September 14, 2013

Reviewing... [42] Not Of Our Sky

So, who likes this series? It has sounded great since day 1 to me. It's kind of well known that after reading Sky Song, Sharon went from being this novel thing, and it seemed a weird concept I didn't know of, just an indie author trying to get her books read (and I was like, I've got to help really... I'm sure I'll like it!) to actually being, "LIKE? I did not just like that. It was a great book!" (not a quote from the Sky Song review, just a short wrap-up) & Sharon became an author I would adore, whose books I would want to read... I'd just wait until the TBR was manageable or until I'd almost ran out of patience of waiting, so Young Moon got read & now Not Of Our Sky.

Reviewing... [42]

Rating: 5 out of 5; it was (sooooo) amazing!

Recommended for: Oh, just bloody well read the first books please & you'll know why Not Of Our Sky is good? If you haven't read them, I have reviews for them- just click on Sharon's label below (on blog).
(incase you're unsure/blind/not the brightest spark- please don't take that too seriously-) Author: Sharon Sant
Source: Believe me, this one I actually bought (ha Sharon! I said I would, getting the whole series for free is greedy & whatnot).

It was not a disappointment. Duh, it was a last book but it lived up to every expectation I had, met wish after wish & turned out absolutely stunning. It just fits with the series so much & I love how they've flowed and the series has now been wrapped up. I can't argue with that ending, Sharon just so happens to be a genius.
That's not too kind, but Sharon needs to answer me this- Where did you learn to plunge a knife into a reader's heart so effectively? When did you learn how to take the step from annoying to actually torturing? WHY? Just, why? Some characters deserved things which happened to them, others... Such cruel happenings for some young, innocent souls (and no, I'm not just talking about our golden trio).
It's what makes a good book, you say. Reading novels full of suspense is... lovely. No, exhilarating, exhausting & sometimes stressful. You get to the point where you're so consumed by a character's story that the pages seem to turn themselves! Ellen, especially, had my heart in her hand straight from the start. She's obviously been one of the main characters in the book. If I had to pick 4, she'd be one of them. How I adore her, even when she's not exactly as I remembered her. She seemed to rely more on Jacob as he faced a battle that even Ellen found hard to comprehend, she most certainly joined everyone else, human or not, in sitting around waiting & not being able to help. This was the most boring part: the first quarter or so was slower-paced than the rest, or its previous book- Young Moon. For good reason, it laid the foundation & made sure the reader knew what was going on (as if I could have forgotten! Anyone recall, or know of, the cliffhanger in Young Moon?)
I loved how focal the prophecy became & how characters which have taken a back-seat, even Makash (who you should call Maka-Paka to annoy him... Or would it be lost on him? It still sounds condescending, right?) were developed more & their motives, plus much more, explored. We kept learning about him & boy, I hate him. How could a Successor like him? He's manipulative & could be your poster villain... Just stick on fangs & you're good to go!

^ When Makash opens his mouth, and sometimes it applies to Alex too...

I'm not sorry for those GIFs. Feel the evil! You will if you read so much a page of Makash...
You may also feel like laughing in this book, you never know if this is true... ‘Yes, Luca, your hair is sculpted by the gods themselves.’
‘Perhaps I come from a special race of beings with fantastic hair…’
Why, of course. It explains everything!

Please don't read on if you haven't read the other books:
Alex is snappy & kick-ass sometimes, I don't always scream at her when she appears to zip her lips (if you know her I think you may get this entirely), "Forgive me, but there wasn’t a local Watcher school in downtown LA where I could brush up my skills."
Oh, how strange. And brilliant. The sarcasm embraces me & I adore it all. So much of this book was so well written I was like, "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!"

Jacob didn't know *high fives*... So, I spoke of the build-up & I should explain. When a young Watcher's body is in storage he has no idea what is happening- all the action surrounding him, both planets which are in his normal awareness etc. he is completely blind to- he has to get his powers back, you see. I won't lie, it's a slow wait & it seems a long time (suppose that's realistic) until anything starts happening & he shows readers he has hope & yes, he's really unlikely to die now. Sure, people want him dead but he's so vulnerable. Hero, he has been but in this book one could almost forget what a major character he is & that he started all of this. There was so much worldbuilding even though he was on Earth, Ellen was on Earth & Luca was (probably) busy trying to fight off his almost-out-of-this-world sisters & their demands...
I felt I already knew Luca quite well from his US trip but then, he shared the book with Jacob. This isn't Luca's book though- it's Ellen's. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do & in this case it's stealing the spotlight & having a book written about you. Did I mention I love Ellen?
She's like Hermoine but dare I say, better? If I'm not allowed that comment I'll just say a) Ellen probably doesn't mind end of the year exams being cancelled b) (book quote) 'Little-Miss-Cant-Be-Wrong.   Doesn’t it get tiring being smart about everything?’
The amazing sharing of character's perspectives being delved into, overall throughout the series, is unique & I highly recommend Not Of Our Sky. Well, I recommend all of them but I trust you heeded my warning & didn't read up to here without reading Sky Song & Young Moon first, right?
Not Of Our Sky is the BEST of the trilogy so pick it up. Got that?

Good. Now go have a good day & all that...

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