December 23, 2013

Just let me vent... I'm a bad reviewer.

OK, I think this post is necessary, cos am I really on hiatus? It is a holiday. I got back into blogging during November, just a bit, as I promised to but now... I'm back, worse than I was in October. I've read more books & still not reviewed enough.
I'm not in bliss... close to stess... but ignorant all the same.
I'm what other bloggers have recently been calling a 'blogging fail'* or a 'messy blogger'. I'm slightly different though as I'd say my main problem is: I could easily post for you*, guys. There's lots of things I want to post but I won't until I'm ready to be back for good, and that means reviews. If it comes to it, and this doesn't go soon, I'll post meme's or something but I want to see if I can re-read the books I should've reviewed in either October, November or the recent ones from this month. I can't believe the type of reviewer I've become. Have I forgotten to review? Surely not. I used to love it. I think it's the fact I'm more passionate about other things - lots of them still bookish - which affects it. There's so many things I'm giving time to which I probably could give to reviewing. I still read. But then I go on Pottermore, I tweet even more & get tons more bookish discussions than I need (less for blogging :/), I read other blogs (but I haven't commented, except on Asti's Bookish Games, I know. But my blog's empty & commentless most of the time... you don't want to come & return the favour on something months old, if you do intend to return it, that is.) & I just... I don't know. School's not much busier (surprise, I know). Family, or friends, are not more demanding.
Hence, I know the problem lies with me. And my issue I can't define.

I'm now more messy than ever (in answer to BookRockBetty @ this post!), on this website. I shouldn't be now I'm essentially a year old. Yep, it's my blogoversary this month but I don't deserve to have a song & dance made of it cos how much time have I actually spent here? Over a year, a lot. But last bit of this year? Yeah, you get my drift.
I think I'm irritated cos I did use to be neat here too. I commented on blogs, I scheduled posts, I kept to TBRs mostly, I knew what I had to post & roughly when & although sometimes I decided to do things differently it was for the better, didn't last long & my plan still worked.
Yeah, blog planning. Did that. Woopity do. I'm mood-reading & deciding my mood also means reviewing seems about as appealing as walking into a dung heap & leaping around... I don't even do meme's, even the ones I like as they were a bit random. I just can't. Not reviewing means I can't call myself a book blogger. Book bloggers review. They get requests for books & then read them. The review goes up around publication. It's a process. Book bloggers do post other things but reviews... shouldn't they be first priority? This is just what I've always thought & been able to do for months before falling flat on my face.

But first I do this. So brave, I know. Fight or flight?
(Harry Potter is sooo old, look at the quality of the GIFs... Yikes, I'm sorry, but I like the GIF).
Do I plan with ARCs, or even any books I have to read, now? A little. Only thanks to Goodreads though. Which may I point out I'm checking less as reviews are everywhere & I don't want to be reminded which ones I have to review. I'm not helping myself. It's gone beyond procrastination cos when I do that I know I'll come back & be able to do that thing I'm delaying.
That's me. F-grade. Or E-. All the same :P
Now, I think I'm having to learn from scratch. I will re-read books I had for review & read but didn't review. I will make myself do that as it's fair... right? It will make me do it & I can't think of a better way. I tried the easy approach. That was trying to ease myself in... But I just read more & did not spend more time, or enough time even, reviewing! I could even use the term Asti @ A Bookish Heart did here, and say I'm a fail. Cos if I got a grade in book blogging based on these last few months I'd see a drop down to an F, or at best an E!

Do you think I'm now someone who is lazy or can you think of a way I can get out of this? Perhaps I can turn back to the person I liked better a year ago (a much more organized & a nicer person than this Amy, take it from me)... What's the impression you're getting from me? Please help if you can. If you can, you're a hero. I love you.

Amy Bookworm... does love you. Whether you can help or not. *fingers crossed I'm gonna get through this horribleness*

{PS: I know Asti & Betty got a lot of comments on their posts & perhaps help, I'm honestly not expecting that but anything is appreciated. Feel free to check out their posts, I love them & they made me want to be honest with you guys, like them, and post this. All my respect to both of those wonderful bloggers, who I think are great for the record & definitely are still doing better than me XD}.
A tree my cat could not:
a) eat decorations of (I know he doesn't eat books).
b) actually hide under. He wouldn't fit.
((PPS: If I haven't said it already to you, via Twitter I assume but whatever, MERRY CHRISTMAS YOU LOVELY BOOKISH PEOPLE :D))

*besides the old review which I just posted again... That was this special review with Harry Potter (the first book)! Please check it out if you like... it does need feedback, lol :P


Lit Addicted Brit said...

I actually don't think that being a book blogger is all about getting review books and hyping them up around their publication date. When I first started getting review copies, I got caught up in the reading and reviewing but quickly learned that it wasn't for me.

I still like to review books but I haven't recently because I've been busy with work and Christmas things. I've still just posted when I fancy though because I started the blog to talk about what I was reading with other people who like reading, not necessarily to post reviews all the time. Less pressure is almost always more fun. Now I just read what I want and post about it in whatever way I want! It's more fun and means blogging doesn't feel like a chore :)

Trish Hannon said...

