June 05, 2013

Reviewing... [29] Fire (Elements of Power #1)

..."Sure, let's point out all my faults: my skin is too tanned, my hair too dark, my eyes too blue," and I'm turning into a purple freak I added silently. (Kindle Ed Loc 1154).
I haven't gone mad, just realized I'd belong a little in the Helian Realm. If I was wearing brown contact lenses- I've got green eyes & non-coloured contacts- and got tan, not freckled. It's because people tell me frequently my hair's on fire. I'd rather my hands be on fire tbh... I wouldn't say that to helian's though... Wouldn't say this to anyone but maybe Jazz?

Reviewing... [29]

Source: Recieved for review

Author: Heather James

Recommended for: People who can handle cliffhangers and when 'Water' is published (maybe Air, I don't know how Water will end) well, everyone!

As you can see above, part of my reviewer charm is I won't say "go read it straight away" if you shouldn't. It's one of those very decent books which just could've been 5* if it wasn't so short & mean to me! If a book has a cliffhanger in blame the book. It's the character's fault. They just wanted to develop & meet more people... They also didn't want  the world to build without them.
...Of course, one would assume there isn't any more world-building that needs to be done for the Hellian (Fire) realm or the Arcan (air) realm but the other two? Let's just say, I cannot wait for the sequel for just that reason. I've never read a book where the world-building has such a positive impact on the book. It seemed to help the book move along... 

Hi characters! I'm the reader *grins*
Please, all authors reading this, think of me, Amy (not Charlie)
waving to your characters as they enter, mentally.

I think it helped 'Fire' also that Heather wasn't too scared to introduce many characters... In many cases, it was introducing.

One of the other reasons I am dying to read 'Water' is because there appeared to be three sets of characters in Fire: there were the main characters (two, out of the trio, of whom had their POV enlisted to help the reader understand Fire), then characters which I can't just call "secondary". They weren't. We were shown that they are going to be important & we better watch out for them. I'm definitely watching out for Cinear, hellian bad boy. Hellian would normally imply that but... well, he can't be average. If that's average then take the above wave as a goodbye. Over my shoulder. While I am running away fast. Speed.
Then there's obviously characters who are a lot less important than him. They are the proper side characters. They are all still cool but the type which don't factor into the relationships. A bit like how the tributes which fell at the Cornucopia in the Hunger Games don't really factor into the equation. Or anything mathematical, like a love triangle, or literalistic.
Talking of the Hunger Games, I might be a teeny bit more pleased with the girl who would come out alive if the realms were to have a Hunger Games. At least against the others she would. Or does she have weaknesses which others would take advantage of? That includes the other protagonist, Jasmine.
We didn't get to see the whole dynamic of the love triangle because only the girls narrate. It's quite hard to root for one girl over another. Yes, girls are fighting for a boy & it's way more interesting than the usual configuration of that device. The dynamic isn't comparable to a lot... You could say the way they pair up to a Hunger Games trio is like: Jazz is Peeta, Roxy is Gale & Brae is Katniss (well, maybe more... Glimmer?)
You'd sort of being sarcastic if you said that, though (all impressed, yes?) Impressed by the bottom line, that is... The characters are unique.

That's not really the bottom line of this whole essay review.
It sounds funny but I knew then how the story arc would go (or most of it)... It was developing quite fast for the first novel in the series (but it is a fairly short book which is sad) but I knew that it be likely a cliffhanger would come & leave me wanting more... I loved the mix of world building, character development & major action. It was fabulous & the book felt so alive, I was a bit like...

        I never saw that climax coming... YAY! DARN.
Especially at the end. Why did the book have to end there? Was it because we'd suddenly glimpsed the one issue we hadn't seen coming? Well, yeah... We all know that's the perfect way to end a series because it leaves us wanting more. I was addicted before then, believe me though...
I might've guessed some of the things during the book but I was already dying to see where it went & ignoring the things I normally wouldn't be excited about... until I realized I was excited about them. I had predicted them but it was just executed & subtlety altered brilliantly. The way that was all so seemingly perfectly done was mind blowing.
MIND-BLOWING. That's the bottom line (officially the ones below aren't, they're umm... the bottom zig zags).

Amy Bookworm (@Amy_Bookworm) rated Fire:
Now, you think that's the end, don't you?
I end it at that, normally. Sometimes with a twitter status link up, other times...? Well, other times I have to clarify something else I said regarding a book on Twitter. It's still this series I'm on about well. Well, I've been leaping around saying I need Water & Air. The books, specifically, for my mental health ;)
It goes Fire, Water & Air. TADA.
Come visit the series here. Then wait for Water at least because you're going to want the next book aren't you? Well, you could actually just download Fire onto your e-reader now & make sure it's obvious to you a sequel is following. I preferably like the shelf "sequel to follow" XD
Amazon | Barnes and Noble
You'll want to read it if you have... a bookworm trait, of course (I know it's not just me, don't lie).


Rita (Weaving Pages) said...

I'll make a deal with you Amy, if you read City of Bones, then I'll read Fire. What do you think?? :D *evil laugh*

Anonymous said...

I just read and reviewed this too for the Indie event! :D Awesome! I did enjoy this book and though I didn't get to comment on the "side" characters of it, I still felt that they were interesting. Mostly Cin. :P

Nuzaifa @ Say It With Books said...

If you want your readers to concentrate on your review do NOT include Adam Levine GIFs.I kept scrolling down to see it! :D

Lovely review Amy!I'll be adding Fire to my TBR soon. :)

AwesomeAmy said...

@Rita: One day I’ll call the shots, missy ;) Like maybe I should say I'll let you know when I have City Of Bones if you let me know what you think of... hmm... I wanna say Runners- I'm glad that caught your eye- but I wanna say the Catching Fire movie :L I'll be thinking on this one! You can tell I’ve been busy when I’ve left that hanging. Happy reading, today I’m going to give you a gold star (gold books are too costly) for stopping by :P

@Ana: I saw! Cin is just... well, we know he’s going to pop up again so it’s OK to be emotionally attached. Thanks for dropping in & leaving a lovely comment!

@Nuz: Yes, a few people have featured it. It’s a yes from this judge ;) Any other celebrities I should not have in GIFs? I’m sorry I didn’t realize he was more distracting than Charlie. Charlie had to be added in the end otherwise that review would’ve been a long time coming :L Thanks for stopping by, I love this event!

Rita (Weaving Pages) said...

@Amy Hahaha! Yes, next time you can choose the deal we make!Although, I know that in November all I'll be thinking about is the catching fire movie, so I'll be doing a post on that anyway, I should probably dedicate the post to you..! Haha!

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