July 05, 2014

Where Are The Books? Book Haul: Small 'Un.

Considering how long its been, how many books would you think I'd have got?
You know, 2 months, major book lover... What's your guess? Feel free to comment/tweet me your guess & how it compares ;)

This meme is run by Tynga's Reviews.
This week I have stacked my shelves... umm, wait, no, I may have had too much self-control!

In June, this would've been even smaller but I realized how little I actually had on my physical TBR & wonders of wonders- I panicked I didn't have enough. I love my kindle & all, but faced with the possibility that everything I have to read will have to be read in ebook form & what will I do in English when there's time to read... you get the idea.
Books happened.

I'll begin with the ebooks, cos I still acquired more of these (let's face it, its not as much of a problem with ebooks... I don't even try self-control if its a) free b) really good c) just cheaper than normal... you may see, the thing about ebooks is: they're pretty much cheaper than all other books... when there's no obligation to then review them (that idea does actually appeal).

The break up, the make up and a whole lot of pants! by Josie Eccles and...
Silence by Natasha Preston - From Amazon UK

Broken Bargain & Shrouded Soul (cover yet to be revealed) by Clare Davidson - For Review.
and A Little Like Fate (Robin and Tyler Book 1)... also from Amazon UK; it's free this current w/end!

Then I...
Bought: Dark Inside (only a quid, can you believe Poundland had good books? :P)  | Borrowed from the library: Hate (oh yeah, these are free too... but not for keeps, really can give book lovers commitment issues! XD)
...Especially when Hate has such a gorgeous cover.

Got offered by family: Snowdrops, About A Boy (yeah, I've watched the film) & an English Colour Dictionary...
No, you don't need a picture of the dictionary BTW. Boring, boring. But it did seem a bit stupid having a German/English one, and not a plain English one. Sometimes I just don't know the apt word. Don't ask, I'm still learning. But I am a nerd. Hooray for me? :P

and I'm currently deciding on buying three more books, some Art supplies & am waiting for a book parcel (that's why this post was so late, you wait for the postal service & umm... nope. Nothing!) so there should be more to come for your enjoyment... maybe sooner than you expect ;)
Also, c'mon Goodreads Giveaways... I haven't won any for quite a while... Why do you think I'm entering them? Books, goodreads. Good reads, books.
So, that basically works as an update on my life, my shelves & stuff.

How are ya'll, your shelves & whatnot? I'll be reading two of these in the pretty immediate future. How long does it normally take you to read books you hauled?... if you'd only hauled 8, which I bet doesn't happen. Less than a book a week, damn it. Bet you didn't guess that few. Tell me your guesses, it'll be entertaining :L
So bountiful... NOT, but not depressingly small either. It should get me through another month or so... My parrents are probably happy, the 'buying Amy new shelves' thing might be able to be held off, still!
 Have you read any of these? Enjoy? What should I read first? (see if its actually what I was planning on!)

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