January 25, 2013

Reviewing... [6] A Little Birdie Told Me

Getting into the hang of reading e-books...

Reviewing... [6]

Author: Victoria BestSource: Purchased for kindleRating: Recommended for: 11-16, people who want quick, insightful reads

Apparently flicking through a book is important. You can see the author's structure. Yeah, that really works on a kindle! *cheeky laugh*
But if the first sentence was anything to go by, I'd empathize with things that were happening. Have you ever began a book and slipped straight into the scene?

One of the first flocks of birds flew up, their beautiful feathers shining in the early autumn sun. They glided gracefully in a ‘V’ like formation, slowly and gently moving their delicate wings. I stood watching them for a few minutes, unable to look away. (Kindle Locations 53-54)

There was something serene about that- a beginning I could be content with. But believe me there were some bits I wasn't content with. I don't mean in the novel exactly, I mean the times when I'd be reading it and a parent would walk in a tell me the time like that was a good enough reason for my reading to end.

The night before last I had actually cried about where I'd had to leave the novel (I don't think I'd have cried in a normal situation :P).

The author had made it so clear and understandable and there was a handful of characters all who were like teenagers you could expect to see walking down the street, with the exact same demeanor, perception and skills. For a debut, at 15, Victoria writes contemporary well. The inner-workings of the families and the school are pretty good but the school's popularity ladder (I think that's what I mean to say) wasn't completely sound- it was close. It's just a book that doesn't seen sensational but is still an eye-opener for the simple fact that the issues haven't appeared in most teen fiction... It's normally not seen as an issue to be popular or to spread gossip. And its not seen as an issue for a guy to stand up for what he believes in & so on. In the background there was little issues and then the focus was on deeper things.

Mira has a foot in many social groups and I surmised that she's not as different from me as I assumed she would be (from her past, that is, which does remain, definitely, a contrast). I have opportunities to spread things which should be confidential (well, actually not on members of the opposite sex- but definitely other girls!) But I didn't only empathize with her- in some scenes I was all for Mira, and others all for Liam. Some it was easiest to relate to Danielle or Sam.

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