May 23, 2014

Marvel Madness: Females I Love

OK, just to be clear (instead of continuing with a Marcus Butler like welcome). Females are often awesome & I love this, but there's some who are way more kickass than normal in fiction (in real life, there's not as many opportunities to be kick-ass; at least not in my life experience!). Some of these awesome females are in Marvel.
This post is no way saying females aren't normally or they only exist in Marvel. I'm a female, I'm not underestimating GIRL POWER. I'm not surprised they exist as they do in real life & as females are almost half of the human population... Yeah, we've got this covered.
Do you see tropes appearing though? Damsels in distress, love before all else, flimsy females? You know the kind of thing; making us seem less strong than our male counterparts mentally as well as physically! This is rare in SHIELD & other Marvel shows/comics I know/read (I mainly watch, sorry!)

Skye's love plot line? What Peggy Carter goes through? How she punches a male who's disrespecting her (the perfect example; probably set it all off)? Maria Hill being Fury's right hand... WOMAN. Romanoff being awesome & like a replacement Peggy in some ways, but others totally different. I've got to admit, I was disappointed in Captain America 2 when the lady in the heads of SHIELD meeting turned out not to just be also kickass & stuff but actually Romanoff, it meant there were actually less who were awesome-sauce which is a bit of a complaint of mine... Marvel can't be perfect, I guess. Romanoff, anyway, beats lie detectors, is a master but still... there's more.
Do you recognize the names in the infographic below?
(Do you know the names of the big three who I could find comic book style pictures for as well?
If so, you're in the right place... BTW, this post is loosely a 3 things- a recurring type of post on this blog- but there are way more than 3 & they seem almost as awesome as well XD)
People who make infographics a lot, I admire you. While I loved making this, the images etc. for it, it takes longer than it looks. Why did you not tell me it took so long? :L Oh well, maybe I'll do more of these anyway if people like them!
I bet you do recognize those names. A few Carters :P Mystique/Raven is super well know & if you've missed me yabbering on about Simmons (or more likely, FitzSimmons, my OTP) then where have you been? 
Marvel, and esp SHIELD, has been receiving a lot of love & popularity recently, even amongst book bloggers. I could name 4 other bloggers & one author, of the top of my head, who share this obsession *cough* I mean, OK, there's no other word for it, is there? But I'll just link to Rita @ Weaving Pages to you as this is her wonderful Marvel-based post. I was already thinking of doing this but that gave me a push. Fi gave me a push in a just "POST SOMETHING NOW :P" way & Gee, you inspired me to create this as an infographic without even knowing it... surprise! Hope you like this Marvel Madness.
Are you mad for Marvel? Let's have a discussion! In the comments OR or Twitter, either! :D
 Everyone else who I know loves Marvel, you know I know & you know who you are. You're fab fangirls & keep it up this Friday! I love you guys too with all my fandom appreciation <3
#GirlPower by @Amy_Bookworm
Thanks for reading (:

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Rita (Weaving Pages) said...

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! *runs around your blog in happiness* HERE, HAVE LOTS OF UNIFLUFFLYCORNS. I LOVE the Infographic, you included all the awesome Marvel women, but what about May??!! Hahaha! :D You were completely right about calling it an obsession! Can't wait for the livetweet tonight- #bloggersofSHIELD? Also- THANK YOU for linking to my post!!! *hugs you a lot*

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