!
The last 'Cat Thursday', I was welcomed by cat lovers (meme participants) far & near... Thank you all so much for that <3 Love yoooooouuuuuuu! We both do, Caleb is clarifying.
I was going to do this to document some change but Caleb... change? Maybe for a day but then he's back to being cheeky, kinda noisy and you know... probably a typical cat, as far as there's such a thing. His photographicness is not making leaps & bounds. I have a theory: cats change when they lose one of their nine lives. For cats, near-misses with death are a must to see permenant change. Caleb experienced one when we was about six months old - he got hit by a car but recovered after about a month of being in a cage while his pelvis healed. It was sad but he braved it & after that he's totally an indoor cat. Cars, he has learnt, are dangerous. People, he has learnt, are awesome.

Oblivious to the camera photo 043.jpg

Nooo, there's not a camera there. I spy places where books can be stored.
Even if there was a camera here (I don't think there is), it's not like I'd notice it. Cameras? Near books? Nooooo. 

I swear, that's rare for him. He's a bit like this cute cat (just not saavy enough to take a kitten selfie). BTW, why not cameras near books? Taking pictures of books... That's this blog more than a cat's kingdom.

He would just sit there, like... I'm waiting for you to realize how cute I am!
Take a photo! But what cats actually wait for their human? Some do it themselves.
 This cat probably actually clicked the button to take the photo. Selfie, I tell you.
Caleb doesn't think this is him striking enough, "Amy, do you mind? You're talking about cats & you should know I'm the only cat by now. That's why of the two cats you once had I'm the one still here. She left. Of course, it was an accident I said, 'She loves me more'. You did though, you loved on me'"
"You were in a cage, Caleb. And it took a while for her to actually adopt new owners, or rather their cat food!"
"Hmm... you love me more." (Well, obviously now, he's our cat. Our one little baby with paws.)

He shall return with cuteness & his commentary (again). When it's a picture of him, I can't shut him up. Other cats? Well... to say he acted "coldly"...
 photo CalebCatThursdaycmaseditionused_zps47534aa0.jpg
Amy said coldly, I'd say, godly. Like royalty. Are the people in Twilight Vampire Royalty?
As cats have fangs too, you may have heard of 'Twilight: Cat Edition'. Here's me posing for the cover of that (improved) book. If you like cats, like Pusheen, then you will like it.
BTW, this isn't the final version. I apologize for the fact that my human's arm & fur is in this too.
She shall work on having an invisible arm, or photoshop will work it out. Her fur-colour is similar to sofa colour, not as fussed about that. BTW, have you noticed how humans like to use that as a toy? It just dangles in front of us. Their reaction when you try to catch in their claws... It's like they're annoyed. Shouldn't have a toy attached to their head. Cats don't. ~KING CALEB (of Twilight cats).*

Maybe now he's a vampire that means he's lost a life as he changes...? 7 lives, Mr Bookworm. Use them wisely, young cat. I'm starting to realize how cats & vampires are alike in that respect. Cat with 9 lives could confuse Twilight (cat one, respectfully, it's made up) dramatically.
Vote for Caleb as a Cullen! He's fed up of being with us bookworms. Ta-ta for now!

*using a 3D jigsaw puzzle that took this human a few hours to construct when it was wrapped up in "Amy's presents" for Christmas, nobody finds them that easy, right? Not taking it apart now. NEVER.

Best wishes all! Hope you're having, and will have, a good week! I'm sorry I haven't been here past week... School, eh? You should be seeing me soon but you know I'm trying to take out the stress of blogging stress.
Amy Bookworm :)

January 01, 2014

End Of Year Book Survey ~ Completion

This is the rest of Jamie @ The Perpetual Page-Turner Blog’s survey (here's her post!). Happy New Year everyone! I decided midnight was a good posting time... As you’re probably all welcoming New Year in! :D The other part is here (with the main part).

Once again, I’m grateful to Georgia for allowing me to use these banners! Adds some colour :D

1. New favorite book blog you discovered in 2013?
I basically met all the blogs I know now in 2013, they know I think they’re all fantastic! Especially if I ever RT their posts (on Twitter, I don’t re-blog), comment or even just- not that they know it’s me- pop on their blog to see a post or two. I’d say Rita’s Weaving Pages as she’s a blog I probably check most. I’ve seen her change layout a few times this year & I’ve just got so used to popping on her blog a few times a week, whether she’s tweeted about posts or I’ve spotted them in my Feedly, that it’s become like second nature. I’d miss doing that; going to Rita’s blog & seeing posts I love! This has been quite a hard question though... Love ya all!

