February 17, 2013

Reviewing... [9] Challenging Zed

People...! I’m late to read Challenging Zed, and review it too. Late for both- what is the world coming to? But it has given me a chance to reflect on quite how ludicrous it is that I write titles on my posts even when there is already one. You are looking at the wrong post if you want to see quite how blatantly idiotic I have been in the past with my blogging. Now, before I end this confession, I want to check that you all like my spoiler-free review of Seeking Crystal. You did? YOU DID? Yeah; I did do the previously mentioned stupid thing there. You want proof? Here you go!

Reviewing [9]

Author: Seeking Crystal is written by Julia Golding. NO, it is. She wrote the Benedicts series under one of her pen names, Joss Stirling.

Source: FREE on Kindle.

Recommended for: Everyone. Ever.

Rating: 4.5 (compromised cos this is a short story)

In that review I did avoid mentioning a very big thing. But this book would even introduce you to the concept. So do I think it’s a good book to start with? (Especially as I was like... Start with Seeking Crystal, it’s got my favourite brother so far in it- Uriel being my other, who I sort of have claims to. I had claims to him until the last page, OK?) Yes. I wasn’t fangirling for Zed but now...

 photo disbelief.gif

Yes, he is not what he seemed. Oh. My. Interested. Sugarcubes (sorry for that reference. I wish I could say this book contained sugarcubes, but it still has a whole lot of sweet.)
What sweet moments you ask? Well, I suppose I can tell you the gist. You get to see insight into little Benedict brothers. Yves was still more clever than his adult brothers when he was 10. Not only do I love Zed more... But Yves too.
The characterization was already better than most brands of chocolate (I haven't given up on the Valentines theme- I mean c'mon, this book came out on Valentines!) but now it is like nutella on pancakes (proving Pancake Day is just as important than February 14th).
Not only do we see the future years before Sky moved from England & had the exact same reaction to Zed as Rachel Berry (seen above, duh) but we see scenes, through Zed's eyes (sort of- it actually wasn't in first person), before.
Unfortunately we didn't get to see the vast series of events as in Finding Sky but I suppose had it been a lot longer it wouldn't have been as poignant for it's difference.

I loved it.

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