January 23, 2013

3 Things: Series I Need To Begin

... because I like series that are all wrapped up!
Thirteen Treasures- Michelle Harrison

#1: --->
Once I had Unrest I realized that I already owned books by her... This series. And they were unread, and probably have been on my shelves for months! So these are definitely part of a series I need to begin.

#2: Winter Trilogy - Ruth Warburton --->
Released this month, the last book is already joining other books in its series on people's shelves. But not mine. I don't own them & am excited to get them from the library soon! I'm sure the library will want the whole series. Won't they?        

#3: The Shapeshifters Set – Ali Sparkes
I am willing to splash out on some more books though- and physical books this time! Recently I've been splashing out on kindle books & I decided, as people have a tendency to ask what you are giving up for lent when Pancake day is closer than January 1st, for lent I would try & cut down on that so I can get some real books! I obviously, as witnessed by those watching my Stars count go up (Stars as in a compromise to a 'book buying ban' as explained in Quarterly Updates) am trying not to add to the unread books on my shelves too much! It's going pretty well actually so I am probably going to get the first three books (the series begins with Finding the Fox). 
I've seen an offer where I can get these for £5 so with some more reading I'll hopefully send off to get these in... March? Maybe later with Malorie Blackman month & much more scheduled soon(ish)!


So that's the end to '3 things'. It just so happens that makes 9 books- who said my to-read list was short? Believe me there are plenty of books in series I really want to read... It's just many haven't been completed & I figure if I'm going to begin some more series I might as well be able to enjoy at least 3 books (hopefully more, I'm sure you'll see in time that more Ali Sparkes books get shelved!)
Let me know in the comments if you've read or want to read these books! Which series would you recommend first?
Bookish love,
Amy Bookworm

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