June 10, 2013

Reviewing... [30] ReEarth

I read the first few pages and decided I had no idea what terraforming was. That seems, well is, like a bit of an after thought now XD

Reviewing... [30]

Author: Adam HowellSource: Giveaway prize (lucky, lucky ducky)Recommended for: Those who understand Howell's thoughts... Maybe dystopian writers or those fluent in the Scify type. 

As I mentioned above at first I had to sort of look up some words (one big word) as I'm not as clued in to sci-fi as I might wish. For example, the one that isn't really on a large scale... It's more just part of a dystopian world (in this case, other planet & not as dystopian as you'd think). So, after a shaky sci-fi start (as clarification shaky starts aren't normally my think & I wouldn't have carried on if it was the book, not me) I got over the fact it didn't genre-cross as much as I'd first predicted! Still, intrusive web reminds me of *cough* umm... this *points finger and clears throat* something!
It still followed the premise effectively, strongly & well. Doesn't a world where the net manipulates lives and all their elements sound... dystopia? Interesting? Why yes, partly at least one of the above (and uh-huh, I know you can go & get the synopsis yourself but I'm opinionated).
It was executed well (it's not all about following a premise you know) & I did like the realistic elements of it. The mystery was going back proper "old school", OK... not really old school, at all, just basic Rhea! The characters were pretty much reacting like they were on big brother...

The net is watching you... 
Or maybe just as if they were in one of Earth's corporations ideas of an utopia? I think that's likely. Now, I'm going to say something just a little odd. I hated how the characters were developing, the world was building, the formatting was remaining so flawed. The punchline: It would all end up leading them to a strange ending which I didn't like. I don't mean it turned all,

That'd have left me more satisfied than this book is getting credit for. How can a book be, I'd essentially say, wrecked in the last two chapters? Both the last two were rushed, underdeveloped & believe me, if I'd flicked not to the 99th page (as I do) & to the last few pages I wouldn't have given it a chance. No words describe the negative impact of that on the novel. It means I'm conflicted about the book...
I can conclude the weak ending is the worst element of ReEarth- it was a great novel aside from that. There are alternate endings. I know because I was imagining them. If you want to make sense of this book read most of it & then decide on your own ending :P It's just like those books where the whole point is to make the decisions & produce one of many alternate endings.
Except with slightly more typos. I'm willing to say it's formatting as they were all pretty much punctuation errors. It's not about what I'm willing to say though, it's about the fact there are errors (and not just one or two) which proves that not all Indie's are exemplary. It's no negative reflection on any author it's just worth noting for the self-published month that team work can always help ;)

But even so, Amy Bookworm rated this book:


Rita (Weaving Pages) said...

I like the sticky notes because they are very pretty!
"The net is watching you" I absolute,y love, that! What better way to describe it? :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like an interesting read, Amy! :D Might pick it up sometime. :)

AwesomeAmy said...

@Rita: Haha, I love how you mention the sticky notes now :P Thanks so much! Have you heard about the Xbox One's inbuilt "net which is watching you". Shortest explanation, I swear.

@Ana: It is interesting. My Mum read it & she had the same feeling about the end. Solution: make up your own last chapter & don't read the given last chapter :P I'm serious!

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