April 18, 2014

Reviewing... [61] Hidden

This is, with no shadow of doubt in my mind, the better start of Boland’s series’- this is a book which exceeded my expectations. Will it exceed yours?
You'll have to read it to find out...

Reviewing... [61]

Source: Received for an honest review. 
Author: Shalini Boland
Recommended For: This book seems to captivate one type of reader for the former half the book and another for the latter half, I'm not too sure...

Hidden is definitely a book about vampires that I’d consider different and it works. I mean, even though there’s definitely insta-attraction at some point its explained well so its somewhat understandable. It, I’m just being vague to avoid wrecking the book for you, did seem gorgeous enough to warrant insta-attraction. Maddie certainly did discourage her own feelings and didn’t understand the supernatural; in fact this is another book where the protagonist experiences hate/love for somebody.
I found that, strangely, Maddie’s perspective wasn’t actually believable. I guess there’s something magical & transporting about the Victorian England and even more so the foreign lands.

Readers tend to prefer one half to another, its possibly due to the fact they are very different. I, for one, can see why the background information was very important and was written. Especially for the Victorian half, which is probably the alternating perspective I looked forward to. I actually decided, as awkward as it is to do with an ebook lacking a contents page (that may not be all the editions), that I would not hop back & forth between the Past (1881) and Present Time chapters. It just led to slow reading, if I’m honest. I just don’t like it that much when I don’t understand why there are two different stories- or at least not completely. You may guess how they interlinked but that doesn’t mean you have to like the format of alternation. I’d be so engrossed in one & then have to be snapped out of it for different characters, a different era and a different plot that I was reading it at a snail pace so when I began to read several of Past & then several of Maddie’s story, it was much more enjoyable & quicker to read. It stops part way through, anyway so I found the novel better when it had stopped switching perspectives.
You see, Maddie’s experiences before were OTT, in what I considered a ‘not just because it’s fiction’ way, it was inaccurate . It’s awful that her foster parents would just give her & her brother up for money, even though it was to her fortune. Plus, how did they manage to earn out of her working in the supermarket? That would’ve been her own money to keep & she should not have to choose to look after herself at 16. Obviously, solicitors may exist similar to the ones dealt with in this book- they can overrule Social Services, are made of money and such- if they do I hope I never have to deal with them. I felt sorry for her, even though I knew that some of her background story could be considered ludicrous & actually, wasn’t the main entertainment to begin with.
It’s your own choice to make: Perhaps a rebellious, independent teenager, so caring when it comes to her brother will touch your heart? Will you empathize with the wronged intellectual Victorian lad dealing with reaching manhood as he becomes obsessed with an archaeological dig? You might not think you will... His charm & respect for females will endear you to him if nothing else ;) The mannerisms he has & fortitude shown as he makes hard decisions & cares about his family (those characters were all so interesting & the fact I may get to read more about them in the next book? I think I’d definitely be interested in that!) is a major character strength & this leads to interesting, key plot points...
I’ll leave the recommendation hanging!

Amy Bookworm rated Hidden...

Hope you all are having a 'Good Friday' ... OK, that wasn't much of a pun. Happy reading! Hope you'll be saved from further awful jokes ;)

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Karen said...

I usually get confused when stories go back and forth with time frames but there are always a few that work.

SOunds like you mostly liked it despite a few issues.

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