June 25, 2014

The Sucked In Books WWW Wednesday

You still here? (wait, you've only started reading so let me rephrase- you're here even though this post is long overdue!.. have you been waiting for my return? If so, thank you.)
I think the best way to explain my absence (not the blogoversary events absence, you may have seen me tweet that it didn't get enough interest which is disheartening) is to show you what I've been reading...
You can probably tell that reading slightly over 1000 pages of books in a week still isn't the cause of no blog posts. I've been busy for other reasons, y'all are aware of how busy school can make you I'm sure. I haven't even been simming for almost two weeks so it's not really procrastination (that would be easy to fix).

So here goes!

WWW Wednesday's is hosted by Should Be Reading.

We just answer the following three (3) questions…

What are you currently reading?

The last in the first TMI trilogy... You can probably imagine my thoughts if you've read it. I do not like the guy displayed on this front cover, that's for sure.

What did you recently finish reading?

Yep, I've been busy. These all just sucked me in. 
Fun fact: I mentioned CoG's front cover character, well for CoA, I can't believe it is Clary. Does it look like a 16-year old girl? If you look at the face even it really makes you think (or did me) it is actually Jocelyn. I know she's kinda out of it but still...!

• What do you think you’ll read next?
An ebook! Probably one of these two...
Both kindle ebooks I grabbed from Amazon UK.

Read any of them? (If you haven't read TMI then you can't blame me if you get targeted by Rita (Weaving Pages)' book pushing ways...) Feel like fangirling?
If you think I should check out some more ebooks let me know & I may do... (ebooks are often so cheap & you can have so many without worrying... I can't stay away).  Which should I read first?
Have a great day!
Amy Bookworm x


Roberta R. said...

Hi there, stranger ;)
I hope school is not restraining you too much...books have to be read, you know. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear school's been so busy! Hopefully you get a breather soon! And hey, at least you've been reading. I always have the opposite problem when school's busy - I end up stop reading (or only read whatever is required for my assignments) and just blog instead. Whoops.

I HAVE read the TMI series. It was okay. I'm not a huge fan. >.< And I really wish she would have stopped with that one after the first three. But yeah, I've personally never been a fan of those covers. (Don't kill me fangirls!)

Anyways, I haven't read any of the other books you have listed, but I hope you enjoy them! Go you for being such a reading machine! :)

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