December 18, 2012

Book Haul

Hauling books... (which, with the chance you don't know, means buying & telling people about what you bought because you bought so many)
It's something I only normally do when it's been Christmas (I often foster books). And then, I've never blogged in any format- I've just added them to my to-do list & recommended them to friends on goodreads with similar interests. Well, that was about the extent of it... Until this week!

At Christmas, do you find you've got vouchers for every known store you've ever stepped in? WHSmith book vouchers roll in because I looked in their for an e-reader (before getting a Kindle Fire anyway) & I never buy books from there (Waterstones, Amazon... They are pretty much by choices). This is the point where buying online becomes so handy. I just don't go into shops & choose books, I buy them online. So this online book haul I was on about...

It started with The Nonsuch King and A Crystal Horseman, which if you've been following my progress in the Twisted Symmetry reviewing process you'll know are the fourth & fifth. I was going to buy them as ebooks, but this is a Book Haul, isn't it? Not an e-book haul. If I got them as e-books it'd have cost me more & would've broken into my e-book money on my Amazon (from vouchers as I don't have a credit card). As they had been published previous years, so have begun to appear for cheaper. I haven’t bought the sixth yet, because when it’s been published that year it’s really hard to find it on sale... So I’ll wait to get it cheaper (or will it be?)
Anyway... I didn't just stick with Twisted Symmetry books, Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver decided to join my bookshelf in paperback. The prequel, Delirium (if you include the e-books in between there is more than one though) is in Hardcover, but who cares? I haven't bought the e-books yet which are in between, which means all I know of the fandom is from Delirium. Which was epic; I read it this year. Next year will be time to re-read Delirium, along with the whole series! (I don't know how much this cost, as although I wanted it, my Mum ordered it & gave it to me. Aww Mum :D)
Unrest by Michelle Harrison has my favourite cover of all my orders, it's so beautiful- and I'm sure the book will be beautiful too! I knew nothing about the book apart from the summary- which doesn't give a lot away. All I know is it's about a seventeen-year old male called Elliott who doesn't sleep anymore. I want to know more about this accident that nearly killed him & why he has out-of-body experiences. Fortunately, the summary tells me he secures a job at a museum, and I know there's a touch of romance when he enters that musuem, amongst mystery & paranormal activity... This ghost story sounds engrossing!
Thief, Hacker, Pig Heart & Antidote (by Malorie Blackman) will be great stand-alone reads. They are all very different, and I'm not going to jump into reading them straight away because I am dying to read Secrets, Lies and Locker 62 which was found in the Red House book catalogue. It told me about it, luckily, as this is one of the occasions where Goodreads didn't provide a Summary. So when I review this I will include the blurb on the book... It hasn't arrived yet, though... Maya is given a locker full of secrets is all I will tell you... Won't that make her very powerful? Thanks to everybody who reviewed this book as well!
I especially am looking forward to reading Immortal Beloved: Darkness Falls, as it is called in the UK. Immortal Beloved, the first book, was a stunning read which I am going to read again before devouring the second book in the series by Cate Tiernan. Eternally Yours (Bk. 3) hasn't been released yet in the UK, but I will definitely buy it when it is out!
I only spent £23 (including p&p) so that's good... I got 9 books...

OK, I got an e-book. I broke into my balance by 99p. Yeah, that's like just over a dollar... So, I'm currently reading The Dark Side of Night , by Amanda Day as well as the Twisted Symmetry series. As many books will be reviewed in short at least... I've kept tabs on books I've read this year & will continue to do so. Re-reads may get complicated, but it means more reviews so... Good?

Hope you enjoyed my Book Haul...

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