February 28, 2013

Reviewing... [10] Blast From The Past

Firstly, happy birthday leaplings!
Secondly, I honestly can't believe it took me two weeks. A rate of 21 pages a day makes me feel really bad... :'( Perhaps I should tell a leapling joke to cheer this review up.

OK... You know the punchline but...
How does an 8 and a half year old have someone 20 years younger than them at the same time?
Ask someone that.

Reviewing [10]

((Perhaps more like 2.75))

Author: Ben Elton
Source: From a non-reader :P
Recommended for: Political people, those who also do political stuff in school (LIKE ME!)

I know this book will age but it depends from what perspective - I would describe the style as stream of consciousnesses and to be honest, it didn't all appeal in 'bulk'. Unlike Polly with fertilizer I don't really get things in bulk (*cough* kindle books *cough*)
Less of that might have meant it would be timeless... I didn't understand it all but did find some of the situations reminded me of times when things weren't so far off...
It didn't mean that it was hilarious. I was expecting slightly different substance- politics is quite big and the history is what won't age particularly well.
So mix: learning that politics is a yo-yo, physiological elements, passion (clean enough), realistic dialogue; you have my reading experience! It's not exactly what I'm used to & the comical layer was pretty thin. Despite all these (I'm amazed I managed to put my finger on them all- or did I?) it was a great reading experience because I love those unconventional books that teach you something... There were twists and it wouldn't describe any of it as 'fluffy' just because it all seemed to add to the book well (especially the subplot). It did come together

...picked up in the end. Well, there's no justice in using 'picked up' over LEAPT up. It just was a great resolution to this pretty good standalone read (even though I still don't know which character I 'support' or if I even do at all).

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