June 15, 2013

Book Promo [#10]: Trinity (and Interview with Clare Davidson)

Guys, this is the second author interview I’ve had @ Amy Bookworm. Today’s it an indie UKYA author & that’s fabulous!
So, can you please give a big welcome to Clare Davidson? *nods* I know you can!

I’ll just quickly tell you the first interview question:

For the readers, what’s your name & where do you call home?
The easy bit: Hi, my name is Clare Davidson.
The not so easy bit: I’m from the UK, but I’m honestly not sure where I’d call home. I was born in Northampton and spent some time in Birmingham, before moving over half way across the world to live in Malaysia for four and a half years. After that, I lived in Leeds until I left home for university. Then I ended up in Lancaster and never left… until this summer, when I will be leaving and heading back to Leeds. So where do you think I should call home?

Where do you think Clare calls home? To contact her, find out more about her books & or just generally connect you can visit her @ her: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads | New releases mailing list

Sorry for that brief pause- firstly in the "official" interview,
True or False?

You use your real name. True.
You've had to do research for at least one of your novels. True.
You tend to write fast-paced novels. Both true and false. I think books need to be fast paced, but have moments of calm.
Your characters end up leading the novel to places you hadn't predicted... True. Don’t everyone’s characters?
You don't leave negative reviews. For books, that’s true. I’ve blogged about why I don’t leave negative reviews at length here (as we said, that's a good way to connect!)
Your books are closer to sad than funny. True, but there are always lighter moments.
Knitting is better than stitching. True. I love knitting. I can crochet and spin as well. I can also sew, but I prefer knitting.
Cats are better than dogs. So true!
Pink is better than black. False, but only because my 4 year old daughter insists on dressing head to toe and pink and her bedroom is bright pink. Pink overload!
Timelords are better than Werewolves. Every time!

Ooh, only one proper false! Win to the teenager (especially as I found another cat person, anyone else snap to that?)

Is there anything you'd like to say to your teenage self- would you mention being a published author? Would they expect your home to be where it is (I’d say the UK for that BTW!)?
I would definitely tell my teenage self that I had the guts to put my writing out there. I was very shy and introverted and, although I joked along with my classmates who said I’d never make it as a writer, their comments knocked my confidence A LOT. I think my past self would be pleased that all those hours spent writing longhand and dreaming up new worlds and characters would someday mean something to readers.
When I was looking at going to university, I was convinced I’d move back home as soon as I’d finished, rather than fourteen years later!

Is there an issue/topic you would like to see more of in YA? Why?
Now that’s a tough question. There are some very brave books in YA, which already cover serious issues and topics, such as suicide, rape, abuse, grief and racism. I suppose if anything it would be good to see books looking at cyber bullying or even grooming, as these are both problems relevant to modern teens. I’m sure they both have been covered in YA fiction, just not in books I’ve encountered yet.

Real life worlds, fictional film/TV worlds or bookish ones?
Real life. I write, read and watch film/TV to escape, but ultimately I wouldn’t want to live in any of those worlds. I’m happy in the real world with my husband, daughter and friends. Does that sound really cheesy?
Do you have any book trailers for your books? If not, describe your book in 10 words or less instead!
I have a book trailed for Trinity, which you can find here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0OfIk4jfZY) and I’ll be making one for Reaper’s Rhythm shortly.

Awesome. Do you think these help the reader to understand the world and book?
I think book trailers are useful for providing a visual interpretation of a book/world. They can be good for hooking readers in enough to read a sample or buy the book.

If you could only do one hobby for a day, what would it be?
Erm… writing? Or maybe knitting if I wanted a relaxing day!

What are some of your books on your TBR and which are the ones you’re most looking forward to? Also pick your side: sad books or funny books?
I like books which have both funny and sad moments. I don’t tend to read all out comedies and books which never have moments of relief can be a little depressing to slog through. I guess I just cheated there!

As for my TBR list…
I have an eARC of ‘One’ by Leigh Ann Kopans
‘Blood Roses’, by Jason T Graves
‘Sky Song’, by Sharon Sant
‘Stars in Her Eyes’, by Clare Marshall
‘Nightingale’, by David Farland
‘A Monster Calls’, by Patrick Ness

There’s more… but those are on the first page of my Kindle! I’m looking forward to reading them all for different reasons. Yes, I cheated a second time!

