May 29, 2014

Entertainworm presents... Cat Thursday: Photographic Black Cat :P

Will Caleb be sharing the blog with other cats today? Or am I allowing my cat who has been lonely (missing coming on here, you see) to have this feature all to himself? Either way, I hope you're happy that a) this is a Thursday (and you may be on holiday like us English teens on half-term) b) there's cats here.
I may have mentioned Fi almost every time I've posted this month but she reminded me about the time I'd normally post a Cat Thursday (somebody notices my unsaid pattern the time I can't keep to it perhaps?)... that's around the second Thursday BUT no... Today is the last Thursday & I feel like you also deserve to see gorgeous, cute cat(s?)... Even one cat might do :P

 Thanks for hosting Michelle @ The True Book Addict! Join us by posting a favorite LOL cat pic you may have come across, famous cat art or even share with us pics of your own beloved cat(s). 
This is my fourth Cat Thursday; thanks for having me again!
"Hey, I'm not looking at the camera because... Why should I? You've been ignoring me for a few weeks over what you're allowed. I'm just going to pretend there's not a camera a few inches from my face!"
 photo Photo0238_zps8f4cd085.jpg photo Photo0241_zps76bbc4a2.jpg
"OK, maybe I'll look at you but close my eyes! Hey, are you gonna poke me? FINE! I give in, I'll be in your post... I mean, I really did want to. All you had to do was be nice. Give me compliments like your friends do... Cats & books are such a good mix, aren't they?"
(Sidenote: Have no clue why I was pointing at Caleb... probably for my Mum's benefit?)

"Yes, Your Mum is coming for me..."
Mum: You're finally looking at the camera, not that it's much of an improvement, you're frowning!
Cheer up charlie, it's Summer!
"It's Caleb. The name is CALEB & I'm a black cat, I don't like it that much..." *gets too hot* (obvs I didn't take this photo as I'm sitting on the chair with Caleb almost digging his claws into my arm, jokes... that's rare in fact!)
I'll just hand near the patio door instead... You can take artistic shots without your cat looking at you see? Obviously, credit doesn't go the cat owner... It's my fault it looks so gorgeous with artistic sun glarey bits or whatever photographers call it these days...
 photo CalebCatThursday11_zpsbdfad0fc.jpg

Amy can take credit for this if she insists. I was just looking at my reflection a bit you know, we don't just want to take the camera's word for it! She also was a bit artistic when she took this & then made a watercolour of it. Strange, I know. But cats are a piece of work, I'm sure you've realized by now. You also know she has this artsy thing going on, you've seen in previous "Cat Thursday's" that she has sketchbooks, which are might comfy & actually double as cat chairs. So I sit on them, logically.
Anyway, I think Amy wants to say goodbye to you now. I hope you've enjoyed looking at lovely pictures of me & ONLY ME.
I'm sure some at least have liked looking at Mr Cheeky Paws (aww, that actually sounds quite cute! :P I've enjoyed this post as always. It's a delight to look through cat pictures! But now I don't have a good camera (the things you lose when in a foreign country, yup- the German exchange) so it sucks. I do intend on still doing this semi-regularly still though (bimonthly roughly is something of regular, who's with me? :P)!
Thanks for reading (:
Amy Bookworm & her cat Caleb...


Bea said...

He looks mad at you in those first few pics. Caleb is a handsome boy.

Roberta R. said...

"But now I don't have a good camera (the things you lose when in a foreign country, yup- the German exchange)".
He's a big boy, isn't he? And he looks...mmh...majestic.
Glad he cooperated in the end ;D.

Red Iza said...

Uncooperative but he's got class :)

Tea norman said...

She's very pretty. We once had an all black cat. She was beautiful. Her name was Patience.

Rita (Weaving Pages) said...


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