November 06, 2013

Baaack to school... (again).

I had a post drafted about being back to school early September. Never published it*, by accident. Other posts went by & I scheduled one in September for October. 2nd. How long ago was that? Well, October wasn't really a blogging month. I think one or two days I managed something but never was it to write a whole post which I then could schedule so...
I wasn't here in October. That probably hadn't escaped your notice. A grand total of 0 posts... Ain't it... crap?
I'm still blogging (hopefully). It's a bit much to basically have a whole month off impromptu but honestly, it wasn't a hiatus. It may have involved a German exchange but I still had homework, things to catch up on & literally October passed by in a blur. I didn't have time to sit back & blog. And in most cases, tweet.
I need to make it up to you, and myself! Several reviews have yet to be written. Basically, during October half term (also 1/3 November cos this school year is weird, or my school is!) I read. Big surprise but actually, October was a rubbish month. I read some. But like, 3 books? Which I then preceded to NOT review. Like a busy, bumbling idiot. I don't count that as a bookwormy total but it meant less reviews stacked up. Anyway, the point is...
I've now realized I have to stop panicking when I'm so busy and will, attempt to at least one day a week, still blog a bit. One post if that's all I can do. 
That's a third of the September and previous average. But as I said, I haven't STOPPED blogging. Just am unable to do the same quantity. We may have to talk hiatus' again at some point cos I know this is a busy year. I just have to last 2 more months. Can I do this?
Yes I can. I'm good at rambling. As you've seen if you've got to this point.
Well done, readers. You've put up with my near-pointless post.
*until I really modified it & used the ideas/some of the books & produced the last post!

To make it up to you, here's what I've read & need to review...
(with two meme's, it may not be a Monday morning, it may be Wednesday but still... I'm telling you these things & linking up to:)

This meme is also similar to the:

Grand total.... 5!

What now?...
I'm currently reading Flip by Martyn Bedford (you know, from the UEA post?) and don't really know the rest, yet. 
So... whatever (there's 3 W's!)

Goodbye... for now!


Roberta R. said...

I did notice you were MIA - also on Goodreads, apart from the random TR book or rating that popped in my friends' stream ( there anyone who moderates the Blogger Lift group anymore?). I thought you didn't have time for your old friends anymore ;) - old as in, I-used-to-be-a-teen-a-long-time-ago LOL. But now, the big revelation...Germany & related are to blame for your absence! ;P

I also noticed you got rid of the GFC gadget, but I still get your you get mine?

Sophie Louise said...

Hi Amy,

Blogging isn't meant to be a chore - just remember that! It's something I've had to tell myself time and time again! Post when you want too, it's your blog and your time! Honestly, I'd much prefer to read a post that has a lot of thought and honesty in it weekly/monthly, than one daily with hardly any of those things.

Good luck with the schoolwork(I'm behind on reviews too!)


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