June 07, 2014

Celebrations! 18 Months! (DAY ONE :D)

I know you don't have birthdays for 18 month year old babies & the same should be true of blogs but since I didn't celebrate being a year old I felt I had to do something for a year & a half. I didn't do it then as my blog didn't really deserve it ;)
This is JUST the beginning though, these celebrations are yet to properly unfold... I want to leave most of you in the dark *giggles*

I may have told you but now, FORGET.
I've read 90 books, I believe, since I began this book blog. Over 2/3 I've already reviewed & some are still awaiting reviews. I've met new people, so many new people, I can't count them all on my hands and feet. I love the authors/publishers I get to review for and the ones I communicate with for other reasons are just as fabulous. I've only had one exclusive as a book blogger opportunity but it was enough to show me how worth it is this really is.

There's many names I would love to run through & their corresponding souls I'd love to thank.

I know I'll miss people out accidentally but just so at least some of you know I'm thinking of you specifically, THANK YOU Rita, Fi, Gee, Ruby, Amber, Lucy, Sophie, Zoe (how many Zoe's do I know now? Bookhi Zoe & Zoe MacIver specifically), Charli, Holly, Erika, Orli, Nina, Rachel, Kelsey etc. really are some of the best teens I know. Karen, Trish, Roberta, Michelle & Debbie, you're inspirational adults.
I've met so many other bloggers I love, so many authors & also those working in publishing. There's been many more but these are the ones I've noticed are still with me.

Also, Mum. If you're reading this, you COUNT. You're not a blogger or another bookish teen but you gave me the love of reading I know harbour, it's almost definite. You're brilliant at being supportive of my blog, if not slightly overzealous & very keen to tell people (who I probably don't want to know) about my blog. You took me to the Blogger's Evening I went to & it was fabulous that you were willing to come with me <3

It's been a BLAST & I'm sure, will continue to be. I'm just sad this post is my 146th, not my 150. That would have sounded nice, but eh.
This is such an important post, it feels like, but I'm quite speechless. The time- as those involved with my preparations for the blogoversary know- seemed to actually run up at me. It passed in a blur, and then I was like "AH HECK!"
So, I'm sorry, I can't find the right words. I've found some words but I'm not sure they're apposite.
All you need to know, really, is you've been part of the journey, thank you. Stick around why don't you? You might enjoy the rest of the journey <3

*hands out party poppers*


Rita (Weaving Pages) said...

HAPPY 18 MONTHS! I'm glad to say that I've seen your blog get awesomer and awesomer over the last year! YOU ARE AN AWESOME BUNNY RABBIT AND YOU SHOULD BE PROUD OF YOUR BLOG! *hugs*

Roberta R. said...

Wow, I get to be an inspirational adult. Besides a lovely person. You're so stroking my ego ;D.

Go girl! Happy 18 months and many more returns!

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