January 21, 2014

Teaser Tuesday ~ Twist added (lots of books :P)

Why is there a twist? Good question.

No, it's not cats. Though you see them here some Thursdays (like the last one). I just like cats...
(Disclaimer: not my cat, google images said this base cat image was labelled for reuse with modifications).
Oh. Wait :P (she said like it was a total accident, obviously not me just being tricky)... Have I explained Teaser Tuesday game's aim (for those of you who don't know)?
...Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading. Anyone can play along! It can let people know what you're reading, generally...
You get a book, open to a random page and you must share two (2) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page, while being CAREFUL not to include spoilers (make sure that what you share doesn’t give too much away! You don’t want to ruin the book for others!)

Hopefully I won't spoil these books for myself while I do this experiment... :P I'm doing it for the book I'm reading at the time of writing which also ties into the twist...
With thanks to Hawwa for being a host for this:

'Doorstep Delights'is hosted by Hawwa  @ itwaslovelyreadingyou
Thanks also girl for only eating your own books. Much appreciated :P
I decided although this is like a month haul & only 4 books (only fiction) it was cool to do now... I always get ebooks & rarely show ebook hauls as do you know you can have lots & it doesn't involve hauling any more than this kindle which is light & all, but can still carry lots of books.
author: Lucy Carver
Ugh. Rant over. Giving teasers is different for ebooks too...

The one I'm actually reading is Young, Gifted & Dead which is a book with a lot of mystery, as she has a photographic memory it's a bit repetitive so I'm not actually spoiling anything by giving you:
'What you told me earlier about the  pathologist's follow-up report is what's keeping me awake'.
'And anyway he didn't want to know. "Why should he?" Lily asked.'
Both are parts of dialogue on page 92, which is incidentally close to page 99 (love those) & give reference to other things which still have some mystery to me- slightly less pages in- but will be even more mysterious to you.
I got this book for Christmas from the lovely brother (though I got it & he paid for it XD) What do you think of Lucy Carver's YG&D passage? :P

The first to arrive is actually a sampler but as it's released this month & I'm hoping to get the real book soon (maybe by time this posts I will?) I thought I'd mention...
Curious Fox's (thanks!)
author: J.A. Buckle
Jackie the tweep

This may have involved a teensy tiny bit of trying to get kind of late on in the sampler so it's more accurate picture of a 200ish-page book. Page 43:
1) "If I don't get a girlfriend soon (number one on the list) I may have to resort to drastic measures like surgery (me) or hypnosis (them)."
2) "He needs my graphical skills on Photoshop so he can get a flattering picture for Facebook."
Hmm... That's all I'll say :P With a little giggle there too, possibly.
As you can guess, it mentions ferrets & Facebook. It wouldn't be called 'Half My Facebook Friends Are Ferrets' for nothing, you know.
These quotes are from the sampler, please take this into consideration.

author: Rosie Rowell
Thanks Hot Key Books... you were
my first piece of post in '14!

Next up, although I have the proof (which I won this month) I made sure I could be using quotes from the real 'Leopold Blue' book as it's now published. Basically, yes, I like this as it's sounds awesome but also educational. In fact, Humanities & English have both covered Apartheid & that, plus racism, is something I feel strongly about. The fact this is a modern book set in a historical setting adds something to it, makes it refreshing (I assume) & different to other texts dealing with these issues. I can't wait to read it... Proof wise, I managed to open up at page 48 buuutt here's the official sentences;
'Its racing heartbeat pulsed into my carefully closed hand and up my arm'. From Leopold Blue (Kindle Locations 702-703).
' ‘What's the matter with you?’ asked Elmarie halfway through Afrikaans. ' (Kindle Location 712).

I received Teardrop from Chrissie, once my co-blogger over at the blog @OnceUponASeries, she can still be found there sometimes, when she's reading her Adult etc. I enjoyed, when there was YA featured there, having some input but now I'm sitting here, lonely, but not...
author: Lauren Kate.
Thanks all :)
I'm with books & Teardrop is from her so we can both review it <3 RHCP gets original credit for sending this our way! Thanks for that Chrissie! *mwah*
Page 23 has been picked~ it's also in the kindle sample (huh, coincidence, or not). I wasn't taking risks, I had a feeling spoilers could be... found. Later.
'She thought of it often when she was in a situation she needed to get out of.' (Teardrop Trilogy Book 1) (Kindle Location 304). 
“... 'She said the rest of the family engages in ‘eggshell walking’ around you, that you’re ‘reclusive and impatient’ with your half siblings.” ' (Teardrop Trilogy Book 1) (Kindle Locations 309-310).

Maybe you like these quotations too?

That's the end of teasing you with books I've received recently. Which ones are your favourites & would you be interested in, perhaps, some Page 99 Tests? :P Take your vote now of which one I should read & which I should do a page 99 test on, if you so like. Just leave a comment below & then... happy reading all! If you've read any of them, I could look at your reviews (hopefully) also.
~Amy Bookworm


Zoe Crook said...

Love these quotes! Great idea tieing two features together and combining their awesomeness.

The teasers from Half My Facebook Friends are Ferrets were hilarious :') And I'm definitely intrigued for Teardrop now too. Thanks for sharing, Amy :)

Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to reading Teardrop, I loved Fallen although I still have to read the second one in the series, might do that soon. She is a really good author and I will continue to try anything she writes. :)

AwesomeAmy said...

@Zoe: Why thanks m'darlin :) I'm glad you think it was awesome (or just somewhat more than if on its own). I've read Teardrop now... It would be telling to say what I think now ;) And FB ferrets I'm still reading XD I can't take too much humour at once or my sides *might* split up.
@bookgeeking: Hey Emma! I was looking forward to it also; it was definitely a worthwhile read... I haven't read anything by her before & probably won't read anything by her again. Due to the fact I'm a brit while her books are very americanized (obviously that doesn't mean she's a bad author- judging by Teardrop not at all!) I didn't understand this too well so probably will only continue with the Teardrop series :P Thanks for stopping by!

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