January 03, 2013


Because I'm a super girl, duh. Or maybe because I'm doing the 'Women Challenge' as well (third challenge).
What is that you ask? Is it something where you have to read books by female authors? Why, yes! Not exclusively. I may end up only reading books that I count towards the British Book Challenge, but I'm definitely not only reading books by female authors. What a crazy idea. I am NOT sexist.
Poor British Men would be left out- and there's some pretty awesome ones to list, but this post isn't about men. It's about the females who I'd like to read books by for this. I tell you its a lot easier to distinguish if an author is female, rather than British.
These are some female British authors my friends. You may not care about their nationality, but I do.
Joss Stirling | Caroline Greeen | Malorie Blackman | Michelle Harrison | Lil' Chase | Amanda Day | Sangu Mandanna (whose publishers released The Lost Girl in America first, which yes, was the publishers idea).

How many books am I reading?
Anywhere between 11-15. Maybe 16+ (that'd make me Wonder Woman). I'll see, I don't know if we have to write reviews or if I can do podcasts. Maybe I can :P But y'know, that's why I'm playing safe (even though it crosses over with goodreads- of 52 books- and the British Book Challenge (12-50).

Do you want to be a BABY GIRL? Read 1-5 books written by a woman author. Or 6-10 to have GIRL POWER? Or maybe SUPER GIRL seems like the ideal superwoman name, in which case aim for 11-15. Of course 16+ would actually make you WONDER WOMAN.

Do I make it to Super Girl? See all my posts here!
Total books read: 1

Good luck all (:

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Peek-a-booK! said...

Thanks for participating!
I’m glad you joined in the fun in the “Women Challenge”, good luck! ^_^


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