June 27, 2013

Book Detective: Love Triangles (with a review)!

Firstly can I apologize that this is my first blog post this week? I actually have some drafted but I'd confused myself... I was supposed to post twice this week for the Indie Self-Published Author Event & think I still will! So stick around & enjoy this post...

The Book Detective by Divergent Gryffindor
The Book Detective is a meme put together to recommend the books we recently found out about from the blogs we follow or Goodreads which come under a specific category.
This week we're discussing recent finds/reads which have a love triangle!
Well, it's...

What have I found...?

I was just taking an online stroll and passed an author's door which is fimilar to me. That house, in the middle of the street, has nice smells of books, pringles & the sound of Geeky TV, Joey Graceffa's 'Anna Sun' cover... This isn't about the household as it's on  the Holmes street you find a love triangle.
Peter Karlsson, Simon Harper and Lizzie Holmes...

May I please point out the reason I'm about to write a mini review in a book detective? I found this before most other people & then was like, "YOU DIDN'T TELL US!" And then I read it. It had a love triangle in it. Well, of sorts.

I finished this book in a day which isn't just because it's absolutely at least 99% felicitous (love triangle or not) for me. It's really short. Probably the shortest book to have a love triangle in ever that is, it's got 77 pages & every single one of them engrossed me. It will take you about 2 hours to read and if you're a book vacuum, even less.
I always marvel at it but when short stories or novellas have amazing characters I'm just like, 'SCORE!' The voice of Lizzie is memorable and honest but somehow there's a thin layer of mystery in the tale woven in with comedy. I relate to Lizzie even though her experiences are very different. I pity her at points and understand her responses. I think this is a tale which is sweet and the story doesn't feel rushed. One week can change everything and I just want more... Surely, there isn't only one week that causes change?
The Holmes were a family with a Dad who is better than their Mum, a sister who is selfish and totally cruel. I just want to take her brains, rearrange them & put them back. I'd rather have two walking stomaches than one and a grouchy, kindness-lacking sister. I loved how Peter had to come and understand the family and then I appreciated much of the deep insight that occurred as a result. He also came to understand England & this stands out to me in UKYA. Peter is from Sweden and he's turned up on their doorstep and he finds a place which is English and proud. Lizzie has a sense of place and I loved the setting as no, it's not a part of England I'm familiar with. It's so much better to read about another place and feel characters connection to the place than just peeping at Google Earth now & again to compare one place to another.

How many times should I read this in my lifetime? Or rather, does 100 times sound OTT?

It wasn't all about the place or the character, it had some quotes which made me want to start blubbing they were so gorgeous. Can I have Peter (is it weird to have book boyfriends with a name pronounced the same), Lizzie? I'm assuming you want Simon. He has SWAG. And yes, the 'S' stands for stars, obviously. *melts again* ‘Being amongst rough lives and confusion does not make you less, it only makes your beauty shine out more clearly.’ (Location 1187).
All the scenes seemed to be written brilliantly but eeek... The scene that quote comes from.  This love triangle is mainly for juxtaposition, I reckon. I'm OK with that because... well, I just am.

May I point out that this book is free. I've always had a feeling Sharon is insane. WHY is this book a freebie? It's worth more than I ever thought a novella could be. I'd pay more for this than I would for most whole books. I mean, seriously... It's at least worth the price of a coffee.
Especially if a follow-up occurs... Well, I know how I fix this:

Hello Sharon (or other reader which will feel no obligation to do anything).

So, I want to know which books had love triangles which you really, really liked... Even if it wasn't because of the love triangle!
Share with me below, please :D
Given 4.5 (compromised as it's a short- not quite 5.)


Rita (Weaving Pages) said...

GIFs solve everything, don't you agree?

Trish Hannon said...

I hadn't heard of this by Sharon but I'll check out :-) My fav book with a love triangle is The Hunger Games just because I love the book and I felt the triangle ended the way I wanted it to.

Anonymous said...

I did a little double take when I saw the author was Sharon because I really enjoyed her books! :D This is free? I can't see to find it free. :O It sounds like something I would enjoy.

As for love triangles, I'll be talking about them a bit more in-depth on my blog next month. ;) But for now, I guess the love triangles that I did enjoy were THG (like Trish) and the one in The Truth About Forever (Sarah Dessen). :D

SJ S said...

Hello guys

Just thought I'd better pop my head in and say that the amazon free period ran out so it's gone back up for the moment. I can't put it out for free for a couple of months yet (amazon don't let you) but I will as soon as I can. Otherwise, if you want a mobi for review let me know!

Thanks all for being interested :)

AwesomeAmy said...

@Rita: They don't fix computers, WAA.
@Trish: I love the Hunger Games too! I'm not saying this is my favourite love triangle but the book... Ashjkurihk!
@Ana: It should be free soon, I've talked to Sharon about it & apparently it can go on free promo when it has a little more interest or something like that! I'll come see your love triangles, lol :P
@SJS: Took me a while to figure out that meant YOU, Sharon, awesome author!

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