February 25, 2013

3 Things [3]: Series I Need To Continue

...because once started I don't believe you should 'give up' (unless it's a really extreme circumstance... Like probably 'Fifty Shades of Grey'.

There is a lovely series I've started... I read Artichoke Hearts and hopefully will continue this series by Sita Brahmachari. Especially as Mira's adventures continue, this time in India! I am looking forward to getting my hands on Jasmine Skies!

Just as soon as...

Endless is the first book in the Cresent series by Matt Bone- after winning this ebook in a giveaway I had to read it, and currently am. 3 weeks in and the majority through I do need to continue this book, and hopefully soon the series! I'm glad to hear there isn't going to be a big cliffhanger according to the publisher- even if it could work as a stand-alone it doesn't mean I'll stop at Book 1! 

It might seem odd that a third book in the Bridget Jones diary is coming out a decade after the 1st and 2nd.... But hey, that's life. I've read Bridget Jones' Diary and am looking forward to continuing the Bridget Jones series.  The Edge of Reason was unusually cheap on Amazon, 99p- because, I assume, of the soon-to-be-release of the sequel to that- so I got it! Now you know why this is a series I want to continue! Cos I own it :D


Thanks for being patient and sorry for the repetitive mention of series (haha, yes- not only am I supporting Jack's Tethers Trilogy but more Indie authors in a giveaway below- check it out, it begins today... if it's not live yet come back later!). I do love stand-alones too but because I flit through them so quickly it's over in a flash (doesn't mean some of the books in the giveaway aren't standalones, check them out for yourself!). Obviously reading a few books to continue a series deserves more mention as I already know these characters & I want to continue their journey with them.
Feel free to buy me to finish Endless so I can get on with either of the other titles mentioned today, or last week!
Keep Calm & Support Indie Authors with bookish love,
Amy Bookworm

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J-Cro said...

Cool post, I love getting into a series and really exploring multiple characters and worlds! I'll have to check out some that you mentioned here.

Thanks for the mention, too! :D Jack

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