July 03, 2014

Entertainworm: How To Be The Best Townie You Can Be... (Mafia!)

This is just my own personal way- the way I play Asti (and now Kelley's) The Bookish Games- hosted at ohthebooks.com
. Even though it definitely doesn't guarantee you success (there's too many factors in Mafia etc.), it can make the game more fun & you know you're participated like a good player. Even if you don't win, there's still pride and you may win an award, not for winning, but for being your fantabulous self? I mean, you can talk to the ones who did win for better advice but for now, you'll have to take my word for it.
This is a rather awesome way to play...

Asti recently posted a fab quiz to see what your chances of winning The Bookish Games are... I took it, but I found it was fairly complex & one blanket answer didn't necessarily describe my actions. So I want to share my thoughts with you. I'm such a team player, like that. Won't you be a good townie too?

1. What's your strategy for Day One of the Bookish Games?
‘Keep tabs on everyone. I didn’t make that spreadsheet for nothing, right?’ Let me delve into this a bit more. Its not just my strategy in Day One, its a game long thing. Day One is one of the hardest to go off & normally an Innocent will be eliminated but it doesn't mean you shouldn't act. It later can make you suspicious. At least try & share suspicions. People, when they have more evidence at later days, should (ideally) be able to look at who defended who, even as early as that, and they are the clues. Nobody, apart from the mafia, knew anything.

2. Someone has accused you of being a baddie! How do you respond?

Weeeelll... ‘Acknowledge their vote and defend myself’ (not cool & calm) sometimes decide 'They're evil just for voting for me!' – it has to be with other factors however. If they're looking suspicious & then do that, I will vote for them. But you're not a team sport if you don't explain the vote. I make it clear it isn't just a comeback. I get pretty defensive & sometimes it works, other times it doesn't. It frustrates me, this most of everything in the game, when they don't. I end up being so honest (even when I was a Traitor most of what I said had 95% truth in it, you just had to add a pinch of salt & you were fine) & then it gets thrown back in my face. Well, I'm just rubbish at lying, so I'm not advising you are that honest but you know, try & make them trust you. The side effect is baddies will hate your guts...

3. You're not sure who to vote for. Do you vote anyways?
‘Maybe. Depends on what my gut tells me.’ Combined with ‘whatever evidence I can scramble together’. I do trust gut feelings when there's little evidence but I'm a digger & I normally find something, no matter how strange it sounds & some get suspicious for my reasons but I've found my kookiest reasons can actually sometimes be the most accurate. Think outside the box & please don't waste too many votes. Vote when you can, it helps. Or you're literally saying someone else's opinion matters more than yours.

4. You just KNOW that so-and-so is evil. What do you do?
This could be tricky but ‘Vote for them. Vote vote vote!’, obviously as a result that person will be ‘in my suspicion lists.’ You do need to back up your votes as aforementioned. Its just more benefical that way. I’ll try & find evidence instead of just coming out & saying I know straight away... Or you'll be targeted. Cops will die fast, I assure you. So if that's why, don't just come out & risk yourself. You're a huge asset, don't just say you know. Find reasons. They're less inclined to believe you as you can't say you know but still worth it.

5. There's a lot going on in your life right now and you're not sure if you can keep up with the game this week. Do you…
I actually do ‘Keep playing the game when you can, even if it's only the last day of voting’ even if I may ‘Ask the game master to be put in a coma for the week, but keep tabs on voting and discussion.’ I ended up coming back. There's not much to say. Even when you're busy, its definitely typical for me to forget which things are priorities & do fun stuff as well, reduces the stress. Its not advisable but it makes you a better player and can save your butt. Be dedicated! I know there's cases when you can't so don't take this as a thing you should 100% be able to do & if not, you're gonna fail. You may be fine.

6. The person who you thought was evil was voted off and ended up being a good guy. How do you feel?
‘Eh. It sucks but we have to kill off someone, right?’ ...I just have to trust that I won’t always be wrong & will get lucky eventually, they may unintentionally acted evil so I would be bothered; it’s not their fault but it’s not just mine. Clearly a group effort... probably. Everyone does it, nobody manages to only vote for baddies so don't be too hard on yourself & never vote again. Not voting could lead to a townie dying anyway, by people's nonchalance so... Be wise about this. What do you think its better to do?
Remember, what happens in the game should be only game-related. So, you voted out a good guy? They're not gonna condemn you & yell at you on Twitter, then or after the game. Asti would definitely do something about it if she thought this was happening or even just could. You're in good hands & have fun.
There's no time for regrets in a game where your life seriously is so short.

7. There's a tie between two people and the deadline is almost here! You can be the tie-breaker. What do you do?
I picked, easily, ‘Think through the arguments against each player and make my vote accordingly. One of them has to go.’ (though if its saving your own butt you may not want to break it...) A tie means nobody gets eliminated & yes, it may mean not acting on your suspicions then, if you had others, but its pretty likely you'll get a chance. So put it to one side & break that tie.

8. Everyone is name-claiming and role-claiming (ex. I'm Harry Potter and I can't be killed!). What do you do?
Most mafia games aren't actually based on books or anything, so you can't even name claim. In real games I've never considered revealing my role & I hate doing it even online. It feels like cheating. Yet, the name thing, its a major advantage to The Bookish Games & people then reveal their roles as well as it's the next step, just as much of a part of your identity. I don't see any problem with doing this:  ‘Share my name, but not my role.’ It has risks but is probably safest, not revealing anything can lead to death... I could potentially do either, that option or  possibly, if my name is more important than a role I may ‘Share my role, but not my name.’ I prefer the former & I think you will too, just play & see the advantages of it.

9. No one died during the Night. What do you think has happened?
‘What are the various possibilities? Let's talk it out together.’ The quiz mentions so many options and you only ever really get close by sharing as someone may be able to know for sure, and say so. As always, talking about things helps. The more minds working on something, the better. Simple.

10. My motto for The Bookish Games is... "The good always perseveres!"

100%. I can't not trust anybody. There are people that just need to be trusted. You can sometimes trust but be careful & be open to having your mind changed since it may come to that. If evidence springs up or 2+2 is not equalling 4, you're going to have to lose that person from your trust list. Have some resilience guys & it'll get you far.

Lastly, with all these, you can tell I share & my results show there is a point where you share too much. I can't resist not sharing, its for the good of the team, not just my own personal survival. If we win, it doesn't matter if I'm in that number. If I changed that, I think people would be darn well suspicious, don't you? So I'm going to stick with being 100% me.
Do be yourself in the game as much as possible. If something, you know, will make you suspicious don't switch it completely off. Use analogue & just dial it down a tad. Maybe someday I'll take the risk in doing that but I'm always vocal...
Do you think you'd be a vocal player?

I suggest you do the quiz & share your results (feel free to do so in my comments not just there). For your interest when it comes to me my results were fairly accurate (for one of two games):

You'd get Killed at Night by the Mafia.
You're pretty good, I'll give you that. You put a lot of effort and energy into the game, and you're pretty darn smart. But all your shared suspicions and speculation mean that you're too dangerous to keep around. The baddies will want to get rid of you before you can figure out who they are.

So go you for being awesome, but maybe be a little less awesome so you don't die?

Nah, I like being awesome! Hope this helps some of you & bye for now!... Obviously, I can't help you separately or when the game has started so that's all you're getting but you never know, you may be luckier than me & survive :P If, you know, it was 100% down to luck. It is somewhat but unfortunately: skill is involved.
Be skilled, peeps. Happy reading & catch ya later!

~ Amy Bookworm x

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