February 11, 2014

Reviewing... [55] The Hit

I commend Burgess because, apparently, this was one of Chicken House's own ideas, which Burgess had to portray. That must be really hard but to some extend... you managed it, Melvin. Kinda.

Reviewing... [55]

Source: Recieved from a blogger friend! Thanks Nina @ Death, Tea & BooksPublisher (as above): Chicken HouseAuthor: Melvin BurgessRecommended For: Only people who don't really care about the content they read & how... umm, violent it could be. Basically, I'll warn you, this is only suitable for like teens & above.
My Thoughts:
This is one of the books which probably is why UKYA gets it's reputation for "gritty" novels. This book really came off strong. You would very easily become a bit disconcerted. I mean, even by the blurb, I hadn't guessed how typical it was going to be.
It's literally people, not just teens, doing what society often thinks of "standard teenager actions" (as well as other stuff, I'm not generalising the whole content of the book). You know, parties, physical endeavours, drugs, alcohol and just generally... experimenting. Some was quite literally, the creation of Death involved lots of Chemistry.
It got to the point where it was just tedious... I mean, I cared about Lizzie & that's about it. Cos while, on one hand, she seemed a bit like some kind of dumb, distressed damsel she was also pretty...

Does this GIF remind anyone else of Frozen?
Oh, Lizzie didn't have cool weapons but she had that look in her eyes.
I obviously don't know what Gangstas are like but it didn't seem that realistic. I mean, obviously it must be hard to try and create an actually even more mentally-deranged than usual one but well... I do get that they are off-the-scale EVIL. The idea of them makes my skin crawl.
They mainly seemed a bit flat in hindsight. Do I believe a character could be as thoughtless as Adam? No. I've met people who evidently don't think actions through but to that extent- no, just no. I hate Adam. He could've died & I'd only have felt sorry for his family. I literally would've felt so sorry for his parents losing that son but... remember, Adam would have killed himself before thinking about the impacts on his family. He truly was blinded by his love for Lizzie.
I felt bad that some of the other characters, like Lizzie's relatives, hated him so much but really, he's not wholly likeable. He doesn't make my skin crawl as much as the real evils but...


He'd die just so he could do it with her. What kind of guy is that? I tell you, this is one fictional guy I'm definitely not dating. NU-UH. (I'd encourage Peeta to chuck his flour bags at him).
You do go through intense things with him but I feel like we go through a real strain with Lizzie too. She gets mixed up in this world thanks to Adam. Gee, thanks for that!
Plus, this isn't even that good. I have the sense the protests are a bit in vain? I get that some of the protests had good messages behind them but has it actually achieved anything? I don't think it has... Have you given loads of food to kids in Africa? Are underprivileged kids given a helping hand?

I don't think anything actually, like, ground-breaking happened in this. I don't think I gained much from this, other than confirmation that I wouldn't have taken Death. Not even if the whole world would implode on the 7th day. This did almost bring the world to the ruin.

Threads did pull together and I think a somewhat positive spin was there, it was subtle (deffo!)... This is a book which I felt gave me a lot of gut feelings. I thought it would be a book that prompted thoughts, and questions, and gave answers like a 3-in-1. It was a bit of a pancake, it wasn't that 3-dimensional as literally, GUT is the way to describe it. I don't even know the real emotions I was feeling...
I think its realistic that the Manchester he wrote about would be like that if Death was real... It would cause turmoil.

Amy Bookworm (@Amy_Bookworm)rated this book:

~ Amy Bookworm x ~
Come again soon!


Roberta R. said...

"He'd die just so he could do it with her. What kind of guy is that? I tell you, this is one fictional guy I'm definitely not dating."
I've perused and discarded it a while ago. The blurb was messy enough for me - I mean, because of the main concept. But since you hint at this book being typical and most of its content being there for shock value, I get confirmation that I did the right thing!

Anonymous said...

Ok, the GIFs make your reviews hilarious!! Where do you find them all?
And I read this book not so long ago and although I did get to the end, it was a tedious journey and I also wouldn't really recommend it.

Zoe Crook said...

Definitely agree with you, I didn't like this book either. The characters felt so unrealistic to me and like cardboard. I couldn't feel any emotions at all :/ The premise is definitely interesting so I wish the author explored the idea more.

Great review! The GIFs are HILARIOUS! :D

Danielle said...

This sounds like a strange one alright! Definitely something that could have been awesome but from reading your review obviously wasn't executed well. Great to read your thoughts Amy. btw I cannot stop looking at that creepy gif of the girl in the white top! I'm scaring myself at this stage!!

Georgia Walters said...

ahahah, your gif reactions make me giggle! :D I'm kinda glad I read this review- I'm not sure I do want to read this! I know the themes are really.... adult, I'm not sure it should've been a teen book? Maybe I'll try it, I don't know.... I'll probably only try it if I come across it in a library, when I don';t have much on the tbr. Great review!:)
-Gee x

AwesomeAmy said...

@Roberta: Well, I have so many fictional boyfriends it's probably actually good the pool has been narrowed down... I think the point is how The Hit has twisted him even more & the riots have wrecked his family. But lots- like his relationship with his girlfriend- are self inflicted issues. He's really selfish & she's do good for him. I'd have liked to see her realize not just continue dealing with it but stand up to him, not buy him heaps of champagne & try to help him. Even if she didn't dump him... still stupid move. I can imagine you have this on your possibly interested list & then realizing that no... it was a miss cos of negative reviews :P I'm glad I confirmed for you even though this review is not wholly negative.

(ALL(Cos I'm mentioning to Roberta but I'd be repeating) FOR ALL PUT OFF: The Hit didn't get a totally bad review. I liked it at least somewhat, my ratings are just harsh BTW :P It just had negative aspects as well but overall... around satisfactory. I mean, it's not the worst read- you may enjoy it but I'm glad you listen to my opinions; I guess if I'd seen this I would have rightly thought again about reading it :P)

BTW guys who liked my review GIFs... *gives big hug* You guys won't be able to wait for my post tomorrow... Haha, you probably won't but life goes on XD

@Kat: Various sources. Sometimes just narrowing your search down on Google helps. Make sure it's for animated & it makes it actually quite easy. Tumblr & GifSoup I think are other places I often use... It's cool your opinion is rather similar to mine ;) Thanks for stopping by BTW! Once again, check my post tomorrow ^^

@Zoe: GREAT TO SEE YOU <3 Girl, I <3 you with a large chunk of my heart :D
I think cos the premise sets us up for something so... amazing & different it's disappointing it's not what we anticipated. Blows my mind? Nope. If someone went into this & for some reason, wasn't expecting it (it was just reading the synopis & the review by Nina- who gave it to me- for me so not a lot of other influence & it was still quite ruined). By GR standard ratings, sure- I liked it. But that's all.

@Danielle: I'm sorry it's so scary ;) Thanks for reading my thoughts. I addressed above, BTW, about GIFs & whether it's an awful book or my ratings XD Strange... that's true tho (a one word summary, if you will). Happy reading :)

@Gee: *giggles with you* Finding GIFs be the best :P The themes are often assosiated with teens although ideally they'd be restricted to adults (or drugs, nobody should have! Besides for health reasons... Did start of for Euthanasia tho! :P)... I guess it is a teen book but be sensitive to which teens actually read it. Some may have already been exposed to some- particularly older teens. Like kids my age, even. I haven't personally but it's in been spoken about & so many kids by GCSE time have tried it :/ If you don't mind reading that kind of stuff, go for it but maybe you could wait a bit and like you said, at least consider it an option for when you haven't many options XD Good idea & vielen dank!

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