February 24, 2014

Reviewing... [57] Anthem for Jackson Dawes

I just gotta write this somewhat 'bleh' (that's bleh, not blah, but... yeah) review cos I don't like having reviews hanging over my head but also, ones which aren't the most positive? They suck even more to hang on to. I feel so bad for only liking this with a little chunk of my heart when it's been written with such... seriousness. It should have been an emotional overload of a book...

Reviewing... [57]

Source: Bought as kindle edition :)
Publisher: Bloomsbury (in most cases)
Author: Celia Bryce 
Genre Recommendations: Not really sure, I partly liked this but... it's not one I found really worth reading.

But it wasn't. It's about cancer, guys. Touching stuff & I do feel sorry for Megan, I really do... With cancer & put on a baby's ward? But I feel like it wore off. There was only so much relating you could do to someone who just seemed... Cold. I don't think it's as she's a horrible character, maybe its the characterisation? We're supposed to like this girl, feel sorry for her. She was flat and didn't have the emotions I'd picture about half the time. Maybe some people would find it accurate but I couldn't process how she came across. We didn't really get an explanation why she was like that. It's annoying enough in real life but here? Why not? Cancer's not a reason. People react differently. Is this a generalisation? I just felt like the thoughts weren't justified- totally unfair. It made me empathize with others more than her.
The book shouldn't have been about that. It was about falling in love too, about friendships... So many things I think which could've been developed more. I don't just want to complain.
The issues I shall come back to but I liked that:
Other cancer patients were explored & not all for romantic reasons. I felt as if Kipper's personality was explained better (even though it was mainly from Megan's perspective so she could have been affecting it, but we expect to get her spin on things & it was one of the best bits for getting into Megan's head & not feeling like a stranger. I remember the playdough scene so well ;) Definitely one of the bits I believe I liked.
Jackson was for romantic reasons but he'd be a great friend too, someone who just brightens the ward for all in it; he was a great influence. It showed Bryce can great brilliant characters. Just, the only ones which I like aren't like Megan, but have cancer in common. I see the attraction between them both... it's convenience mainly though, at first. Both the only teens, both don't want to be stuck in such a boring ward... It really makes you think about the work- outside of books- to support those with cancer. The Teenage Cancer Trust often build wards just for teens. It's not just cancer though, which affects teens.
I'm not bored of the cancer stories though, yet. One factor in reading this which must have had an impact, it simply must, is hearing things along the lines of "UKYA TFIOS"... Why does anyone make this claim?
In hindsight, I've now checked the Goodreads rating. Average is around 3 & a half stars. No, it's not comparable. I haven't even read TFIOS but no- don't compare them.

I hope some people actually look at that rating and think- what do you want from this book? Do you want a mix of experiences and emotions? Do you want the book to take you on a journey which ends with happy and sad? It has them. But do you expect to cry? I didn't; you might. It clearly doesn't have the same odds as an aforementioned book I'm gonna shut up about (I don't know if I'll read it, what if once again I'm possibly missing something?)... I just wish I could eradicate that total influence. This book wasn't all it was cracked up to be. There are flaws that I'd still notice, anyway. One little bug I had was, while the author's writing style was mostly fantastic, the grammar wasn't English as I know it. Mum reckons it's Irish but I don't even know if it should be for that author. It's not an offence to anybody who uses 'Will I?' etc. instead of 'Should I?' when asking if you would like them to do something. That's the example that stands out and did disrupt my reading a bit. It shouldn't have confused me as much as it did, right? Well, tough luck. It did, sucks and all.
Mostly, Bryce wrote a good book. This isn't condemning, many enjoyed it more than I. It had good bits, I've said. I was expecting a dashing book to blow my mind. It didn't even separate one neuron of my brain from another... It was just readable, a bit enjoyable, rather interesting and had sad points too. Some may call it a rollercoaster, I'd prefer to just call it a journey and as it's my review...
I'm confused. I know I liked it somewhat...

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cloveryness said...

This book fell flat to me as well, unfortunately!

Anonymous said...

*hugs* I hate when books fall flat like that. Like you said, you expect some mind blowing experience and then. . .nothing. It's quite disappointing. I'm glad you reviewed this so honestly, though! I think I'll be avoiding this one. I get leery when people call things stuff like the next TFIOS when it's obviously not. . .

AwesomeAmy said...

@Michelle: Grr. Not happy about that. It sucks :/ But, at least I know it's not just me... thanks <3

@Kelsey: *gratefully returns hug* Honesty is the best policy ;) Extremely relevant to book bloggers, that. Well, there's a book some have said is better than TFIOS- scratch comparisons- and I want to read it so... what am I doing to myself? I genuinely think I'll try it. It shouldn't matter TOO much what others say, I'm hunting down In Bloom :P Thanks for commenting <3

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