January 18, 2014

Reviewing... [51] Water

Sorry, all, this is such an overdue review. It's of a book that deserves better so without further ado. ENTER:

(a pretty cover, I lied ~ an interruption, but it IS so pretty & you don't need me to tell you that...).

Reviewing... [51]

Source: Recieved for review <3

Author: Heather James

Recommended for: People who've read Fire, I guess? It seems logical that if you've read the first book & the cliffhanger didn't totally destroy you then umm... yeah, Water's here NOW! :)

Well, I'm a little gutted that the story didn't really move on much from the last book. I mean, we're close geographically to where we were left in 'Fire'. This book had a lot of action, sure but just because stuff happened… It's like we're told, as characters are doing stuff overall the story moves on. The action is like a cover, and its quite good to read, but I was just like… wait, it just ends there? It's clearly not enough to get us all the way from A to B. Besides this rather sizely issue…
Nooo, I'm not going to rant because what happened is, it was an easy read which I enjoyed it's just like you when you take a eat and...
The 'Water' aftertaste.
That's the bad thing. When you finish reading, and although it takes a while, you suddenly cannot deny that irritation & it takes you a long time to decide how to approach your feelings. You realize the book did good things but the critism has to be mentioned: you noticed how after all the 'Ooh!' moments, you're at a less-Ooh-y ending which the book shouldn't have. It should have a better ending as that's the only let-down in sight & it gives bad press. I understand James probably left it so we've clearly felt pathos for both girls at endings in the series. /perhaps spoiler begins In Book 3 (Air, I think?), will we end up feeling sorry for Brae? Actually, I can see that. Oops. Hence why I marked it as a spoiler.  /end of that.
Some people are mainly fussy that they want to feel emotion & like to empathize with characters. Although it's like a bit of a swing (possibly more than 2-way), you still do in all the 'Elements of Power'. I've gone through the 'Pity Jasmine' phase & think I'm now with Roxy. I've mainly been Team Roxy for actually quite a bit now & despite her "changes" I'll still root for her. DATE BRAE! DATE BRAE *cheerleader* I <3 Fire...
It was quite a roundabout way to get to that point, that ending. I know:
a) Layers of the world are an awesome addition.
It may sound funny, as it's a fantasy, but it was one of the most realistic things. It was made realistic as both girls explored one realm for the majority of their book. Although the plot laid on this foundation was shaky, it's not a reflection on the world built. I totally believed the imagery. I fell in love with this world, I was engaged by this enhanced world which you are sucked into. With history, with love, with so many elements to ponder & wander... :P
I feel like both girls really changed by their travels, which brings me to...
b) At least we have character development. Another great, must-have.
I still think both girls have elements to love & hate, though I'm like 67% Roxy. Jasmine came to have more 'life' in her, she took time to become like that. Before, I genuinely believed she wasn't that independent. There was a hint her 'discovery' in Fire would change her but it was better than I'd anticipated.
Although I'm not sure how much I'm going to get a grip on all this messiness (which I can't go into without totally being guilt-tripped). I feel like Roxy's developed mostly well, but some parts make her seem flat. We know she hasn't just been sitting there, moping, but you could be fooled & think some part of Jasmine' brain (the weak, horrible bits that meant I never really rooted for her) has been transplanted into Roxy's. Roxy, ugh I ship her with the love interest. But I'm starting to realize how dynamic this love triangle is. Plus, there's something to confuse it. It's someone I hate...
c) Your hatred doesn't swing as dramatically as your pity.
I think Cinear is the only character who I hate with a passion. More passion. Like, I could totally give him a mouthful... it would be painful. How can he do what he does? The first part of this book with him & Roxy... my heart. What a seriously horrible dude, ugh. And Roxy's Mother likes him? OK, I'm not going to spend another review complaining about that idiotface. But one more thing of the relationship between Roxy & him- isn't Roxy a human? To you? Helians have feelings too. They are not as go-with-the-flow! I love how helians have, deep down, a sense of normality. Of having flaws, in politics, in lives. In this book, literally all realms- besides Arcan- have drama going on. I wouldn't hate Jasmine or Brae (though they do selfish things), but Cinear. Can I just end it here, saying:

The plusses do outweigh the negatives & I'm totally not dropping this series cos although the standard hasn't been 100% maintained there's still hope; I want to know what happens to my buddies from an alternate Universe. I will be hoping to read the next book. It's the finale of the series so one things for sure: It cannot end anywhere near the same place. Unless there's a wedding on that beach, then geographically... Ha, technicalities but I'd be so for that.
I wonder if we'll see more of Roxy playing with Fire? She's the main person I like to see playing with fire & is less "perfect" compared to Jasmine. You're not exactly lead, using the same techniques, to like Roxy so if you like her... You like her on your own accord. Your own human decency... it's more than in tact. And if it makes you feel good, you're more like me ;)
Now, let's join together to think about Tristan's action (Oh, wait, you need to read it first?), what Sephan-life is like, Air & more...
What will we see next? Did you like how Water tied in? Not just the 'going across it to get back to Arcan land'?

Noooow, the real end is near :P
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Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy reading things more interesting than this blog post, this (or the Fire) actual book for example. Nonetheless, may the books be ever in your favour!
~Amy Bookworm x ~

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Zoe Crook said...

Brilliant review, Amy! Love the GIFs :D

Shame this didn't reach your expectations and wasn't as good as the last book. I'm glad the positives outweigh the negatives but I can see where you're coming from with the criticism. Maybe I'll look out for Fire :) Thanks for sharing!

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