December 30, 2013

Reviewing... [50] Tinder

Reviewing... [50]

Source: INDIGO (SO GENEROUS) gave me for review :PPublisher: Orion Books. Author: Sally GardnerRecommended for: YOU-WHO-WHO... (yay for jingles! Oh my... jingle-bells, oh so Christmassy, eh!) & basically, many other teens, esp if they don't mind a little bit of their heart breaking off... and shattering. So fun.
This is one of the books which isn't realistic but which you find yourself immersed in anyway as the characters may not be be realistic in all ways but they flash past- there's a wide cast- in blurs of realism and fantasy. With werewolves (cos I love them... Perfect addition if you want me to like your book. Just don't make them sparkle. It's ludicrous... Especially on something worse. If the vampires sparkled when the werewolves didn't...) which manifest for Otto.
The way, as the blurb informs the reader, it can still be heart-breaking- mainly that darned ending- is astounding... plus more than a little tragic. A modern tragedy, based on an old fairytale I really haven't read... I'm amazed how it turned out & how much I liked it. I don't know if it's better to read it after you've read the TinderBox but whatever... I understand it. I think. OK, a bit. Probably enough cos as I said, I liked it. Also, which is awesome, I had very few problems with it. 
I don't know if it's supposed to be that sad, probably the intention... Is the original one just so full of despair & unluckiness? Sorry, don't know how else to explain well Otto & Otto's... life. The story has a fair number of dire flashbacks and its clear how Otto became how he is.
I'm still not sure how you're supposed to keep in your head how all of Otto's misfortunes tie in, or to the Tinderbox. I understand to some extent & the way it brought the ending about...
I'm blown away. I'm shocked. Left still a little confused. I suppose that's the way some fairytales end, or are meant to. In a way that lingers in your mind, not completely making sense, not completely tied up... leaving more to the imagination.

I'm surprised I enjoyed the it so much actually because I didn't think that Sally Gardner's writing was really one that captured me, maybe the slightly disjointed way is specific to this book, or even just the ARC, but I didn't feel that enchanting connection to Tinder's cast, setting et al because of the writing... It was the only aspect that I somewhat opposed.
The pictures finally... Many fairy tales have pictures. I think it's awesome there are going to be so many in the real thing! Readers of the proof were able to preview a handful. They are rather bewitching & some of them rather creepy. They enhance the story, are striking & I'm sure shall be enjoyed.

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Kimi Barra said...

I've never read this one yet but it's about fairytales (and I LOVE fairytales) so I'll go check this out :) nice review!

-Kimi of Geeky Chiquitas

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