December 11, 2013

Reviewing... [48] Harry Potter & the Philosophers Stone (with Harry!)

~This is an old review from my Kid's Korner post @ Once Upon A Series. It was written when I was a HPVirgin. Technically, it is still a review although... hmm. It's very different, shall I say? You'll see! It was really interesting to do & hopefully interesting to read...~
With no further ado, I give you:

Reviewing... [48]

Source: Purchased (by both parties... haha, lol! You'll see that as well).Reviewed by: Amy Bookworm (primarily), with summary from Chrissie (see above).Author: *headdesk* J.K. Rowling. (You must know this! I met someone who lived under a risk... they knew that).Publisher: Uhh... you mean one of them? Bloomsbury Publishing!

Recommended for: *raises eyebrows* Everybody? It's a children's fantasy but let me tell you... I hope you, any children you may have & even teens really enjoy reading this- if you know any kids thinking of reading, get them to read this & they may be convinced to read, before watching, the Harry Potter series! It's OK to do th
is of course but I'd love to hear that you've got people to read this, or just you've read it & enjoyed it!

My Review-me-bob-thing:

Amy: So, I haven’t read Harry Potter. How?
You must have heard so much, did you say?
Well I knew who Harry Potter was. You’re a wizard, Harry.
Living with the Dursleys, I knew. Arrived in the night.
Hagrid, Albus Dumbledore and Minnie Mcgonagall. Professors.
Giants- triple the man Voldermort is.
Or shall I call him He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named?
You-Know-Who. Slytherin.
I knew about that, and have heard of Snape.
There’s snakes and languages wizards sometimes use to communicate-
Speaking to snakes isn’t that normal though.
Should a Gryffindor have that power?
Not a Huffle Puff or a Ravenclaw,
Harry is one of a trio: him, Hermione and Ron.
They go through Hogwarts, year after year.
Death eaters nor Quidditch destroy their friendship.
But- the question is- is there more to Harry Potter?
I believe it must be about more than just those things.
More than just those and a tale of Azkaban to follow, or why is it so popular?
Everlasting hype, is that what made millions recommend it to me,
Or should I say- push it at me, guilt-tripping me...
I hadn’t read it. But then I did.
Director: CUT! This wasn’t supposed to be a poetry competition. You can’t tell us random things which you knew before reading, what else did you find out during reading? You’ve got to tell us your thoughts. This is a review. You’re writing a poem. So, we’ll need to get someone to help you.
Amy: What? So I’ll do a joint review? You can get someone to do that... Well, I better let the other person speak. Already have spouted over 200 hundred words and I’ve not yet said what I think.
Director: Exactly. Now we’re going to get somewhere. I’m going to get Chrissie to introduce this, is that OK?
Amy: I just said it was OK if they speak. Go on, then *looks at fellow reviewer* Anapneo!
Director: Who said Chrissie had blocked airways?
Amy: She wasn't speaking!
Director: They probably don’t want to speak to someone who has a babbling curse. If we undo it then maybe we can get on with this review in a... well, an efficient manner?

Amy: Pardon? Evanesco Director! *smiles at nicer companion than Director and then blanches* Wait, you’re not Chrissie! I need Chrissie to review this with but, umm... hello! *looks at boy and stands up so she can walk round him, she looks him up and down* No, you’re not really... Not really...
Harry: Um, sorry? I really am Harry Potter, if that’s who you mean. Who’s Chrissie and what do you mean, review?
Amy: You lived with muggles! How do you not know about book reviews? They give books, like your books, fame and then even now- people are still reviewing them, or sharing their opinions about the series with the world. Chrissie and I both review here... You’re in Once Upon A Series’ set and we were just about to discuss “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”.
Harry: How strange. I don’t know I arrived here. I’m tempted to wipe your memory but in the second book we find out that’s a bad idea- even with the right wand!
Amy: Ah, wands. Can I see your wand, please? I remember you walking into Diagon Alley with Hagrid, finding the shop with wands and really, even you were blown away! Mr. Ollivander sure likes his wands... Remembers every sale, from Hagrid’s wand to He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named, You-Know-Who!
Harry: Surely your set is safe enough to say Voldermort? Surely?
Amy: Shut up. I liked you better in the book. I just plain really liked all three of you especially. You make a fantastic trio, you know?
Harry: Well, thank you kindly.
Amy: I trust you don’t get bigheaded like Hermoine... Or Percy, he’s a lot worse. I don’t know how Ron copes with Hermoine and his brother both jabbering on like they came from the same nest. Talking about nests, I really think Hagrid should stop nurturing baby monsters. I have a feeling the Dragon wasn’t his first monster which got him, and you, in trouble! But, well, we’ll find out. Of course, there is so much to explore in the series and; I’m far from done with your world, Harry... What do you think about the fact that all the time people of many ages are finding the Harry Potter series...?
Harry: If you don’t mind me pointing it out, isn’t this supposed to be about your opinions?
Amy: Well, yes... I think it’s magical. Your turn!
Harry: That’s cheating, and you’ll think I’m bigheaded if I say...
Amy: Well, I’ll say it for you, your adventures are amazing. One thing that did annoy me was how your adventure happened in the middle of the exams, at the end of the year and whatnot. It’s not especially good to have a slow build up of the world, and characters, for more than half a book- why did it need to take half a book- and then zip zam... All the action is gone in a blink and you’re back in safe realms of Hogwarts being awarded house points!
Harry: Zip Zam isn’t a spell, it’s just weird, you know?
Amy: Don’t you know when to keep quiet? How many times? Shut up.
Harry: Maybe you’re pretending to be Hermione. Your hair isn't curly enough, you have the piles of books nailed but so far you haven’t actually corrected me, just told me to be quiet.
Amy: Ha, I’m not Hermoine. Book bloggers are a bit like her though, we definitely like books. Has she really never told you to be quiet?
Harry: *raises eyebrows* You are a muggle, you know.
Amy: I’m actually 2/7 wizard. I have 5 more books to go.
Harry: Go read. I refuse to talk to you anymore...
Amy: Tell Hermoine I love her and not to over-revise for exams, she has the talent and puts my procrastinating soul to shame...
Harry: *mumbles* She puts anyone to shame *disappears in a puff of smoke*
Amy: I really need to learn that spell...
Chrissie: What spell?
Amy: You’re here, finally. You’re late and you missed Harry...
Chrissie: You’re imagining things, Amy. So, you don’t need me? Not even for the Summary?
Amy: You could do the Summary, as you didn't so much as do the introduction *tuts but hands over parchment*

Summary (from Chrissie) - A great start to what is supposed to be an amazing series. And I'm sure that things will continue to get even better as the series continues now that the scene has been so beautifully set in this first novel. I can't wait to see what else is in store for Harry and his friends.
(Amy: I literally couldn't wait... Umm, oops? I reviewed it finally though, with a little help from Chrissie, I hope you enjoy the books, or you may have already, & this fun review!)

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