January 21, 2013

Reviewing... [5] Seeking Crystal

(no, I don't know what means, but I think it means I loved it- and Xav).

Reviewing... [5]

Seeking Crystal is written by Julia Golding. NO, it is. She wrote the Benedicts series under one of her pen names, Joss Stirling, and had set Finding Sky in America, a road trip actually to America inspired her. I was quite surprised she was a UK author when I found out (after read Finding Sky but before Stealing Phoenix).Source: LibraryRecommended for: Everyone who likes thrills in books (I mean the action kind, ugh- I made this novel sound dirty). 

I hate to think of Crystal's voice being created by Julia, but I'm going to have to. Crystal's voice is full of zest and stark. She is the sister of Diamond Brooks who beats Crystal in popularity, prettiness, grades and appreciation from the Brooks family. Or so Crystal thinks. It certainly seems that way when Diamond's wedding to Trace, one of the Benedict brothers, draws nearer and Crystal has to stand on her own two feet. Feeling like she's playing at being adult but knowing that Diamond isn't hers makes Crystal feel like she better act older.
This series has been described as 'dark romances' but it didn't really seem that way in this book. In some ways it's a self-discovery.

I liked almost all of it- apart from the constant references to Twilight and such. I don't hate Twilight but I do dislike the hype- and putting it in this book? Not good in my opinion. It didn't fit with Crystal who seemed more the type to think Twilight was anti-feminist...

"With kisses like that, I wish this was the Universe where you were my soulfinder.”
What so the people that would make a great couple are only such in one Universe? Perhaps opposites don't attract... in all Universes! Androcles... Want a Cupcake? You better.
Beauty doesn't want you... Or does she? (I'm so confusing and awkward aren't I?)
“...I want you to be as happy as I am." "
Trust me, that wouldn't be the case if I found myself shackled to Xav Benedict by a quirk of fate.”

<--- Don't look at the blurb and think this. It's really worth reading and you'll enjoy it. Or should.

My verdict is it's a really, really good installment that you'll love as much as the rest of the books. Read them in the order you can get them in. They work as stand-alones and are extremely gripping.

Another verdict is this... People say that spoilers don't get posted online in series and its really hard to remember what happened in the other books but to be honest look at quotes & such. Even look at the blurbs. That's gonna kill you, we already know, after reading one, what the whole series will be about but I really hope Golding doesn't get fed up of writing the same storyline with different events because it's the events that keep it moving (not love completely.) Of course Trace & Diamonds, and the others, love is very strong and holds it together. Also y'know Crystal may add an interesting element to the future books and hold them together. Her development is strong and interesting!

Small print is for those that have read other books. OK?
If you've read the other books in the series you may see I'm treading on eggshells- but I think that doing so is important- when I started it I'd done something rare for me. I'd not re-read the previous books in the series because to me I already knew how it was going to end... With soulfinders. And I remembered the characters and I couldn't do that. But then after this book I've realized that, as I said before, sometimes the events in the books are what matters. Not exactly the final verdict as in life there isn't a final verdict. And I don't think people can spoil books like this for you- I already knew what was going to happen and I got knocked off my feet. It's just like people can't spoil life for you (in this context). They may tell you to do something for your future but its the journey that surprises you even if you know the outcome.

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