January 19, 2013

Reviewing... [4] The Spiral Horizon

If you haven't read previous books DON'T read this (you can read the bottom box to see my rating/recommendations & basics with no spoilers but this may spoil books 1-5 a little).

Reviewing... [4]

Author: Benjamin J. MyersSource: Christmas gift.Recommended for: 13+ (not any specifics but if you like books that border genres & it has drawn you in: READ IT! It's perfect.)

I didn't cry after reading this. I wasn't sure if I would- I've come to the end of an emotional journey. Highs, lows. Smiles, sadness. I didn't cry because I felt numb. Somewhere between happiness and being distraught. Unable to fathom everything I've read but aware that I loved it and shall continue to love the characters. Box especially, for unknown reasons. I felt like perhaps the feeling a person meditating strives for.

I am writing this about 4 hours later and I feel really sad the series has ended now- I’m not numb because I know it was a good ending even if it didn’t feel quite like a resolution. Not the sort of resolution or good ending I’m used to I suppose. Let’s just say- the war has ended.
You know if you’ve read the books, or a book, so far, you’ll know there’s more than one war... There’s a lot of fighting and Chess and all the characters, of which many have been introduced in the Six books (what is that called?) & I have to say goodbye to them all, are part of it.
The lines haven’t really blurred as much as they do in this book. The bad? Or the good? It’s a question I have to keep asking myself. I think it’s quite clear in some of the characters, like Box, Anna and the GTBD, Jake.
GTBD stands for Gun Toting Biker Dwarf. Isn’t that a cool creation...? Uhh... Not the only one! The whole partly-fictional world, as I’ve said before, is really fine and full. The dystopian world is even more vivid and to be truthful I am shocked by how it went from all that drama to something much more realistic... I always knew it wasn’t set too far in the future but it the situation doesn’t seem like it’s in different from anything in the world now by the end...
There are tons of morals woven in and the book is very nerve wracking (if you didn’t get that from the GIF, it was one of being numb- but also one of being stunned).

I definitely didn't get what I expected, and not necessarily what I'd wanted, but...

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