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Source: Thanks Jaimie for this... It was a review copy, but this hasn't affected, as always, my review in any way.Author: Jaimie Admans
Recommended for: Christmas lovers & Christmas haters. You will get a laugh from this Christmassy comedy (romance?). People who don't believe (and you've got to admit, that includes you & I... even after I've read this) will still find this endearing. This is a young adult but probably best for the upper end (like Afterlife Academy) due to the content. 

My Thoughts:

Endearing? Woah. That's not the only adjective I could use to describe (cos that's there's function, but whatever) this tale of Mistletoe & some other Christmas-ruiners who find themselves at the: NORTH POLE REFORM SCHOOL.
Jaimie has crafted an amazing place, a novel where so many dramatic things happen. Jaimie is essentially very like a Welsh Miranda Hart... Not that Miranda Hart writes fiction or should write anything like this. As, although this is obviously a comedy, at the heart it's a lot less plain that that. It's mostly funny but also soft, sad, romantic, cute but always... amazing. Honestly. Like yeah...

I'm not just saying that because, as Jaimie perfectly illustrates, Christmas can be all those things. If you want to know my true opinion on Christmas (but I shouldn't think that affected my opinion on this book much at all), for starters, on the Christmas books: I haven't actually read that many Christmas books.
I mean most totally devalue Christmas for me or end up not seeming Christmassy... Just because a book is set in Winter does not make it a Christmas book. It's ideal for Winter which is the season Christmas is in if you live in the UK but still: mislabelling. This book is appropriately labeled, even though it's not about the real Christmas... You know, the Christian one which I believe in as I'm a Christian :P
 If you have read a book you thought was closer to the commercial Christmas to the Nativity Christmas (which is my Christmas), I'd like to point out: I don't mind either Christmassses being here, obviously. And this novel is absolutely great, even sticking with the North Pole type of Christmas. It also means NPRS didn't turn that kind of preachy even though I'd say, given the chance, most of the elves would preach better than a really informed prophet. I can't believe they're not against the commercialism of Christmas & although I totally understand their point of view as well, I'm glad we had people against it. I suppose they don't mean to commercial, it's just their lifestyle (candy canes, santa, reindeer) kind of is an example of commercial Christmas. Surreal is more the word for the world our characters inhabit, for a month or... well, we'll let you see the time frame, shall we? But yes, it's bizarre, it's somehow vivid as well & there's a lil' tinge of cute-as-pie girl & boy. Luke isn't exactly your boy-next-door & he's the best guy of the three YA's I've read of Jaimie's, in my opinion.
I think Luke & Mistletoe are the best examples of anti-Christmas individuals (yet I still loved them, because they don't hate everything & are still positive, not miserable, even though they were kidnapped by a purple moose it seems...). Emily is really odd & her Grinch-like approach is totally funny. I think she'll appeal to lots of you, and gain a spot in your heart for her little fear... which I believe she shares with some of my bloggy friends. Ducks, eh? Hugo, well, we find out he hates Christmas because of his parents... His response is totally whacky, And Joe is just a... well, the book explains that quite well & I'm not one for putting in expletives (at least not in a review :P) Plus, his jokes? Joe's the standard loser. NO, Joe, you've not become a comedian overnight. Not even with all the Christmas magic at the North Pole!
I don't think anyone could say being reformed turned Joe into a decent human being... Just sayin'. Funnily enough, Mistletoe & Luke (aww! Such cute people... umm, together :D) more than reform & they go from being understandable, likeable & hatin' on this situation in the North Pole to being... Aww. Just so perfect & loveable. Seriously, I want to know these people. Mistletoe has just been unfortunately named & Luke... eared (not a word? OK, apparently it actually is!). She'd be better with a name like 'Hope'. Cos that's what I see Mistletoe as... She's just such a nice human being who probably isn't big on Christmas cos (an annoying thing is totally this) people think it's one of the only times you have to be nice to people. Be nice to people, rain or shine. Holiday or ordinary workday (I hope I'm not getting preachy like Tinsel, one of the head elves, now...)

Should've either begun or ended the review with this but it works here, doesn't it? Riiight? 
OK, still that review failure even now I've done 1, of about a million, but whatever. JUST DON'T LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT... >.>

Yup, I think Luke and Mistletoe learn their lesson... I mean we see it for a little & wonder why it's dragging on (well, they must think it is!) It's all fun but the serious part of you is thinking, sure it's all jokey at the moment & I'm enjoying seeing the dynamics of the Reform Group but... when do they get their 'Get Out Of Reform School Free' monopoly card? (No, my serious part of my brain probably is more serious than that!) 
And then it was like Chapter 22... All I will tell you is I thought that'd be it. The End. Done & dusted. But, that would've been rushed! My brain was full of unflattering thoughts to elves who dragged poor, admittedly Christmas-ruiners (but sometimes accidentally so!) to North Pole & gave them such a rubbish ending to the programme. Plus, Joe going first? Fissshhhy. But you know, thanks Jaimie, for sorting that out. I now have more flattering feelings towards this book which is just so fun to devour.
You'll see that this book is awesome. Even though the end was better than I'd saw at first judging of seeing that chapter... (which is 84% through. But you can pack a punch in less than 20% of a book, trust us) I wish it hadn't ended. It's a book that I could read a few pages of, that I could read & have epilogues upon epilogues to... (umm, no, be careful what you wish for before you say it) sequel? I mean, we've, almost all of us, read the Harry Potter series & you know that's thousands of pages overall... But that literally summarizes it. It's a fabulous book & you just want to read more about the characters as they are really good at latching on to your heart strings. I can't stop them tugging them!... So maybe, be my besties, guys? I promise I won't "Merry Christmas" you before you show me it's OK (as in, I'll return the favour when you say it first cos you'll be in the mood).
Amy Bookworm (@Amy_Bookworm)rated this book:

 Go read it. I know it's Boxing Day but... go read it. NOW. READ IT. NOW. GO.... GO. GO. 
And did I say?, I hope you had a fab Christmas. Wishing you the best for the new year...

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Jaimie Admans said...

Thank you so much, lovely Amy! Your reviews always make me grin, I love all the gifs! Thank you so much for reading NPRS, and of course, for such a brill review! :D

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