February 12, 2013

Reviewing... [8] What's Up With Jody Barton?

Not exactly a Valentines read (despite the cover)
The cover doesn't really stand for what it is about-  nil girlishness save the cover. It is artistic. That's true. But it's not light-hearted.

Reviewing [8]

Author: Hayley LongSource: Purchased signed-copy (YESSSS!)Recommended for: fans of Perks of Being A Wallflower

Absolutely incredible.
I have to say there was at least one twist and at first I thought that in this book the word ‘gay’ was just being thrown about. Lots of words were just thrown about- peng, dibbling (which I haven’t heard as much as I have read it here) etc. A lot of very british phrases and words but also a lot that I would say are more Americanized but do add to the realism of the story. Some were thrown about more clearly than others.
This is a book that probably will differ in its meaning to people. I think that it poignantly evoked my emotion as it was a lot deeper than I was expecting. I wasn’t expecting a full-on chick-lit as Hayley Long just doesn’t do that, but this knocks off the contemporary label too.
Image from book.
It’s the uncommon formatting. The pictures.
For example (this picture comes shortly after the event & when I’ve realized something that wasn’t known & this was an appropriate reaction- that’s like the GIF of the review) --->

With all of the above there is no way even a less confident YA/teen reader could not pick this up. It’s more than a diary... Imagine a song you’ll never get tired of- it might be Light My Fire (which was the only 20th century thing I understood- hey, I’m a 90’s child...) that’s Jody’s voice. It was easy to connect to.

I don’t mean this ‘insensitively’ but Jody went through a lot & I like how the things mentioned were a mix of antagonists that didn’t seem so bad at first, that were a bunch of people & that were also emotions or family issues. There is insight into Jody’s emotions, other character emotions & lots, LOTS of good stuff. The twins were great characters and their Mum was such a nice touch.

Why I am recommending it to fans of Perks

The novel reminded me, only slightly as the family units were very different, of Perks (which I read not watched). They both have twists and loveable, realistic characters.
There is a deeper reason- if you haven’t read this or Perks don’t read the below-
The scene where Patrick kissed Charlie ran through my head when Jody got the punch. Such different experiences but I think that’s what made it sweet. They were both told through voices that communicated so excellently & I daren’t compare the two voices- they’d clash if they were in the same book but if Charlie, Patrick, Jody & that horrible character- Liam- were in the same room I’d love to see what would happen. Also Jolene & Sam... imagine them together. Yes... I’ll shut up now.

So just like you wouldn't read Perks because it is Valentines, don't read this because it's soon to be February 14th soon. Ah, it's only a date change isn't it? Why read something with a perfect boy or relationship? Nah, soppy stuff... Pfft. We're too cool to read a book with a guy that we want to marry in just because it's Valentines- aren't we?
I know you'll love this book. So pick it up and like I did... GUSH ABOUT IT!

Got it?

<--- That was part of my reaction to some of the book...

Now you may have a happy Valentines. With...
this book. Or your other half (if you're me, other half would be a book character). Let me know in the comments what your Valentines will involve- a book boyfriend? Enjoying the commercial day with Valentines Day cards arriving at your door (or in your locker if you're a high schooler)? Eating love heart sweets while crying (because... friends have the habit of being a bit 'abandoning' on this love-filled day)?

(Is this post really as long as I think it is?)

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Katelynn Clark said...

I found your blog through Between the Lines long lost book link up. The cover of this book really caught my eye. Great job on the review. I am adding it to my to-read list :) I am following via GFC and twitter. I look foward to more posts!

Katelynn Clark

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