November 19, 2013

Autumn Book Tag (cos... NOVEMBER!)

Am I eventually going to do a vlog? You probably think I am but no. I love the BookTube world for the ones who are brave enough (and clearly less ugly than me, lol) to vlog!
I know tags are like the YouTube feature-thing (too infrequent to be a meme, some meme's are both vlogger & blogger) but tough... I'm doing one as a normal post.
The Autumn Book Tag has popped up on YouTube, it was created by the super awesome Dani On Books I believe? Anyway, it looks awesome to discuss some things to do with Autumn and BOOKS.

What is your favorite thing about autumn?
Hmm. I like most seasons but Autumn's kinda like easing us into Winter, there's still plants & lots of leaves to stomp round in noisily. It's basically like a gentle Winter where there is nice weather too. I like that. Kinda odd thing to say so how about I add tights, warm PJs & cuddly dressing gown, woolly dresses and leggings and probably... hoodies. I'm a total chav, there ;)

What book reminds you of school?
The ones at school? Probably Harry Potter books. If you discuss books at school, that or classics are likely to come up. Classics are so school but Harry Potter actually does remind me of school. All the Hogwarts & everything, it's literally just what I thought of first.

What is one of your favorite autumn-related book covers?
One of? So I have to consider all of the autumn-related ones I like? Basically, though, the only autumn-related covers I can think of all just remind me of Autumn cos they have trees on. Like, the wolves of Mercy Falls books, some hardback editions of Cate Tiernan's books, even Unearthly, Dead Beautiful, Sweetly, Falling and then the rest it's just the colour scheme? Such as of Firespell, The Truth About Celia Frost, Iron Witch (OK, that's kinda an exception and my edition of Perks Of Being A Wallflower (red cover & orange spine).
I'm going to go with, just cos it also strikes me AS an Autumn book & my cover of it is just the best... This is one of my most treasured books so I'm biased.

What is your favorite horror or Halloween story?
I can't think of many. I only really know Uncle Montague's Tales Of Terrors. There's some others ones than I recall that might be part of that but whose titles I don't recall. I really remember one about a cat lady who turned children who strayed near her into cats & that's why she had so many cats... Then people started to realize her cats all had human eyes & basically, she's a witch.
(Only more than a fortnight after Halloween, LOL!)

What are some of your favorite horror films?
I can't think of any, sorry! I've seen some horrible films but normally they leave me... I know The Wickerman (I think it's called?) still really traumatizes me. I watched it once but unfortunately I remember it like I've watched it a million times. It's a disgusting film so far from favourite. But I'd class it as horrifying... LOL.

What is a book release you're looking forward to this autumn?
Well, it's almost the end of Autumn... I know that I was looking forward to, earlier in November, Tinder (the review copy I've now read, so thanks Indigo) & also- I still haven't read November release- The Naturals. I think that means I've covered it :L

What is a film release you're looking forward to this autumn?
I'm also looking forward to Doctor Who (50th anniversary episode) almost exactly the same amount. There's only a day difference so I'm literally going to be SO happy...

What are three books you want to read this autumn?
I might re-read Iron Witch & pick up the sequels if I get chance. I've been meaning to finish the Harry Potter series (I've only read & watched the first four... I'll finish the series this year though. Honest). There are obviously others things (one mentioned in a previous question) that I want to read but I won't be able to finish both of those series still in November! Maybe I should mention a fab Christmassy read? North Pole Reform School I am looking forward to for the chilly, dark December XD

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