2. Favorite review that you wrote in 2013?
This should’ve been hard but was it? Nu-uh. I just thought, this one for a book I mentioned in Part 1 ;) It was one that was fun, natural & refreshing to write. I went ahead & did it for a meme cos I thought I’d mainly talk about the love triangle but then I realized how much there was to this book & I...posted a decent length review.

3. Best discussion you had on your blog?
I can’t remember all of them & I don’t think I tagged them that well, but I know I’ve been missing the Book Blogger Confessions (it was worse soon after it had gone though) & I want to honour all those discussions. Just picking from them, I’d say the one I liked best was... about Promotion, is it repetition? Thanks for hosting Karen & Pam!

Well, you did another book promo. Even Hermione's bored... that clap oozes sarcasm.
P.S. People liked the Harry Potter gif, this one's better quality tho ;)
4. Most thought-provoking review or discussion you read on somebody else’s blog?
...Oh, I've read so many. I can't remember them all but as I mentioned Asti's last week & she gave me lovely advice probably that one but all posts at A Bookish Heart are really cool (and, are you watching TBG? If you're watching, you're safe to say yes. And if you don't know about it... WHAT?)

5. Best event that you participated in (author signings, festivals, virtual events, memes, etc.)?
I didn't go to a lot, I'm quite restricted as there's never any close enough to me. The luckiest I got, and it was the nearest, was UEA's Fly. I live in that region & as it was during daytime I was allowed to miss one day of school which I was really lucky to do. School agreed that one was OK, especially as I'd be getting the perhaps once-in-a-lifetime opportunity (but hopefully not, I'm a book blogger guys & I know lots of you do it time & time again :P) to interview, face-to-face a lovely author. I won't tell you who as you can read the post. I also got two books signed during that day & I have good memories so... this year, FLY wins, hands down! How super awesome would it be if next year I meet other bloggers there & get to go to other events? Let's be having you! And yes, I'm not exactly London but if they're during the day (some time between 10am-6pm preferably on a Saturday or a holiday day & I'm happy to go... :P)

6. Best moment of book blogging/your book life in 2013?
Oh, I don't know! You've got to let me pass one question in this section? I've enjoyed lots of book & even the day-to-day stuff & getting encouragement last week when I was discussing my worries about reviewing with you is all fab! You're all so great & knowing all of you is the best thing, even if its taken a few moments to get there. This is turning soppy but its better than big-headed & said best was being nominated for 'Twitter Fiend' in Bloggy Awards but it's not the most awesome thing & honestly wasn't even one of the first to cross my mind! But I do have to thank all of you lovely people for that too <3 

7. Most Popular Post This Year On Your Blog (whether it be by comments or views)?
Well, it's funny cos it actually isn't that far between some of my posts with beautiful Sharon Sant! Both her Runners & Sky Song (giveaway) posts have 8 comments & 200+ views. Sharon's probably to thank for that but she deserves it! I know you won't want to look at the giveaway post (I assume so as it ended ages ago) & Runners is a giveaway too but I'd recommend the Runners one ~ it includes a trailer so its still... worth it? BTW Jaimie Admans, my Not Pretty Enough post got over 200 too but just 1 comment... Worth mentioning though!

8. Post You Wished Got A Little More Love?
Well, I used to post at Once Upon A Series. They never got as much love I felt...  But this one I reposted, my first review in December (but this one is with a twist & kinda like an interview, you'll see), and it's related to Harry Potter so I really think it should get more love <3 
You're welcome to comment even if its a post a few weeks old! XD I mean... please could you lovely, lovely people?