Reaper’s Rhythm is set to be released this summer… Can you tell us a little about this upcoming book?
Reaper’s Rhythm is a young adult urban fantasy, with a large dash of mystery. It’s set in modern day England, very loosely in the area I currently live (and I do mean loosely). Here’s the blurb:
Devastated and unable to accept her sister, Charley’s sudden death, Kim sets out to prove it was murder. Not an easy task when everyone is convinced it was suicide. Crippled by an unnatural amnesia regarding her sister’s death, Kim starts to investigate, but at every turn, she comes up against the unexplainable. As she starts to doubt her own sanity, she realises her investigation is putting her and those around her in danger.
The only person who seems to know anything is Matthew, an elusive stranger who would rather vanish than talk. Kim needs to convince Matthew to help her, if she’s going to find out what happened to Charley and protect her family. 
~Reapers Rhythm

We're not just here to promote the upcoming novel by Clare, and as much as I love interviewing her (it was fantastic to do that) we're moving on...

RELEASED July 2012!
Series: ý  
Clare Davidson's debut novel. It is an epic fantasy, targeted at young adult readers, with strong crossover appeal into the adult market.


Also Available at Amazon (UK linked above), Smashwords, Sony, iTunes & Barnes and Nobles

KIANA longs to walk through a forest and feel grass between her toes. But she is the living embodiment of a goddess and has enemies who wish to murder her. Her death will curse the whole of Gettryne. Locked away for protection, she dreams of freedom.

Her wish comes true in the worst possible way, when her home and defenders are destroyed.

Along with an inexperienced guard and a hunted outcast, Kiana flees the ravages of battle to search for a solution to the madness that has gripped Gettryne for a thousand years. Pursued by the vicious and unrelenting Wolves, their journey will take them far beyond their limits, to a secret that will shake the world.


Anonymous said...

Cats are better than dogs. So true!

Aw, as a dog person, I disagree! :P Heh... Great interview, you two! :D

Rita (Weaving Pages) said...

I'm sorry but I'm a Dog person..
I love the interview but the True and False was my favourite!

ClareMDavidson said...

Thanks for having me! The interview was fun, especially the true or false section :) I stand by my cat decision ;-)

Roberta R. said...

Fun interview Amy! You know I'm not a fan of fantasy, but Reaper’s Rhythm might be my thing. I'll wait for more info on that one.

AwesomeAmy said...

@anaherareads: Dog person? How...? OK, I suppose there are negatives to cats but the positives outweight them! Hence why I have a cat, even though my Mum's allergic to them. I used to beg for a dog though & it never happened. As soon as I wanted a cat it was like... BAM. Here's a cat. I wish that happened when I changed my mind about which books I wanted XD Thanks for stopping by again!

@Rita: You can love dogs but... please love cats too! I'll stand by my opinion ;) *Caleb meows* He says he wants this to be a deal, you coming to love cuties like him (though half the time he thinks he's a dog, shush!)
I quite like the True & False (and real/not real). You love Caleb, real or real (that's not a typo)? If you need to see a pic to decide lemme know!

@Clare: I would probably be more upset knowing you'd change your decision (cat) than if you'd been a life-long dog person. I suppose I haven't life-long been a cat supporter but life goes on! I'm glad you enjoyed the interview & thanks for the feedback (:

@Roberta R.: Ah, that's awesome! I'm not the biggest fantasy fan (esp as us paranormal lovers are often not regarded as proper "fantasy fans". I understand what people mean but it came from fantasy & is sometimes more enjoyable. Not in every case but it's not fair to say mainstream fantasy (not technical term at all) or paranormal is better when they do crossover but have the differences for a reason- fans might just prefer paranormal! Or vice versa. I don't care tbh about people's arguments on that ;) It may be your thing- I haven't read or signed up (yet) for events near to the publication. If I do promote it I'm glad you're interested! Also, did you not do BBC yesterday?

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