August 31, 2013

Reviewing... [39] Disconnect

Ooh, I like the author note that says about reviewing it... Book bloggers do that anyway but well... I was asked to give feedback, whether I liked it or not (after I'd picked it up of my own accord & told the author :P) so... TA-DA! Massive shocker, a review :O How dare I post one of those? What even are reviews?! (OK, enough of the sarcasm...)

Reviewing... [39]

Source: At the time, the whole of Disconnect was free on Goodreads, no strings attached.
Recommended for: Strong Sci-Fi & Post-Apocalyptic fans, I don't think just being a dystopia fan will mean you'll love it, but you're welcome to try as you'll at least like it I reckon. If you like chick-flick (that kinda romance, not the kind that doesn't matter as much as survival) don't insult this book by reading it... Just sayin'.

Firstly, admittedly, there was nothing particularly wrong with the pacing but I don’t think it was fast. Disconnect was a slow burner for a little while. There, I said it. Luckily I was just about enjoying it a third of the way through; I didn’t want to experience my first DNF (I think) this year... I mean, there’s nothing wrong with that but luckily Disconnect improved. It reached above that “Meh, am I really satisfied?” and actually jumped up a whole star, or maybe more like 1.5*!
I liked how eventually you realized the stakes were high but really... you don’t picture how bad until certain twists arrive... My balance was seriously seeming unstable at certain points. I loved this sense of adventure & was like, “YES! I CONTINUED. How could I not have enjoyed this?” So yeah, it improves steadily & if it does that, there are hopes for the sequel. But, I’m not sure I will read it... I have so much to read & this honestly sounded better than it was... It’s my fault for putting weight on so many books!? I'd be happy to take sequels but not to read straight away (also cos a. I don't have the time as I literally have too many books which are a priority first b. the cliffhanger didn't kill me, YAY!).

I know it sounds bad, lame etc. but after that I’m trying to think about the non-likes, I can think of more likes but can I come back to them once I've nailed down why this just wasn't a hit for me?... At some points I just was exhausted with the book and didn't want to read another page. Was it really that awful? Well, no. THERE WAS A ROSA THOUGH. Yeah... I'm going to talk about typical names. Hypothetically. This is a review, but imagine me rambling about that. I'm not going to rant (rejoice, you're saved!) because their was creativity... It was just used up in other areas. I believe Rosa is blonde; just a statement I hope you will understand better in a second (I know it's a common hair colour but actually in fiction there are so many blondes & gingers... I've met more brunettes/black-haired people than those IRL... realistic? NO!)
She annoyed me until well... I’ll be vague and say, A THING happened. When you get to it you’ll know, I hope. How was she?... Oh, there’s a reason a reason she seems like a Mary Sue. *shudders* Rosa would be bad as a protagonist, I believe. She'd probably whine & remember, although bad things happened, she should've been portrayed as the lucky one...

She is like that for a reason, I suppose. Some people are just that annoying; it's worse when those people who are really lucky but moan & stuff are real... She had troubles but it always struck me how they might just be there so both her & Zach had a reason to need each other & come to like each other (it was fairly slow which is good & realistic when they meet very few times face-to-face). She gets stronger & develops. As does the amazing Zach, who copes well will things, but not too well. He cries, and has boy-tantrums... He has an android as his friend and is generally too good for Rosa in my opinion. Zach is also one of the most realistic guys I’ve read about. He seemed so... down to earth? Sure, he was impulsive & not the most likeable but for once I felt like I liked a fictional guy... for some other reason than a description of looks. Although he was likeable, very few people liked him properly. It's easy to feel sorry for him & the relationship with Rosa was convenient... Or was it? It's not when everyone thinks there shouldn't be one & thinks she's too good for him (as you know, I think... WRONG!). Seriously, are we supposed to side with that girl? He’s that lower class kid, known as an underworlder literally in this futuristic novel. I am in awe of how the politics has been entwined without taking over the story...
It's not really political but the last thing I wanted to come back to was about was "multicultural characters". It was soft but Imran did it, perhaps not coming from a typical white, conservative (don’t mean in ‘voting’ way) family but even so- I loved just the subtle differences. These characters weren’t all white. Does Bhavini, just the name, seem like a typical white girl to you or maybe someone with darker skin? I don’t care what shade but she was not your typical ‘Mary’, ‘Amy’ (not afraid to use my name as an example, I’m also featured in Maths, Science or whatever papers a lot! Look out for me & my algebra-related pineapples!) or ‘Rose’. Yes, I had to take a stab at the name Rose. I like it, but it seems very western, I don't know why. I just picked a flower name maybe as well? ;)

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