November 22, 2013

Reviewing... [46] Flip

Reviewing... [46]

Source: Purchased :P
Author: Martyn Bedford
Recommended for: Physic evacuees (so that's like, all of us, right?) or people who aren't quite as unique... Either goes.

I've never read books or watched films about body switches. Yeah, they exist, but this was actually totally new to me & I really enjoyed 'Flip'. Alex and Philip, the body switchers (I suppose), never met but they had a connection, no- it's not hobbies, it's not a girl, or any personality traits. Chalk & cheese may as well just swap bodies... 
Obviously, Alex doesn't like being in a different body, he doesn't like showering in that body, he doesn't like dealing with another guy's life & mainly family. So, he panics. How can he contact his family and friends? Gosh, if only they knew he was Alex inside there. Alex becomes a look actor, he's like a lie generator and he is totally different to how he used to be... 
At some points, I was really wondering how it would unfold, at some points I was sure we'd hear from Philip's consciousness or something & others I was like, "It's just not going to happen. This book isn't going to end well" & ya-da-ya-da. It truly confused me & I can tell you, waking up in somebody else's body is totally not a picnic. I do not want to do that, not that it's possible...

I know Alex may have felt confused and all but at some points I thought we discovered things too randomly. For example, "Alex" gets dropped from the Rugby Team but we only find this out ages after he must've been kicked. He tries to reinvent himself & isn't that thoughtful to what a mess he is making of a life, a family & much more. *spoiler* Seriously, if you thought another guy was going to have to return to his life when/if you switch back, why would you actually leave him a catastrophe? *spoiler ended*
Luckily, although this book has a fair amount of suspense, it's not all suspense- it wouldn't allow you to think deeper about the book and the characters if it was non-stop action. There was action but you do get thinking space & for this novel, I appreciate that. The moral side of things means this is much more than just a "paranormal" novel. 
Overall, I enjoyed Flip. It was fun, engaging & confusing (if you were judging by the book's- UK- cover you'd probably guess that. The way you can SO easily hold it upside down if you aren't 100% concentrating is just so irritating. I did it about a million times; in English several of my classmates picked it up & were getting confused also! I was like, "not just me then...") 

Cover aside (even if Flip is similar to the cover we still won't rate it based on the cover, that's too judgey!):

Amy Bookworm (@Amy_Bookworm) rated this book: 

Do you think you'll read it? Have you read/watched anything with body switches (and do they sound similar? I hope not! If so, I'm just inexperienced :L)

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