June 20, 2013

Book Promo [#11] (and Giveaway): Character Interview for Marchwood Vampires series

Today I have some characters from the Marchwood Vampire Series with us at Amy Bookworm... They are here to stay! *looks around* OK, maybe not... They want another novel written about them. Book 3 in the series shall be coming soon but for now please give a warm welcome to...

Madison Greene, age 16
Alexandre Chevalier, age 18, born 1863

RELEASED May 2011!
Series: ☑
What would you like to know? Perhaps I should tell you there's a trailer for this promising YA here! Go watch and then add it to your...


Also books by Shalini are available at Amazon (UK linked above), also in print & the ebook is accessible at Smashwords.
A paranormal romance that spans the centuries from modern England to 19th century Paris and ancient Cappadocia.
Madison Greene is in foster care until one day she inherits a fortune, she inherits a house, she inherits a cellar full of danger.
Alexandre Chevalier lives in 19th century Paris. On an archaeological expedition, he discovers a lost underground city where his life changes forever.
Their lives entwine, but this is only the beginning...


Find more info at http://www.shaliniboland.co.uk/

Would you like to see my welcome & then an indulgent interview?

Amy: Welcome, wonderful guests *smiles* Please have a seat. *gestures at seats* I am so pleased you were willing to come, even though deep dark secrets may be spilt... like beans! In case you didn’t know, I don’t have any beans to spill; my hope is that you’ll consent to being honest & giving us some gossip. You see, we may say we spread UKYA but... well, you’ll see. You will see!
Maddy: Hi Amy, good to meet you. Yeah, we’ll give you some gossip, won’t we, Alex?
*Amy grins, thinking it couldn’t possibly be a bigger grin if she tried to stretch her lips*
Alex: Good evening, Amy. *kisses her hand and gives a short bow*

Amy *with lips stretching into a genuine smile; they are exceeding her expectations and proving her wrong (her lips, that is... but she didn’t expect Alex to be like this either, swoon much?)*: For the readers, tell us your name (or nickname) & where you call home in 20 words or less.
Maddy: I’m Madison. My mates call me Maddy. I grew up with my brother in London, but I live in Gloucestershire now.
Alex: My name is Alexandre Chevalier.
Maddy: *Rolls eyes* Alex. People call you Alex. You can’t expect the poor girl to say your whole name every time she talks to you.
Alex: Very well, you may call me Alex. But I have not yet answered the question in full. I am from Paris in my beloved country of France and alas I have not seen my home in many years.

Amy: Thanks, Alex. Are either of you inspired by “teachers”? Which one has inspired you the most... Why?
Maddy: I hate teachers. They’re all a bunch of . . .
Alex: . . . What Madison is trying to say is that she hasn’t had very good experiences with teachers.
Maddy: You think? *Grins*
Alex: And I find I have to agree with her. My time at college was extremely dull.

Amy: Aww! That sucks. So, moving on . . . if teachers aren’t dreamy enough for you, describe your dream girl/boy. Have you found them? If not, where would you expect to meet them? *coughs* I know that one of you may have yo-
Maddy: Can’t really give you that information. Not without major spoilers.
Amy: But you promised me gossip.
Maddy: I’ll tell you later, off the record. *winks*
Alex: I find that question to be a little too personal. However, I can tell you that I didn’t meet my love in the most conventional of circumstances.

Amy: In-ter-esting. Which state of mind are you normally in and do people “read” you like an open book when you feel this way? Would you go somewhere different if you felt like this?
Maddy: I used to be terminally angry, but I’ve calmed down quite a bit since my life took a turn for the weird. Things are more complicated now, but strangely I’m much happier.
Alex: No one can read me. Except for maybe … my love.

Amy: *eyes twinkle with mischief* (to Maddy) Do you like “bad boys” (as in not just the villain... the one who may just have skewy intentions)?
Maddy: I . . .
Alex: . . . Do not answer that question, Madison.
Maddy: Lighten up, Alex. We’re doing an interview.
Alex: *narrows eyes*
Maddy: There’s only one ‘boy’ I like, and he’s the most bass ass boy you’re gonna find. Pretty sure he’s met his match too.

