January 28, 2014

Reviewing... [53] Storm & Stone

Dear Kieran Storm,
I claimed you before a certain Stone did... Just sayin'. You're miiiinnneee.
Thanks for your consideration,
Please get rid of her.

(Warning: Will probably say lots of things I'm not really supposed to in this review but this book unleashed a monster... she did like the book so don't worry!)

Reviewing... [53]

Source: Lovely publishers ~ thanks Charlotte specifically *hugs* It's almost as if you knew Kieran Storm was a KING.
Publisher: OUP *mwah Oxford* (shouldn't say that... bro might be watching~ no Cambridge University Press, riiiight?) 
Author: Joss Stirling
Recommended for: Anyone that knows how to kill Raven ~ you'd have to be uber talented. OK, *sigh*, all people who wouldn't kill me cos they know what the book boyfriend is.

Review is based on a uncorrected proof~ please take this muchly into your considerate brain <3

I would totally believe you if you said you were really just an uber talented teenage girl, Stirling. Your books scream: THIS IS FOR THE Teenage Girl Appreciation Society (which I tried, and it doesn't look right in caps. Screaming imagined). And, I do know. I've read Joss Stirling's books before <3 2012 mainly was my Joss-Stirling-Trilogy-Fangirling. I knew I'd like it as her writing style keeps me coming back for more, firstly, and her ideas are unique so even if this isn't another Benedict Brother novel I have stuff to leap about & look forward to.
Now, Finding Sky aside, I'm reading this. OK, these ideas in her latest, 'Storm & Stone' have been twisted so they're not completely like anything an author has ever done. It's different, entails more mystery, slightly less romance (not as obvious romance) even though there's a boy just as worthy of our appreciation society as lots of YA boys, and all of Stirling's. We are chicks that appreciate boys who are amazingly clever (oh, to follow previous ramblings, that other top University relates more than that. Kieran did all the maths questions from their page. Yep, Cambridge University). He's amazing. Just clever? I mean, what girl could say adding such good looks to the equation makes it so much better than any old X? Don't lie.
Drama was always going to happen at the school, but it seems Kieran managed to let the lid of... well, this. Let me explain.
Boarding schools, or actually any school apart from state, are under-done I believe. There is something magical about this school environment but not many authors are up to it so they go for plain &... Jane (not literally, feeling uncreative). I remember, from like Year 4, Twins at St Clare's. Both boarding schools. So different, but just sayin'. Don't compare a YA to a kid's book XD I'm not; but as they're the only ones I can think of?
I personally am a state-attender (its suitable for me & I was too chicken to do the entrance exams & try for scholarships) but neither siblings are. Neither board at their school but still... I know their experience is different. I know the fact some people board at their schools brings in something different! You’ll love it as it features a whole lot of british... while having a multicultural feel (my school’s lacking that too) in addition. Raven’s just one American ;) It’s a whole mix of different ethnicies & cultures all crammed in together... Most rich. Something’s just waiting to happen (it’s a book too. Duh). A lid has been put on their differences sooooo... *BANG*

Had to. Plus, book under-ginger. That's unique too... Ooooooo.
Seriously. Gingers are cool.
Drama is obviously there. Action... As soon as publishers say, 'Ready to write? And... action', Joss takes it seriously & pours action over so many pages. You can't be in doubt that stuff moves on, so much is added to this book.

The hilarious thing is... Kieran being in Raven's class <3  Kieran didn't pick Dance. Ohhhh no. But he's in it... It's deep & you know something's... peculiar... from the start of that. I can't really compare them to chalk & cheese, storm & stone sounds better... Sentiment's the same. They seem that way but as you hear from their two perspectives (which is always awesome, hearing the story from both characters with their opinions & separate knowledge, you get the idea) you start to realize how they attract, whether opposites or seemingly not so opposite...
Not everybody at the school suspects either new boys, they like them. Or they seem to think Kieran's buddy is off the hook, at least. Joe is adored and while I can admit, he's cute & got brains too he's still too non-Kieran-like (there's only one Kieran though... don't think about having more). On the basis, Kieran & Raven are getting "friendly", Kieran's not so... desirable, any more. Can they change his opinions? Hooooww?
Kieran saves Joe's ass a lot which is quite funny as normally it'd seem like Joe's the macho type so it would be the reverse but Kieran has to actually have initiative and kick butts for Joe. Joe's weakness is he tries to please more people in the school & he wants to keep up his 'fitting in' appearance. There are things I am definitely not telling you now, but their relationship is a really interesting part. I mean, it's not Storm & Stone (unnnlleeeesss, no... that's not going to be the title of the next book). I will say, Kieran overthinks stuff & would have seemed like a total loser if Joe wasn't there to cushion his fall. Kieran wouldn't have been with Raven if it wasn't for Joe. As secondary characters go, he's a must-have. Where can we buy Joe's? We know he's not taken (since when does that stop fangirls really though).

Lastly, I devoured every page (I didn't really have time to think 'Oooh, this is going to happen' but I know... well, you'll see), Storm & Stone. Every element of them. Every...
This gif is doing more than you think. It is expressing shock, surprise and... darn it.

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