9. Best bookish discover (book related sites, book stores, etc.)?
It's not a gif. Imagine it as a GIF... wow. Yeah, this
 is still an awesome image! FOXES UNITE.
It's between two things. Firstly: I don't use Calibre that much but definitely the times I have used it in the past have accumulated. It's a good tool, especially if you're working with self-pubs who sometimes send ebook copies besides mobi (or whichever one you use & need it in). It can change the format. Just make sure the author knows about it & is OK with it... well, it's probably not mandatory but it is nice & courteous. They've given you a book & it matters what you do with it.
The other is Curious Fox.  Haha... Sorry all other publishers or whoever but I'd say... they get all their reviewers to have just such a team spirit. Online, at least. All that's left is a blogger event where TeamFox can actually unite! Or, a lot of us XD I'd still say, with all due respect, CF, are in their early days & so... who knows what'll happen? They definitely are publishing great books, I'm honored to review for them & be in their loop & love their staff! When they get their new publicist I'm sure we''ll get on too! I <3 The Foxes! 

10. Did you complete any reading challenges or goals that you had set for yourself at the beginning of this year?
Yes! I am rather happy with Goodreads (which I updated from 52 to 67 *fingers crossed* after completing that). Even the big review 50 books by british authors challenge (labelled here) by Feeling Fictional & and also my other challenges. For all of them- but they're the two challenges I'm most proud of completing (they took the longest & most work)- check out my review archive! You should find it above. I also think it's awesome that this once-HPVirgin (was in January) is now a potterhead (with pottermore account et al!) 
I thought I'd share these achievements with you but...

What next?

1. One Book You Didn’t Get To In 2013 But Will Be Your Number 1 Priority in 2014?
Lauren Kate's Teardrop ~ as a fellow blogger has read it & sent it my way so I can review it too! Thanks Chrissie... It's in a series, I believe, but I didn't want to mention any long series here... There are many for my to-read list that I'm also getting to ASAP (which isn't necessarily, sadly, that soon! I wish!) but authors/pubs, don't you fret. If your book is with me its in safe hands which can't wait to turn that book's pages!

2. Book You Are Most Anticipating For 2014 (non-debut)?

Apparently there's loads of Book 2's of books I read but the one I'm most surprised about but am definitely anticipating a lot deserves to be mentioned in this question... Goodreads calls it the 'Infinite Sky #2'. Don't ask me, I guess it means its unnamed but oh gosh... 2014. I'm excited. I loved Infinite Sky! Which you should know already but all my squeals... *releases high-pitched, excited squeak*...
Umm, and... Well, sorry to Natasha, but I haven't yet read The Elites. I hope to do that but her 2014 release, The Memory Keepers, is also a priority. This is just a book I really hope I manage to get to as just... sounds good I guess? :D

3. 2014 Debut You Are Most Anticipating?

According to everywhere I could think of that had info on January release 'Half my Facebook Friends are Ferrets' yes, J.A. Buckle is a debut author with that novel. She also lives in Surrey. That's essentially all I know... Oh dear. No, I do know about the book! Should've read the sampler by now... Umm, does this mean it seems like I don't anticipate it? Well, truth is, I know of so little debuts but this one seemed to me like a good choice for this. When I heard about it, I thought it'd be a fun read... The title alone, let's just all ROFL right now. Ferrets can use Facebook?

I'm rolling so much. Derp. Baby ferret... and it can already derp. Yes.
4. Series Ending You Are Most Anticipating in 2014?
OOOOHHH. Just Series. Like yes. Cos if I didn't read it & didn't even say it here probably Rita would never talk to me again slaughter me. So, yes, she knows already... CITY OF BONES SERIES THING... I mean that one & the ones after it. Those ones with shadowhunters? That ring a bell? Yes? OK, I shall read them 2014. When Rita reads books I said she should read (it was a deal! M'kay?) In case, you are totally not even as informed as not-yet-fan me, Book 6 (possibly last one? I hope so *cheeky grin*) comes out May 2014. Right-ho. Let's get reading! I shall read them. I want to.

5. One Thing You Hope To Accomplish Or Do In Your Reading/Blogging In 2014?

Blog well & not have months where I fail for like 3 of the weeks (*cough* October AND December *cough*). That'll be an achievement, lol. I also think I'd like to read some British books now even if I don't commit to the Challenge... Perhaps 20? That sounds good if I read like 60 books (6 of which will be Cassandra Clare, it appears). I want to do more read-a-thons. LOL. More than ONE thing. Oopsie!

I guarantee you won't be laughing at that poor transfigured facebook friend ferret anymore.


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