September 05, 2013

3 Things: (An Entertainworm Edition) Cat Thursday

I said ages ago I'd seen some pretty awesome meme's & here's one of them- it's actually:
A weekly meme that celebrates the wonders and sometime hilarity of cats! 
I totally admire Michelle @ The True Book Addict, she's created a meme for the love of cats... Thanks for hosting Michelle! Join us by posting a favorite LOL cat pic you may have come across, famous cat art or even share with us pics of your own beloved cat(s). 
Today is one of the days this week that I'm back at school after what has been an almost 6 week holiday (our school is stingy compared to others, my brother for example got just over 2 months!), I have a cat called Caleb & now I'm back to school he'll see less of me; more of Mum & Dad. These holidays have been busy but even so- it's less time with my adorable cat so I decided today was the Thursday to participate & show you all my little bundle of joy who I definitely love a lot... I'm posting 3, the title told you- I know I could get carried away though...
Some I'm told are funny & others just plain "Aww". That's definitely my cat! Does he count as a "guest"? Well, say hello anyway! Or Meow. Both work.

He was once really small, he's almost 6 months here, giving us a really weird look (normal even now he knows who we are- we just are strange I guess). He hasn't yet learnt how to get in the way...
As you can see, he eventually did learn how he could get in the way. Sometimes he knows just how to annoy us & when I'm doing Art I'm not prepared, or in the mood, for Caleb to come along & plonk his butt down on a sketchpad or something... But a cat will do what a cat wants.
Shock horror! photo 041.jpg
Most definitely a weird young cat... But at least we can tell what he's thinking! I don't know what he was shocked about & I confess to wondering also why his tongue is almost poking out but eh- he's a weird one & still very cute, even though he's 3 now!

In case you're wondering, Caleb turned 3 on August 27th this year & we fed him treats, stroked him & some of us, who didn't care how it looked, sang happy birthday to him. Obviously, as a cat, he cannot have a birthday cake (Mum says on Blue Peter they used to, out of pet food of course but still... yuck! Can you imagine baking that or whatever? Definitely a food your cat would nick while you're preparing it...)
Hope you like my post about Caleb, I know it's different to my normal posts but surely you still like it at least a little? I mean, you may be a dog person... So, I'll tell you what Caleb's name means: DOG. My cat is called Dog, I think it's nicer than calling him "Book". And who would want to yell "book" when calling their cat in? If you would, you're a weird.
Have a great day!
-Amy Bookworm


Rita (Weaving Pages) said...

I HAVE BEEN TURNED INTO A CAT LOVER AS WELL. CALEB IS THE CUTEST THING EVER...ASDFGHJKL... I officially love him! Say hello to Caleb for me and tell to keep plonking his butt down on your sketchpads because it looks funny, and make me happy! xx

Anonymous said...

Caleb is gorgeous! I miss having cats now! I'm glad you sang happy birthday to him, it doesn't matter if he didn't understand the words - I'm sure he understood the sentiment!

Melissas Eclectic Bookshelf said...

He's such a handsome boy!! Happy Belated Birthday Caleb!!!

Anonymous said...

I have cats and dogs so I love both. That is surely a handsome young fellow; you are very lucky. Thanks for sharing it.

Bea said...

What a handsome, mischievous looking cat. Happy birthday Caleb!

Michelle Miller said...

Caleb is adorable, Amy! He could be my Alice's twin. She even does that with her tongue all the time. I call it her goofy face.

Welcome to Cat Thursday! So glad you're joining us. =O)

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