April 13, 2013

Reviewing... [20] Sky Song

...This is the book you want to win. This is the book I wanted to read. I read it.

Reviewing [20]

Author: Sharon Sant
Recommended for: slightly pre-YA/YA (about 12-22).
Source: Kindle (free promotion on Amazon).
Prophecies have happened before?...
OK, well... we have guides for the person that's probably
had songs written about them 1000 years ago!
I was considering giving this 4.5 books as it was as short as a real novel can be. It just passed that short story line... But hey, Sharon doesn't like to waste her words. Perhaps she has a similar premise to One Thousand Words for the Trilogy XD
It worked. No section bores me and none of it seemed false or badly executed.
Another thing that seemed genuine was Sant's own race of Alien-type humans (they aren't time lords). She managed to create these and keep them as part of the novel, but not always, in perfect measure.
With astral-travel you manage to discover two worlds entwined with prophecy. Normally I'd say that's a boring idea, especially if one was Earth... But maybe the prophecy in Sky Song wasn't just are a way of upping the MC! Honestly, Jacob doesn't have to spend 100 pages denying it or searching for more information. Instead he realizes that although he, and everyone, thought he was a genius but he might have to take the 'Ioh For Dummies' pamphlet and read it at his wonderful school. (I like that school. The fact that guys like Luca are popular is actually interesting) He doesn't find that songs have been written about him (see above). If he did, who would let that go to his head? Not me.
As for Ellen... Coooor.
I don't really know if Ellen was popular or not but I might as well mention that's she the Crackle to the Snap & Pop. SNAP, CRACKLE... Uhh, Hermione. No, Ellen's not. You might be interested to know that Jacob is that intellectual one crossed with Harry from what I can imagine... She's certainly not Ron but perhaps she's a Ginny. In fact that might be Ellen's middle name.
Anyway, it's the dynamic that matters and this dynamic is effective, believable & you may see why... It's just easy to imagine the relationships and I love how they all remain level-headed most of the time (even when it seems like some heads don't contain only one mind). If they didn't I'd probably be very sad.
I don't know what I expected the trio to be like but they weren't what I imagined. They were a lot more easy-going and didn't deceive each other as if their life depended on it. I'm going to leave you guessing what it's like- I guarantee you'll love it! The relationship may not feel completely wrapped up (in fact it's probably more open that the plot) but it's in a series. On further thought, that's not just it. It means it's more realistic. Relationships don't "wrap up"- they're far more complex than destinies! Gosh.
What I am going to do is read the next one & I don't care that Sky Song didn't end with a killer cliffhanger. I'm left feeling that more would benefit me not just for the sake of it as such.
Are you fed up for trying to find a remedy for cliffhangers? Is it the next book?
Perhaps you should just pick up Sky Song by...
The Lovely Hybrid Book Queen.

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