I think we all go through this period of not wanting to review or feeling we are not doing this right. However the main rule is there are no rules! It's just a hobby and should be fun not something that makes you feel guilty. And I'm someone one doesn't mind if a book blog has no reviews. I love book random thoughts so a lack of reviews never bothers me.
If you do want to review the arc's you've read, I wouldn't reread them (unless you want to). I'd read the first few pages, the last few pages and skim at random. That will give you enough of a reminder to write a review. Also sometimes I know I won't have time to write a review immediately so I highlight loads and scribble a few notes of my feels so when I come back to it, I have an idea of what I want to say.
Anyway just like Asti and Betty, you are not failing! All of you are unique and have something different to offer. Don't stress it!
Have a great Christmas Amy :)

Roberta R. said...

I've been really slow myself lately. But I think it mainly happened because I wasn't getting feedback (I still don't, to be honest). Anyway, I guess the only way to be a happy blogger is...not to succumb to pressure. And it's really difficult, because of course, you know - competition, feeling ignored, not being able to keep up with the flow. Sometimes it looks like there's only one right way to do things. Which of course isn't true. I'm trying to keep an eye here and one there, if this makes sense - to gather inspiration from what the others are doing, but at the same time to do it my way. Wanna try with me? :)

And of course have a merry Christmas and a wonderful, book-filled 2014!

And BTW...LOL @the Christmas tree. About the cat comment, you know. Because as far as the tree goes, I love it!

it was lovely reading you said...

THIS POST. basically summed up the feeling I had ages ago, I think everyone goes through this phase, I had a blogging//reading slump and nearly decided not to continue blogging but then I didn't. and I'm glad I stuck to it.
also. reviewing books isn't everything. book blogs are made because, yes the content, they review books, but also they succeed because readers feel they can connect to the writer, then feel like they know and understand them. and that happens through posts other than reviews, where people can see your personality shine through.
so. I don't really know where I'm going with this comment, lOL, but. DON'T STOP BLOGGING. IT'S NOT ALL ABOUT THE REVIEWING. WE LVOE YOUR BLOG.
the end. :P

Georgia Walters said...

I was going to here write a LONG comment, but HAWWA WENT AND SAID IT ALL. Ah love your blog too, so don't stop! :D But if you really wanted to I reckon we'd all understand :P


AwesomeAmy said...

This is a really hard post to respond to comments on... :'(

@Charlotte: I tweeted you while my response was fresh... I've got back into reviewing (somewhat) but I'm cutting down. I'm reading for fun too, more. I shall read whatever on my TBR, no matter the reason & maybe review some non-review copies? But review copies I shall have to review & I hope to get back into that. Please the lovely authors, publishers & all that. IT'S IMPORTANT TO ME. I don't know why it suddenly is more important but I'm glad... Any impetus is appreciated <3 Enjoy your books!

@Trish: Massively helpful comments there but I need to thank you again & reiterate what I said to Charlotte (just not repeating so ^^). Thanks! Hope you're having a good 2014?

@Roberta: *goes to Roberta's blog, sees loads of comments and recent posts* Your blog is still pretty epic. A lot can change in a month
though. We've gone into a new year & that'll be one of the things I'll try. If you want to put up with me, we can team up. That's jolly good. I have a fair idea of where blog is going this January & it does involve a lot of reviewing but if I get ahead I can hopefully sort out a mix. You will not EVER only see reviews. I've never been that blogger, which is why I think it was reviewing getting me done. Personally, it's the main element with pressure. The other things? You pick & choose them... Right?

@Miss Zuzana (harder to spell than your real name, is it right?): NOOOO, they're always hiatus'. Stop blogging? The minute I did that I'd be off trying to co-blog with someone & begging this bookish world for forgiveness. Honestly. How did you not know that? OK, I was shaky on specifics too. But I'm still here... Does that give you faith in me? *hugs* Do you understand me? Yes, you do. You're a fangirl like no other. THANKS FOR BEING YOU MY BLOGGY FRIEND (one of, FYI, sounds too singular). I <3 your blog & your twitter & your personality &... I'm done. Well, I'll think of other things when I click 'publish comment'.

@Gee: YOU SEE WHAT I SAY TO HAWWA? There you go. Well, you're not quite as fangirly as Hawwa & you're all very different but we're all friends here <3 You can give me a long comment some other time *cheeky grin*. Its cool that others have been there & felt that... cos I forgot that & its nice to know people get through it. Some quit blogging but Amy Bookworm? NOOOO. Bookworm as a surname. DOES NOT QUIT THE BOOKS. OK, now I'm going where I did to Hawwa. Oh dear. Halp. Oh & ja, Harry Potter GIFs. Glad you likeee. I likeee too. Let's all love HP. And I'm also finished here. Thanks for commenting even though it wasn't an essay like Hawwa's. Appreciate it all &... happy reading!

Georgia Walters said...

Nope Amy, do not quit ze books, I repeat, do not quite ze books ;) hahaha!

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