November 26, 2013

3 Things: Opinions on Recent Awesomeness.

As you no doubt now (for one, you're here & probably share some interests with me... lots of our interests are epic if so!), awesomeness is all  around us. But... what's November bought for me?

Amazon Coins
Lucky kindle owners get 400 coins... that's £4. But just to spend on apps. OK, I use apps, so it's not totally useless but I actually don't use that many paid apps, anything really that uses cash... If I have money on me my first priority is food (esp chocolate or popcorn... something equally nice) and then also books. Not apps! Not even the... pretty awesome app I actually did buy November 6th & have made amazing progress on... Got District 11 & all! Oh, haven't you guessed? The Hunger Games Adventures. Didn't spend a penny on that. There are apps I've been tempted but it ends up being expensive. When they allow you to spend amazon coins on ebooks you can let me know about the 400 coin credit I have, eh? So yeah, that's my cent's worth.

...The actually Hunger Games movies around much, as well?
Well, now you mention it I did watch Catching Fire!
Along with about a million other people I watched it the week of release. Yes, it was at the weekend not Thursday. I couldn't, cos of school... basically though it doesn't matter! I watched it & I loved it. Yes, I did cry. District 11 was shown & you know with everything that happened (you better have read the book, if not... spoilers are here for YOU) it was just... Rue. Bird song. '12 sign. DO I NEED TO SAY MORE? Cos if I do you are heartless. I'm joking... but I really did cry so I'm glad Rita has sympathy. So does Gee. And Sophie. Lots of other people, probably strangers, also teared up. Ash was just sitting there next to me crying too so... GOT IT?
Overall, it wasn't just sad. I cried more than laughed but I did both (what? Haymitch is a funny bunny! And seeing people spill their popcorns at a bit where there were apes... 'nuff said). It was so close to the books, there wasn't anything as different as there had been in the first (I believe). But I had, at points, been sure something different would happen. It's a truly amazing movie which keeps to the book but for a moment makes you think that it might not... That there's a difference, more action & certain people may die or this will happen... You won't be disappointed though. Unless you expected there to be no blood or gore... My Dad thought for a 12A it was graphic but I just found that funny... It was supposed to be realistic. It was supposed to be wonderful. WOW. JUST WOW. AND EEEK. WOWEEEK (to be precise).
I could say more but I've tweeted more... I've jabbered on & on... all in the name of "fangirl". Yup, no regrets.
BTW I saw an awesome article on Suzanne Collins, do you want to see it? If you can excuse the fact it refers to the District's as towns (understatement my dear... America is bigger than 13 towns :L) then it's a pretty good article. I hope you find it worth a read. The Independent Article in question (no, there wasn't a question. All statements.)

Doctor Who
This amazing thing that came to my screens on a Saturday night, as it has so many times over the years... But this one is special (especially for a life-long, or rather since it came back long, fan): 50th anniversary, you know. YOU CAN'T NOT. Or did you stay under a rock for about a year?
So, what did I think...? Oh, what to say first! I thought it was confusing, although it brought back several Doctor's & even mentioned 13th (who Matt hasn't turned into yet)... I'm glad I watched the minisode though, otherwise it would've been more mind-boggling! So, if you haven't watched minisode & don't want to hear possible spoilers about this episode, avoid this bit of the post & the internet in general.... I apologize!
The way they managed it, in an explosive mix of well... actual explosions, cleverness, Clara's wisdom & random bits from past episodes. We hadn't picked up on the significance of half those things, I bet! Like the sonic screwdriver... Did you see that coming? Did you see how it linked with 12th, Matt, saying he'd had 400 years to think about it... So, was it the Doctor's 50th we were celebrating? We're reminded it's more than 50, it's more than 500... The Doctor's done bad things & we still know of him as 'The Doctor', not anything else. Trenzalore or Gallifrey... Where will they be in the 50th? I didn't get the idea of... well, them being locked & hidden away. So what will there world be like? Like the painting at the end? Or like we saw, images of hope & happiness? Either way, perhaps we won't encounter Daleks anymore...
Finally, my Mum was like, "THAT'S MY DOCTOR!" when the curator came on.
I was seriously confused but I was happy... We know it's significant for them & there are Doctor's who forget, Doctor's who regret. there's the hero, the warrior, the doctor. All in one. It's actually gonna be 13-1 soon! Can't wait for Xmas now! That episode is going to be just so... wonderful. Can they make it a tad more easy to understand though please? And can we see all the regeneration? And... oh wait, I'll just shut up & wait. OK? :P

May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favour {english spelling, yano) or... if not, may the Doctor always come for you! May your mind implode with this awesomeness...
If not, do you want more like this? I could mention SHIELD? And other recent things I haven't seen/thought about mentioning yet? Any ideas? Anything you want to hear my opinion on? YOU LET ME KNOW, PEEPS! I've really enjoyed writing this post. I hope you enjoyed reading it...
Thanks (:

Amy Bookworm ~ come again soon! xx

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Rita (Weaving Pages) said...

AMY I UNDERSTAND YOUR CATCHING FIRE FEELS. Me and my mum just sat there crying... I sure I went through a whole packet of tissues, or something...!!!

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