February 06, 2014

Reviewing... [54] Amber

Reviewing... [54]

Source: Lovely publishers <3
Publisher: Curious Fox 
Author: Julie Sykes
Recommended for: Well... specifically a) if you liked Sky Song, read this. b) if you liked this, read Sky Song.
(They have certain things in common. Both have Watchers in them- but it varies between the books).

Amber. Where do I even begin? 
With the cover's compliments? I don't want to say too much, but I loved how it tied in with the book very well, it's one of the most stunning covers and the font 'Amber'  is written in is perfect; it somehow managed to capture the disjointedness she felt, how there were loose ends of the tapestry that was her, unravelling. What had it looked like when ravelled?
We join Amber on her journey to discover that... Also, she discover her musical talent (which I think is lovely! At one point I was sat there wondering what the love song would sound like). She meets Dan and yes, it's insta-attraction; but there is a reason why she was so attracted to him which we find out later and meant that I actually appreciated why that had happened.
There was lots of things like that with this book- eventually it makes sense. I knew one of the major points of the book and it just kept being hinted at, by different characters, which in a way was foreshadowing some of you may have picked up upon. If you want to guess it before its revealed, just look up for things characters repeatedly say to Amber, and mainly as a joke!
You'd think it'd be a fundamental thing, in a mystery, that you should be in the dark (about the events) to enjoy it. But it actually wasn't... It's not like I knew everything, but I knew quite a good deal and I still managed to enjoy this and there were moments where I was pleasantly a little surprised. Luckily not enough to fall off my chair, or anything as likely to end in bruising. 

This book is so different from normal paranormal romance, I can't tell you why exactly... One thing that I love (because I'm the sociological type) is one of the themes, just the fact that yes, humans are relatively stupid about caring for our planet. I can't wait to see this developed (if there is a next book, there so should be). Amber has decided its an important issue, so NOW we need to see her do something about it. Before we go over the tipping point on global destruction. But yes, there's a lot of sociology. 

This is definitely a good read with good characters (who save you from flying netballs), good guys (who are very good at sailing), good nurses (sweetie!), bad guys (you had it coming to you, gonna banish you!)
Amy Bookworm rated Amber (and no, not talking about the book blogger, obvs)...
Happy reading my dearies!

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