Amy: If the bookish gods took a preference to you and told you to inject the other interviewee into a different fictional world where would you plop them?
Maddy: Erm … What?
Alex: I would put Madison into my previous world of 19th century Paris. She would certainly enjoy herself and she would most likely cause a scandal. But then, I am no stranger to scandal . . .
Maddy: Ooh, Alex, I’d love to go to Paris. Okay, I get the question now: I think it would be a laugh to put Alex into the world of Austin Powers. Alex, you’d either love it or hate it, but I can’t work out which. And now I can’t stop laughing.
Alex: I think you are mocking me, mademoiselle.
*Amy giggles* He gave you Paris and... *puts on straight face* well, that was a lovely choice Alex! I’d love to go to Paris. I’ll be sure to visit you two there... *thinks of the book*

Amy: *stops thinking of the book’s prospects and pulls self together to think back to the other fictional worlds aforementioned* Would you rather be in the world you picked for them or the world they actually live in now?
Alex: I would stay where I am. I do not know this Austin Powers, but I do know Madison’s sense of humour.
Maddy: Don’t know what you mean, Alex. But I agree, I’d stay where I am.

Amy: *handing out coffee (to put them in the mood of a... well, more of a coffee house but... nevermind)* If you could have a dinner party with 5 fictional characters who would they be? At that dinner party who would you Kiss, Marry, Avoid or... SLAP!
Maddy: That’s a hard question. *thinks for a minute* Okay, right, I’d pick any of Jane Austin’s heroines, give them a slap and then avoid them. Jonathan Livingston Seagull (I know, he’s a bird, but it’s my dinner party). Phoebe from Friends, Captain Jack Sparrow – a definite snog – and I’d marry Edward Cullen (ha ha).
Alex: *glares at Maddy and Amy* This interview is entirely too personal.
Maddy: Come on, Alex. It’s just a bit of fun.
Alex: Who is this ‘Edward Cullen’?
Maddy: Don’t worry, Alex. He doesn’t measure up to you. *winks*
Amy: *under her breath* Guess Alex doesn’t sparkle then... *smiles and listens to Alex’s answer*
Alex: Very well. For my dinner party I would invite those funny men . . . Laurel and Hardy,
Maddy: They’re not fictional.
Alex: This is my dinner party and I’d like Laurel and Hardy to be there. Indiana Jones, Scarlett Johansson and . . . Jeremy Clarkson
Maddy: *snorts coffee out nose* Going for a bit of tongue action with Jeremy?
Alex: *smirks* Yes, Madison. How did you know?

Amy: To be entirely honest, I have no clue which one would be the better choice! I’m sure Shalini will get you invited to some dinner parties soon! Maybe even here... But back to her, are you at all like Shalini Boland? ... Which one is more Bolandesque?
Maddy: I’m nothing like her. She’s in her forties, married with kids and I bet she likes shopping at Marks and Spencer’s. She hasn’t got a clue what it’s like to be sixteen years old.
Alex: I’m sure she is a nice person. We don’t know her that well.
*Amy smiles* I’m sure you’re just jealous... Surely you want kids & to shop at Marks & Spencers? As for being 40... Well *looks at Alex and then coughs & decides to ask the last question*

Amy: That’s almost a wrap... It’s been great. Any last words?
Maddy: It’s been really good to meet you, Amy. Thanks.
Alex: Yes, thank you, Amy. And a sincere word of warning to you and to your readers – Be careful when you are out after darkness falls. There is more beyond your door than you would ever wish to know.
*Amy shudders* I think I might see where this is going but I don’t want to take this anywhere now... Not today. Maybe we’ll see you again, I loved meeting you both too... Goodbye! *smiles and turns to audience*

Amy: That was a fantastic interview... It was great meeting the characters from one of Shalini Boland’s wonderful... worlds *looks at characters* Yes, worlds. *sub titles read: novels* I was glad to have them here *hairs on neck stand on end and Amy wonders if they are looking at her neck and she signals for the camera crew to end the live show*

OK, maybe this wasn't a live show ;) But it was just as fun & it was my first character interview & third interview EVER. Did you think 'YAY' or 'NAY'? Before you make up your mind may I point out there IS a giveaway. And you have a chance of winning (probably big as my giveaways have had previously 100-200 entries each). How many entries will you get?

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Anonymous said...

Haha, what a fun character interview! Great post, Amy! :) I'll admit that I'm not one for vampires but this book sounds pretty good. :D

Rita (Weaving Pages) said...

I love character interviews! I find them funny and interesting to read so I loved this one!

Trish Hannon said...

Hahahaha! Big Yay. What a fun interview, it totally made me want to read more about these characters!

Diamond Cronen said...

Lol, I love character interviews! I vote-- YAY! Great job! You're a pro ;)

Awesome giveaway too. ^_^

AwesomeAmy said...

@Ana: Thanks! I'll let you know if it is.
@Rita: Aww, I'm glad Queen O' Deals.
@Trish: YESS. I love YAY's! :D
@Dee: The giveaway unfortunately hasn't had as much interest which is weird as there's two prizes... Probably shall extend it. But thanks, my thoughts are with you! (:

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